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I used to work at a school and we had to take the kids through active shooter drills. That’s one of the things I never had to go through.

How do you recommend you talk to a child about potential tragedies at school like shootings? Like how do you impact the urgency of the matter without scaring them?

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What’s a habit the average person can pick up every day to make sure they’re less distracted?

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Also a freelance journalist, although not as famous as you lol.

Any plans to make this into a podcast? True crime seems to be the big thing in podcasts right now, and this could probably fit perfectly into that.

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I've been watching a ton of death with dignity documentaries the past couple of months (not planning on doing it, was just super interested about it) and I've surmised that there are two common ways of ending one's life: drinking pentobarbital mixed with a liquid and through an injection. Are there any other ways that have been approved? Is there like a movement of sorts to add (or take away) methods of death with dignity?

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Have you developed any plans to go beyond the English language (from your site, you list the US, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.)? Have you encountered any challenges (other than the obvious language barrier) in interpreting and reviewing foreign news?