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Lieutenant Haith,

Becoming a Top Gun instructor is definitely a major notch in the career naval aviator's belt. You're going to be riding this high for awhile.

Where do you go from here? If you could pick your next Navy assignment, what would it be?

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Champaign wishes and caviar Dreamliners.

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Are there any long-term health concerns you have, being a professional who is constantly presented with chemicals specifically designed to function as poison?

How have you changed your "routine" so far as health checkups are concerned, and is this a company sponsored(mandated) schedule?

Thanks for doing the job you do, man!

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Does the stoma pass gass as well as solids/liquids?

And when you say your butt was seensewn shut.... What medical purpose did that serve?

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OMG you are a national treasure!

In your years working in show business, what's been the most surprising change you've seen impact the industry, for better or for worse?