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Matt - Hey, Boss! You know winning was the highlight of my career, if not my life. And can't wait to be hosting the Strong Man and celebrating firefighters on January 18th in Santa Monica with you. I want to pump ::clap:: them up!

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Matt - I think people are responding to the live format. There is something magnetic about seeing it unfold. I think that's the most compelling thing in this fragmented world of viewing today.

Garon - It's a supply and demand world. We give the people what they want.

Dan - In a world of transparency, I think it's great to show our first responders and what they deal with. It's not all roses out there.

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Matt - When I was a doctor there was always that fear that you didn't know what you were doing. The reality is, everybody feels that way. I think a great way to handle it is sharing your concerns with others, especially your peers because I think you'll find so many people feel the same way. Of course, I quit so maybe don't take advice from me.

Dan - You're not doing it by yourself. I'd lean on the experience of your partner. Also, remember you didn't put these people in this situation and just your presence should bring a calm to the situation.

Garon - Get a mentor. You're never going to know everything in every situation. It's a process you get better the more you do it.

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Matt - In Paterson, NJ a skunk was trapped in a house, the director of public safety had to use a trash can and a broom to remove said skunk - because he was confident that the skunk was 'empty'. How does one know for sure that a skunk is empty? That seems like too big of a gamble in my book.

Garon - Any number of the 'Close Calls' and I think that's why we call them that. There was a trooper on the side of a highway and he pushed the occupant of the vehicle to safety before the truck rolled over them. There was also another 'Close Call' where a guy filmed his own rescue when a truck pancaked his car and he was trapped.

Dan - The cat on the interstate with a Hamburger Helper hand that was stuck on a barricade next to the cat.

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Matt - John Elway because I'm a big Broncos fan and that man pisses excellence. And I am thirsty...for excellence. I'd also love to sit down with George Washington and hear how a man who had all the power gave it up. And also, how does he eat with those wooden teeth?

Dan - The back judge for the wild card game yesterday for why he did not call that offensive pass interference. I'm not bitter or anything. And Drew Brees because he's cool. Dinner with Anthony Bourdain would be good. I bet that would be a great conversation.

Garon - Jesus. The man walked on water, cured the sick, raised the dead. Can't miss out on that one. President Obama. I went to the inauguration, and would love to have a conversation about everything.