My name is Tarik Allag.
I founded the popular travel website Secret Flying in 2014.


We find super cheap flights all over the world and share them with our users.
If you’re interested you can visit the site here (no pressure 😉)

Membership is not necessary and it’s COMPLETELY FREE!!

Unlike other flight deal websites, we do NOT charge you a penny.
Making money doesn’t drive me.
Providing people with affordable unforgettable trips does.

Both me and my company have been covered countless times by media outlets. A simple Google search will show you that.

We receive tons of emails asking about cheap flights and how to find them. I thought Reddit would be a great platform to answer these questions.

I’ll answer the most common question we receive now:

What are Error Fares?
Error Fares are when airlines accidentally price a flight way too cheap but often honour it anyway. There are a number of reasons why the price can drop so low:
1. misfiled base fare (human error)
2. fuel-surcharge component of the ticket disappearing
3. OTA (Online Travel Agent) glitch

There are some insane Error Fares we’ve found over the years. Examples here, here and here.
Just a few days ago (on Friday) we published an Amsterdam to Ethiopia Business Class flight for €374 roundtrip (normal prices are typically around €2500).
On average, we find an Error Fare deal at least once per week.
Here’s a page showing all the error fares we've published before:

Around 85% of the time, the airlines honour the mispriced tickets.
In the small chance they do not honour, you will receive a full refund from whoever you booked your ticket with (OTA or airline directly).
It’s recommended to book an Error Fare with a credit card to make the refund process easier in the chance that it is not honoured. This is because CC companies are usually happy to do the chasing for you.

In the previous 2 months (July & August 2019) we published over 2,800 flight deals.
Here’s a taste of the deals we found during that time:
New York to Rome, Italy for only $198 roundtrip
Los Angeles to the Maldives for only $366 roundtrip
US cities to Lima, Peru or Bogota, Colombia from only $175 roundtrip
Dublin, Ireland to Panama for only €205 roundtrip
ERROR FARE: Barcelona, Spain to Boston, USA for only €86 roundtrip
ERROR FARE: New York to Tel Aviv, Israel for only $269 roundtrip

If you’ve booked a flight via my company before, I’d love to hear from you.
There’s nothing more enjoyable than hearing about your amazing adventures.

If you have any travel or entrepreneurial questions, fire away.

If anyone would like me to assist in finding you a cheap flight, I’m more than happy to help.
Remember, flexibility is key.

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mantis___bog18 karma

What can you offer that the other ten guys with similar sites who’ve done amas can’t?

tarik_allag47 karma

Are you talking about the email newsletter services who charge their members an annual fee.

Secret Flying, on the other hand, is COMPLETELY FREE. We have a FREE cross-platform membership where users can use our website or smartphone app to receive instant push notifications when a flight deal departing their home city is published.

I don’t want to get into a who’s better debate – that’s not what I’m here for.

svel15 karma

we're trying to get:

outbound: CPH-SJU 25 jan 2020
return: MSY-CPH 9 feb 2020

and everything i've tried gets us into SJU very late in the night, and connections home to CPH are over 3 layovers. So we're looking into CPH-MIA on 25 jan and then continue to SJU on the 26th.

anything easier? or is this the best there is? also how best to minimise layovers going home? Thanks!

tarik_allag2 karma

Sometimes open-jaws can create huge savings. However, when you're looking for something specific, you'll find the price is insanely expensive.

Have you tried a simple roundtrip to SJU and then a short-haul roundtrip flight to MSY.

If you really insist on the open-jaw, flying to and out of the mainland would likely be cheaper than involving SJU.

svel1 karma

it's because we have a cruise from PR to New Orleans. that's the reason for the different cities.....

tarik_allag2 karma

Can certainly see why you want the open-jaw. Did you see my Tampa link i sent?

svel1 karma

we did! and then just find TPA - SJU I guess is what we need to do this evening. any recommendations there?

tarik_allag2 karma

Because your dates are specific and you know which origin and destination airports you need, there's not much room for magic. fingers crossed they're decently priced.

svel5 karma

we appreciate ALL the help. thanks so much!

tarik_allag2 karma

Thank you.

--Gently--11 karma

Will you ever share your users's data with other businesses?

tarik_allag8 karma

No. Never. We pride ourselves on minimising the amount of data we collect on our users anyway. The fact that Secret Flying users can benefit from ALL our flight deals without being a member shows that we're not into that stuff.

We don't even take payment for your flight booking. We simply divert you to Skyscanner or Priceline for you to book your flight.

Fisher2121218 karma

What's the cheapest flight you've ever found (including fees, taxes etc) ?

tarik_allag20 karma

Ukraine to London for 50 cents one-way.

We occasionally find stupidly cheap Ryanair flights like these.

ButtHoleTicklerr7 karma

What did you eat for breakfast last Thursday?

tarik_allag8 karma

Peanut butter acai bowl.
Can't get enough of it.

tinyheadedbear5 karma

Hi!!!! I adore your website and how active it is on twitter! I'm always showing people how cheap the flights are, haha. I went to Paris from Ft. Lauderdale for less than $400 roundtrip and then again to Copenhagen for $360. Both trips were for 10 days and everything went perfect. I am so grateful to you for the opportunity to travel for so cheap!

I do have a few questions for you: How many people work to find these flights? Do airlines do this on purpose? (I've sat next to people who paid a LOT more than me), for example. And also, why can't I check in for my flights through the airline's website? I've had to check in at the airport each time.

Thank you in advance!

tarik_allag4 karma

Love that!! USA to Europe prices this summer have gone even lower. We've posted so many deals from East Coast USA to Paris in the low 200's.

We have only 5 full time employees who are scattered all over the world. It's incredible how much we're able to do with such little staff. Efficiency is vital.

Many of the really cheap flights consist of multiple airlines on the same ticket. This may be the reason why it's sometimes not possible to check-in on the airline's website. Airline reservation systems are so outdated and so often throw up errors.

cracksilog4 karma

Are flights really cheaper on Tuesdays?

tarik_allag10 karma

That's a myth. There are no patterns between cheap flights and days of the week.

cracksilog2 karma

Thought so. My gf keeps pushing this whenever we book flights and I’m like there’s no way a company would put that much effort in anything lol

tarik_allag3 karma

For some reason, a lot of people believe that. Maybe back in the day there was some truth in it. Not these days though.

samwisephalange4 karma

I got one for you! Trying to find the cheapest way to get from anywhere in the US to anywhere in Europe around 11/11-11/13. I’m then planning on coming back to the US around 11/24-11/25, again leaving from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in the US, whatever is the cheapest. What are your thoughts?

tarik_allag6 karma

Just ran a HUUUGE search for you on our systems.

Seems like New York to Paris for $271 roundtrip with Finnair is the cheapest. Link:

Our results show the following are similarly priced: NYC-MAD MIA-PAR BOS-LON NYC-BCN NYC-AMS NYC-LON SFO-LON

samwisephalange5 karma

This is awesome. I’m always curious the price differences between cities, especially since I usually fly out of DFW and those tickets were crazy expensive. Thank you for taking the time to look, I appreciate it!!

tarik_allag2 karma

You're welcome. Enjoy!!

oscararosa2 karma

Love your webpage I have been there couple of time unfortunately there is usually not desk for my country, ¿what's the craziest deal involving Dominican Republic that your have find?

tarik_allag2 karma

DR is a very hard place to find cheap deals to. However, we have find some INSANE flights out of their before.

E.g. ERROR FARE: DR to Brussels, Belgium for a crazy $31 USD one-way

There was also Barcelona for $93 one-way

To ensure you never miss out again, simply download our FREE app. Register for FREE then log in to the My Deals section within the app. Once logged in, tap the red "resubscribe" button at the top of the My Deals section. Here you can follow the steps and subscribe to the cities of your choice.

Now you'll receive instant alerts the moment we publish a flight deal departing your subscribed cities.

lchapman932 karma

We are looking for flights for 5 from MCI (or STL) to London UK in late May - early June 2020. Any tips? Already get your alerts - they are great - just want to make sure we’re not missing anything! Thanks!

tarik_allag1 karma

Cheapest available is $582 with American Airlines.

London doesn't tend to get very cheap like PAR, MAD, BCN, CPH, OSL, HEL. ...especially from Kansas and St. Louis.

Here's the link:

lchapman932 karma

Thanks! Appreciate the information!

tarik_allag1 karma

You're very welcome.

Britbent2 karma

We are looking for ATL to HNL for anytime in November 2019... we were seeing lots of deals two weeks ago but seems like the prices may have gone back up. Can you help?

tarik_allag1 karma

Yeah, shame you've missed our deals from a couple of weeks ago. We did a full November search for you and found $746 to be the cheapest right now.

Not very cheap but at least it's non-stop with Delta.

Britbent2 karma

sigh last time i wait on my husband to purchase!!! >:| Do you think prices will come back down at any point? Also, with Thomas Cooke filing bankruptcy - any predictions on what will happen to US to Euro travel and vice versa?

Thanks for your help! I love what you all do.

tarik_allag1 karma

Hard to say. November is right around the corner. I'd guess no.

As for Thomas Cook, I don't think that would make any difference. They weren't exactly in a fare war with the major carriers.

Benfica10022 karma

What would you say to convince someone like me to use your product over SkyScanner?

tarik_allag3 karma

Skyscanner doesn't find crazy cheap flights and alert you about them.

Remember, we are not the booking company. We simply inform you of cheap fares that exist.

Simply have a look at what kind of deals we find:

Benfica10021 karma

I just checked your website and sent to my family chat as well. Looks awesome. I see NY to Amsterdam for $326 round trip?? That sounds unreal.

tarik_allag2 karma

We found it for $256 earlier in the month. See here:

Make sure you download our FREE app and subscribe to receive instant alerts.

Benfica10021 karma

I will, can I ask how I know the tickets are legit? I am sure you get this a lot but many of my family and friends travel quite often and would love something like this to use. I don’t want to advise them to use a service that doesn’t work, not to come off skeptical. It’s just a lot of these deals do seem too good to be true!!

Do I receive a ticket from the airline when I purchase? Or how does the purchase process work?

tarik_allag2 karma

When we publish a flight deal, our links divert you to Skyscanner or a booking website like Priceline. Once there, you can proceed to book like normal.

Everything on Secret Flying is real and legit.

Benfica10022 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA. You seem like good people.

tarik_allag1 karma

Cheers mate. Just trying to help.

LocalEye2 karma

How does one get hired to work for you? What kind of training do they get to find cheap flights?

I'm also looking for flight to anywhere departing from YVR on any day between December 8 - 23! Somewhere cheap & that you would recommend!

tarik_allag2 karma

If you're open to flying anywhere, try the Google Flights explore tool. You can input YVR as your origin, put in the dates, then browse the prices all over the map.

As for working for us, we'll advertise when there's a vacancy. Thanks.

Seattledrive2 karma

I love your site so much! I got a deal from YVR to Osaka for just over $400 earlier this year.

I just got a dream job teaching in Nagasaki, but I live in Everett. Any chance there’s a deal from Seattle or Vancouver? I just need to be in Nagasaki by October 15th, and my return flight can be anytime after December 14th.

Thank you for all that you do! You’ve made travel accessible for many people. I took four passengers Seattle to LAX for leas than $500 round trip, the week before Thanksgiving! It’s amazing what can be accomplished.

tarik_allag1 karma

That won't be a cheap route. I've just run a search for you and found everything is around the $1,600 CAD area.

You'll be better off flying to Tokyo then getting a cheap domestic flight with a budget airline.

Seattledrive1 karma

Hmm, anything from YVR to TYO in the second week of October? I don’t mind arriving early.

Thank you again for all you do for the travel community!

tarik_allag1 karma

Doesn't seem like there's anything very cheap over that period.

Cheapest I could find is $887 CAD with Xiamen Airlines.

keneshhagard2 karma

Two questions:

  1. How do you feel about other services stealing and monetizing some of the deals? I did a quick comparison last year to some of the paid services, and like 99% always appeared first on Secret Flying (e.g. Scott’s Cheap Flights)

  2. What kind of scraping / proxy tech do you use?

Also love the site!

tarik_allag10 karma

I wish you could tell that to all the trolls who point the finger at Secret Flying. We had one on here earlier who got deleted by the mods haha
The fact that we're COMPLETELY FREE and not just a basic email newsletter makes me very proud of what we've accomplished. We're also one of the newest companies on the block. Anyone that is familiar with Secret Flying and other flight websites knows who's number 1 ;-)

As for the scraping, we have a built a very clever algorithm which of course we can't go into too much detail about.

howeverthebus2 karma

I am wondering what your best deal would be, on a return fare, from anywhere in Western Europe (Ideally London) To Either New York,Washington DC,Chicago or Toronto would be for:

10/08/20-30/08/20 (If Going to and from London)

10/08/20-29/08/20 (If not)

Or would you advise waiting a month?

tarik_allag1 karma

Those dates are so far away, I strongly recommend waiting for a good sale. The fact that you're so open in regards to cities, guarantees you'll land yourself a super cheap fare.

Make sure you download our FREE app and enable notifications so you don't miss out.

En_route662 karma

Hi Tarik,

Big big fan of Secret Flying! So far I've managed to snag Dublin to Boston for €230 over St Patrick's weekend. That weekend is usually very expensive from Dub into the States. Airlines were charging €500-600 via their websites into Boston/New York.

Missed a flash alert for Europe to West Coast US business class. But I think that it triggered a mini price war because later that day via google flights I found (and booked)Dublin to Hawaii business for $1360!

However my favourite was last year's London to Cook Islands with stop-overs in Shanghai, Auckland and Los Angles on the way back ~£780. Absolute bargain considering normal cost.

I'm planning the Caribbean in March, very flexible from 13th March onwards. Any good deals from Dublin atm?


tarik_allag1 karma

Dublin to Hawaii business for $1360!!! Wowza. I woulda got that for myself.

Right now, there's nothing super cheap to the Caribbean in March. Best I could find is Havana, Cuba for 471 euros with Air Canada. Link:

From now till March, we'll defo get a good Caribbean deal for you.

Good2Go52802 karma

Will you please make me a personalized flight search? I’m interested in flights out of Denver and Miami.

tarik_allag1 karma

Sure. Where do you want to go and what time of year?

If you're open to many destinations and many dates, I confident I can find you something really cheap.

GigglyGoosh2 karma

How soon after would I find out after booking that an airline is not honoring an error flight deal?

tarik_allag1 karma

We recommend you wait between 2 to 3 weeks before making further plans.

If you can still "manage your booking" on the airlines website after 3 weeks then it’s extremely likely the fare has been honoured and you’ll be okay to fly.

ikrdmon2 karma

I’d like to book a flight to any country in Central America (especially Costa Rica or Guatemala) from Washington DC next month—15/16 Oct to 22/23 Oct 2019. I’m pretty flexible with the dates. Is it possible to find a good deal in such a short time?

tarik_allag1 karma

We pushed your dates a tiny bit more and also searched from BWI.

The cheapest is with Spirit to San Jose, Costa Rica for $239. 15th-22nd Oct 15th-23rd Oct 15th-24th Oct 15th-25th Oct 16th-23rd Oct 16th-24th Oct 16th-25th Oct

With a major carrier, it's Belize for $397 with United. Link:

Hope that helps.

ullehh2 karma

How come you don’t want to make money from your website? I would be scared of someone stealing the idea and making millions from it lol

tarik_allag7 karma

We simply do not want to make money from our users.

We make money elsewhere. We have ads on the website and have partnered with Skyscanner and Priceline to earn commission when our users book flights with them.

mrs_sassypants3 karma

Doesn't that make you more likely to share deals that might not really be deals? like if a cheaper deal was available somewhere else, wouldn't you choose a skyscanner or priceline deal to share with your members cause you make money there?

tarik_allag1 karma

Absolutely not. We occasionally send our users to websites we do not earn commission with. For example, Kayak. Here's an example:

Wherever the flight is cheapest, that's where we send our users.

eveningsand1 karma

We simply do not want to make money from our users.

Oh so no commission? That's amazing!

to earn commission when our users book flights with them.


tarik_allag5 karma

As in, we don't charge our users to use Secret Flying. It's COMPLETELY FREE for our users.

The commission does not come out of our users' pockets. The OTAs pay us for creating business for them.

tajmer2 karma

Why everyone says he don’t care for money? Yes you’re doing this for money and you make money from site. You’re not there because you like us to catch “cheap” flight. You’re there because affiliate marketing

tarik_allag1 karma

Not everybody is driven by money. I make more than enough as it is.

I could easily choose for my company to be put behind a paywall that would increase revenue significantly.

I could also send out credit card offers to our hundreds of thousands of followers/members that would bring in an unreal amount of money.

I choose not to do those things because I prefer to do what I think is right. I'm not here to make a quick buck but to help people travel to places they never thought they could ever afford.

FatFreeSkimmedMilk2 karma

Also: how do you sustain your business? Secret Flying that is.

You don't sell products, you don't collect data, no ads... and its free. How?

did you invest in Bitcoin when it was 0.1$?

tarik_allag2 karma

We do have ads. However, we do not restrict users who use ad blockers. We kindly ask you to whitelist us.

We also earn commission from the booking websites our users book with.

Never invested in Bitcoin...missed the boat on that one :-(

krazysaurus2 karma

We're trying to find:

Ottawa (YOW) to Barbados (BGI)

Early April 2020 (we need to be there on the 4th at the latest) as we have a function on the 5th. Would like to stay at least a week. Are very flexible outside of that.

I've been on Hopper and all that and I'm just not finding deals! Could you help?

tarik_allag1 karma

WestJet for $707 CAD is the cheapest. Link:

A few dates to choose from: 30th Mar - 6th Apr 30th Mar - 8th Apr 31st Mar - 8th Apr 1st-8th Apr 6th-15th Apr 7th-15th Apr 8th-15th Apr

49ers142 karma

Thanks for what you do!

I’ve been trying to get a flight from SFO to frankly anywhere international (preference order Africa, SA, Europe, Asia) over the holiday period (say roughly Dec 19-29) but have found it to be prohibitively expensive to get out of the country bc of Xmas. I’m looking for any deals under 800 USD. Any advice for me?

Much appreciated!

tarik_allag1 karma

Thanks for your kind words.

Xmas is rarely cheap. Just did a search for you to so many destinations and Madrid was the cheapest at over $800.

Because your dates are specific, there's little room to work any magic.

onewayness2 karma

Now that cheap flights via Reykjavik seem to be a thing of the past (for the moment at least), what do think is generally the best option for cheap transatlantic flights from the US East Coast to mainland Europe?

tarik_allag3 karma

Right now an insane fare war is going on between the major carriers for flights from the USA and Europe (& vice versa).

In the last 2 months, there have been deals thought unimaginable a year ago. Example:

So, as strange as it sounds, the major carriers are leading the way with the cheapest flights. Norwegian doesn't seem as competitive these days.

Shaqreaper692 karma

What would be the best way to find tickets(one way) from Norway to Sydney/Brisbane in late January/early February? Don't mind lay overs in Asia or anywhere really

tarik_allag1 karma

Because one-way flights with major carriers are often ridiculously expensive, you may be better off with a budget airline like Scoot.

Check their site and see if there's anything cheap from Berlin or Athens. You can then get a positioning flight from Norway.

cdavis57112 karma

What is the best search tool you’d recommend for finding your own mistake fares? I use skyscanner and kayak explore but I don’t see first class options.

tarik_allag1 karma

Mistake fares are not easy to find. You'll need API access to search for them efficiently. Explore tools rarely show them.

cdavis57111 karma

I need a class on this. I’ve taken travel hacking as far as I can without this critical component. I’m tired of piggybacking off of others. Any suggestions on where to start? Let’s meet for coffee or lunch, my treat.

tarik_allag1 karma

You won't get API access with airlines and OTAs unless you're a reputable company who will provide them with business.

Kinda makes sense. Why would they allow anyone to search through their systems without any reward?

Budget_Situation2 karma

I am desperate for a deal on a 5-7 day trip from CVG or DAY to London (any) including November 11 (November 4-11? 3-10? 6-12?). I'm trying to be flexible while minimizing the amount of work missed. Any suggestions would be stellar.

tarik_allag1 karma

The cheapest seems to be $546 with Delta and Virgin Atlantic. Link:

Hope that helps.

Budget_Situation2 karma

Thanks, friend! I'll check it out!! :)

tarik_allag1 karma

You're welcome.

_IWetMyPlants2 karma

Any good deals from CLT to Europe? I never see below 650. Looking around Jan-Mar 2020

tarik_allag1 karma

Secret Flying has posted many amazing deals from CLT to Europe. Such a shame you missed them.

See here:

Make sure you download our app. Register for FREE then log in to the My Deals section within the app. Once logged in, tap the red "resubscribe" button at the top of the My Deals section. Here you can follow the steps and subscribe to the cities of your choice.

Now you'll receive instant alerts the moment we publish a flight deal departing your subscribed cities.

MoulesFritesE2 karma

Why is it so difficult to find very good deals and error fares from Latin America to the world?

PD: I live in Colombia

tarik_allag2 karma

  1. That part of the world is not as busy so there's less chance of an error fare occurring.

  2. The vast majority of our fans are from North America and Europe so that's where we focus a lot when we search for them.

That doesn't mean to say we never find them.

Here are some great examples of Error Fares we have published departing South America:

RankBrain2 karma

Looking for anything from Europe to anywhere in Thailand around the start of Feb, any way you can work your magic on that?

I love your site and recommend it to everyone i know, it's awesome, i had no idea we could make requests on here! Thanks!

tarik_allag1 karma

Cheapest I can find (excluding MOW) is 361 euros from VIE with China Eastern Airlines. Link:

If you really don't want to fly via China, there's GVA to BKK with Kuwait Airways for 389 euros. Link:

Hope that helps.

Ed_Tra2 karma

I booked the Ethiopia Business class flights this Friday originating in Amsterdam. Now Kenyan Airways have cancelled two previous error fares (JFK to Kenya). I am afraid they may cancelled this one, but the question is. Since this one leaves from Europe can I file a claim if they cancel because it is originating in Amsterdam? Thanks for what you do, you are great my friend...

tarik_allag1 karma

People often talk about how EU law can protect them from airlines cancelling mistake fares. However, in reality that's not the case. Many airlines have cancelled ex-Europe fares and gotten away with it with zero consequences.

Best thing to do is hope for the best. If you're still able to manage your booking on the airline's website in 2 weeks time, then it is extremely likely the fare has been honoured and you'll be able to fly.

Good luck.

acebae2 karma

Hello! Thanks for doing this. Trying to get to a family reunion in the Philippines but I would like to travel to Japan afterwards without having to fly back to Manila to catch my flight home. Would you be able to find some flight deals for these dates? Is there any way to avoid paying upwards of $1200 for two one way flights?

Alternatively, are there any flight deals between MNL and NRT? (Both directions)

YVR-MNL: April 2020

NRT-YVR: Aptil 24th/25th

Thank you!

tarik_allag1 karma

I searched an open-jaw route for you so it'll all be on the same ticket.

Coming back 23rd seems cheaper. I found it for $883 CAD with China Airlines. EVA Air is a few dollars more.


Also works coming back on the 27th if that suits you better.

Hope that helps.

FriendsWitBenedicts1 karma

I’ve been dragging hard on shitty airline service and have since switched to wanting to pay more for a less stressful things such as reasonable customer service and flights that actually leave and land on time —- do you got any tips or tricks on finding the best quality flights for trips?

tarik_allag1 karma

We avoid sharing flight deals with airlines that have a really bad rep e.g. Spirit.

Seems like so many airlines aren't what they used to be. BA in particular I feel has dropped so far.

Fuckuifufuckwithme1 karma

I love to travel but I'm not well off by any means so I let the airfare decide where I'm going. I live in Copenhagen and my best find so far must be roundtrip to Turin for 75 euro, Berlin for 20 euro or Sevilla for 40 euros but it were more luck than skills I found them

What are your best advice to find the crazy cheap tickets?

Do you know if it's true that tickets are priced according to your nations gnp? If so, could a vpn help you in getting cheap airfare by changing your location to a poor nation?

tarik_allag23 karma

CPH-TRN for 70 euros isnt that great. Berlin for 20 is good though.

Lucky for you Scandinavia is super cheap to fly out of (especially to the US). One cool method is using Google Flights' Explore tool. You can input CPH as the origin and then browse the map of the world viewing all the cheapest prices for the next 6 months.

Honestly, if you're so flexible with destination and just want a great deal, then Secret Flying was made for you.

Here's a cheap flight from Copenhagen to Los Angeles for 203 euros that is available right now:

Here's another one to New York for 153 euros:

Both deals are with Star Alliance airlines (Air Canada, Lufthansa and SWISS).

Download our app and register for FREE to receive instant alerts when a CPH deal is published.

--Gently--1 karma

Is there a way to sign up to be alerted to specific error fares, like east coast USA to Brazil, etc?

tarik_allag2 karma

Absolutely. Download our FREE app and register for FREE to receive instant alerts when we publish a flight deal departing your chosen cities/countries.

You can even be alerted to all error fares anywhere in the world.

kilroy1231 karma

Hey there,

Trying to get from NYC to Porto, Portugal 10/12/2019 - 10/14/2019. Any chance you could help?

tarik_allag1 karma

Flexibility is key to getting a cheaper deal. A flight on those specific dates are priced at $593 with Royal Air Maroc. Not great.

Are you open to different dates and maybe different airports (e.g. PHL, LIS)??

kilroy1232 karma

Flexible between 1+- days. Only other New York airports LGA or EWR.

tarik_allag2 karma

$593 is the best I'm afraid.

kilroy1232 karma

No problem, thanks for looking!

I religiously follow you guys on Twitter and have pulled the trigger on several flights from your site. Keep up the good work.

tarik_allag1 karma

Are you using Twitter to keep up to date with our deals? There's a much better way...simply download our FREE app. Register for FREE then log in to the My Deals section within the app. Once logged in, tap the red "resubscribe" button at the top of the My Deals section. Here you can follow the steps and subscribe to the cities of your choice.

Now you'll receive instant alerts the moment we publish a flight deal departing your subscribed cities.

tjaiye1 karma

Hi! I’m looking for Chicago(ORD/MDW) to Barcelona anytime in February next year. Super flexible on dates, any chance you could help?

tarik_allag1 karma

Seems like $438 with American Airlines is the cheapest. Link:

Many dates available: 2nd-11th Feb 2nd-12th Feb 2nd-13th Feb 2nd-14th Feb 3rd-11th Feb 3rd-12th Feb 3rd-13th Feb 3rd-14th Feb 4th-12th Feb 4th-13th Feb 5th-12th Feb 5th-13th Feb 5th-19th Feb 9th-18th Feb 9th-19th Feb 9th-20th Feb 9th-21st Feb 10th-18th Feb 11th-19th Feb 11th-21st Feb 11th-25th Feb 12th-19th Feb 12th-21st Feb 12th-25th Feb 12th-26th Feb 16th-25th Feb 16th-26th Feb 17th-25th Feb 17th-26th Feb 17th-28th Feb 18th-25th Feb 18th-26th Feb

jstraut831 karma

Hello here is my situation 1 traveler leaving before the other and then we are traveling back together. Is this easy to do? 1 traveler leaving dec 11-13 flexible 1 traveler leaving dec 21-23 flexible and both returning Jan 2nd from Washington DC to Prague CZ thanks so much

tarik_allag2 karma

You'll have to book 2 separate tickets.

Because it's over Xmas and New Year, it won't be cheap. Remember, airlines back this time of year blackout periods in their sales.

11th to the 1st seems like the cheapest but it's very expensive. $982 with British Airways


Dr_Emmerich1 karma

Hi I love your Facebook page so much I have it set to always see your posts first on my news feed!

Could you find me a good deal for flights to Tokyo Japan from preferably the UK but anywhere in Europe could be feasible if the price is right? Dates are set 11th September to 25th September 2020. Thank you!

tarik_allag1 karma

Thank you for your kind words.

Those dates are too far in the future. Airlines tend to release their fares approx 9 months in advance.

Are you using Facebook to keep up to date with our deals? There's a much better way...simply download our FREE app. Register for FREE then log in to the My Deals section within the app. Once logged in, tap the red "resubscribe" button at the top of the My Deals section. Here you can follow the steps and subscribe to the cities of your choice.

Now you'll receive instant alerts the moment we publish a flight deal departing your subscribed cities.

smirklurker1 karma

Is there ever a chance of a good deal on a premium class from southern California to Argentina? I'm looking to go for the month of December and can't find anything good.

tarik_allag1 karma

Give me a list of airports you're happy to fly out of.

Business/First class flights out of the US are nowhere near as competitive as departing Europe. Don't hold your breath for an amazing deal.

Also, likely it won't include lie-flat seats. Many flights from the US to SA are on narrow body aircraft where biz seats are just standard recliners.

smirklurker2 karma

LAX/SAN/TIJ/SNA/ONT/PSP/BUR would all work.

Yeah, so far I'm only seeing Aeromexico. I think it said the Mexico city-- BA leg was lie flat.

tarik_allag1 karma

$2597 seems to be the cheapest with Aeromexico. Link:

You'll have to untick the "2 stops" checkbox on the left to view it

Yes, MEX-EZE should be lie-flat.

dbp19971 karma

Hello!! Two friends and I would like to go from Orlando MCO to anywhere out of the country for around $150. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks so much! I love your page :)

tarik_allag1 karma

When?? Any time of year??

jms12231 karma

I follow you on Twitter, and it's so tempting seeing all the cheap fares come up, it's hard to not jump at most things and book some cool trips!

Is there any way you would consider doing something like this for airline/alliance reward travel? It's obviously such a hassle if you have a destination in mind that is served by multiple essentially have to search one-by-one to look for possible mileage redemptions. It would be nice to have some alert system for newly available reward travel to specific destinations!

tarik_allag1 karma

You are aware that we have an app that sends out notifications for flight deals departing your subscribed cities, right??

We may add an airline/alliance reward feature in the future.

jms12232 karma

Yes, I meant specifically for booking flights with points rather than dollars. For example, "JFK->LAX for only 2,500 points on Delta"

tarik_allag1 karma

Interesting. We'd really have to build a whole new system to find those. That won't be easy.

Never say never though.

godsnmonsters11 karma

Hello i am looking for a flight from Los Angeles to Paris, France. From dates December 21, 2019 to January 7, 2020 (round trip). I’ve tried multiple websites and have your twitter notifs on. I was wondering if you have any tips?

tarik_allag1 karma

Hello. Your dates and cities are too specific to help. Whatever price you're getting for those on Skyscanner is the same price I'll get.

It's when you allow for more dates or cities that we can really find cheap deals. Flexibility is key.

Bear in mind, Xmas and new year are rarely cheap so unlikely you'll find a great deal.

Download our FREE app to receive alerts for flight deals out of LAX so you don't miss out if we find one.

swordsofsabbath1 karma

I work from home. Travel a lot. I've used many deals that I was turned on to via Secret Flying. Particularly, a flight from Vancouver to Dublin for $99, and a flight from Sao Paulo to Vancouver for $169. As you said flexibility is key. In the case of Sau Paulo, I lived in Buenos Aires, but it was still way cheaper for me to get a flight up there with GOL than pay a regular priced flight from BA. I also used a Scoot 40% discount you turned me onto to get a round trip flight from Berlin to Hong Kong, returning via Taipei for $240. Also flying Scoot in February to return to Berlin from Bali. I paid less than $130 one-way for this ticket. So thank you so much for the money I have saved.

Often the deals you show send you to a variety of international versions of that site. So maybe a deal sends you to Kayak Italy, or Skyscanner UK, etc. Why would this work? Don't these versions merely convert to the local currency, and change the language? Why would a ticket be cheaper on vs. for example?

tarik_allag1 karma

The OTAs listed on will be different to the ones on

You'll be presented with different prices as all the OTAs are competing with one another.

Psqwared1 karma

Hey, I might be late to the party but I wanted to ask anyways. I'm looking for RT flights from YUL/YYZ/YOW to the Philippines, Vietnam, or Cambodia for 2 to 3 weeks in March or April around 650.

Is this possible?

Thanks so much!

tarik_allag1 karma

If you're looking for around $650 CAD that will be very unlikely.

Cheapest I could find is $838 CAD with China Eastern Airlines. Link:

giabar1 karma

I'm looking for the best deal to earn 150 BA tier point to reach Silver Status. I can only fly from Friday the 4th of October (from 6pm) to Monday early morning. Can you help me?

tarik_allag1 karma

Frequent flyer miles is not a forte. Try the Google Flights explore tool. You can filter by business and oneworld then view all the prices on the map.

swordsofsabbath1 karma

I love that Google Flights allows you to use an entire region as a destination, but why do you have to pick a specific city for departure? Is there any way to search one region (say Europe) to another region (say USA), or one region (Europe) to a specific city? I live in Berlin, but the airport here is pretty tiny, so for transatlantic flights, I usually fly to the cheapest airport in Europe, then depart from there, but it's a pain in the ass finding which airport is cheapest. I usually need to reverse it, and hope that the price remains cheap when I switch it back with the airport identified as cheapest, but this isn't always the case.

tarik_allag1 karma

i think you can search up to 6 departure airports in a single search on google flights.

Not sure if it works on the explore tool.

his_derpness1 karma

Any good resources to find cheap international business class flights? Not too picky about the destination

tarik_allag1 karma

Where are you based??

If you're not picky about destination then there's nothing better than Secret Flying. We publish Business Class deals all the time. See here:

his_derpness1 karma

Based out of NYC

tarik_allag1 karma

NYC is our number 1 departure city.

We did a summer review of all the deals we published departing the USA. In the space of only 2 months, we found 235 flight deals departing New York. That's 4 deals per day.

See here:

You NEED to download our FREE app and subscribe to New York flights.

his_derpness1 karma

Can I subscribe to business class only? That's the main problem I have with a lot of these sites

tarik_allag1 karma

Currently, we do not have an option to receive business class notifications only.

We may change that in the future.

Clobberdeux1 karma

Can you add more deals leaving from south east Asia(especially Indonesia) , rather than going to south east Asia?

tarik_allag1 karma

I'll pass than on to our flight hunters. Thanks

Knillis1 karma

What about anywhere in the Netherlands or Belgium to Kathmandu? Between July 4th and August 16th 2020

tarik_allag1 karma

Looks like Qatar Airways for 434 euros from AMS is the cheapest. A very good deal considering the airline and that it's in the premium summer months.


Many dates available: 14th-21st Jul 14th-22nd Jul 14th-23rd Jul 14th-27th Jul 14th-28th Jul 21st-28th Jul 21st Jul - 2nd Aug 21st Jul - 3rd Aug 21st Jul - 4th Aug 27th Jul - 3rd Aug 27th Jul - 4th Aug 27th Jul - 5th Aug 27th Jul - 6th Aug 27th Jul - 10th Aug 4th-11th Aug 4th-13th Aug

xavigator1 karma

Hi! Long time follower! Can you advise on the cheapest one-way or return connections from anywhere in Southeast Asia to Quito, Ecuador please? Anytime in 2020. Thanks!

tarik_allag1 karma

Gosh that seems like a super expensive route.

I've run a search for you. Although its not South-East Asia, Seoul is by FAR the cheapest at $512 with Korean Air and Delta.


Dates: 10th, 18th, 26th Feb 5th Mar 6th, 14th, 22nd Apr 8th May

mrichter21 karma

Why doesn't my app work anymore?! When I first downloaded it/logged in/set it up, it worked perfectly. I got all notifications for flights out of Chicago. Then it stopped working and I notifications for EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT DEAL. It was too much! I had to turn off notifications.

I've gone back in and tried to set it up again, I've deleted and re-downloaded. Nothing has worked. I get every single notification instead of just Chicago ones. Is there an easy fix?!

P.s. I love secret flying! I'm a college student so it makes it easier and more affordable for me to travel!

tarik_allag1 karma

Let me try and help...

  1. Delete the app.
  2. Re-download it.
  3. Login.
  4. Tap the red "resubscrube" button on the My Deals page.
  5. Tap the rest button and confirm you want to delete your current notification preferences and start from the beginning.
  6. Go through the subscription process and select Chicago.
  7. Ensure you go through all the steps until you get to the "You're all set" and there is a "Finish" button.
  8. Tap the "Finish" button and be patient until the page reloads.
  9. Your My Deals page will load showing you on Chicago deals now. You will now also receive only Chicago notifications.

If that did not work, please message me your username and I'll make sure this gets sorted for you.

EmmaRida1 karma

Looking for the flights from London to Bali leaving on the 10th April and return 24th April. Days are slightly flexible (+/- 2 days) Would love to get a premium economy or business class for a cheaper price. Would you be able to help?

tarik_allag1 karma

Cathay Pacific for £514 in economy. Link:

Or business class for £1,762 with Philippines Airlines. Link:

Hope that helps.

skalp691 karma

Isnt it a crime yet to help people burn kerozen for cheap?

tarik_allag1 karma

Don't shoot the messenger.

p_hennessey1 karma

Do you think you're better than Skiplagged? Why or why not?

tarik_allag1 karma

Completely different service. They help with hidden city ticketing which involves exiting the airport half way through your itinerary. This will work out cheaper than buying a simple one-way.

Secret Flying find super cheap flights around the world which do not consist of abandoning your trip half way.

jad12231 karma

Booked through you numerous times, couldn't be more grateful for the deals you've found me. How does Secret Flying detect these deals?

tarik_allag1 karma

Thank you for your kind words.

We've built a sophisticated algorithm that uses APIs to search through many flight combinations. Of course, I can't go into much detail ;-)


What do you think about r/dragonsfuckingcars ?

tarik_allag2 karma

No idea what that is.
Care to explain?

--Gently--0 karma

I live near a mid size airport that's not a big hub, so if I buy an error fare out of say, Miami, I'm going to have to also buy a normal fare to get to Miami. That's fine, but my question is: if the airline is going to refuse to honor the error fare, will I typically be able to figure that out within the 24 hour window in which I can unbuy my normal fare ticket? Is there some way to confirm that they'll honor the error fare?

tarik_allag1 karma

It's best to wait 2-3 weeks after booking an error fare flight before making any plans. If the airline is going to cancel the error fare bookings, it will likely be done in the first couple of weeks.

There is a common misconception that if you receive an e-ticket number, you are certain to fly. That is not true.