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He totally is! He has done great posts and videos on the bodybuilding sub and others!

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Again thanks for your service and such a great show raising awareness for the difficult jobs of being a rescue worker.

I had another question: America is a large and diverse country, hosting these past months do any of the cities stand out to having unique challenges that stand out?

Also is there any cities you would personally like to see in the future?

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Love the show and the spotlight it gives the often under appreciated rescue workers that work so hard every day!

Has there been a new technology or advancement in the past few years you can think of that has really helped save lives? Maybe something you wouldn't want to go without now you have it?

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Oh yes, I remember at least one episode where there was a concern of some kind of contamination, I think it was an apartment above a shop. Unfortunately I don't think it got explained more, as many of us were wondering the source of the contamination.