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She’s telling the truth about corporate America and her conclusions about the wage gap are completely accurate. They’re corroborated by the data. Demeaning someone’s research because they’re “one person” is truly asinine. If you have a problem with her conclusions, look up the data. Don’t bash the researcher.

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This is a legitimate question, /u/A_Marantz.

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/u/JudastheObscure prefers sarcasm to speaking the truth.

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I would really like to know more about this purple woman you saw in your DMT trip. The fact that your friend, unprompted, saw her and described the same locations makes this seem like irrefutable proof of an afterlife or alternate dimension. What do you think?

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Realistic sex scenes make no sense in a movie. It's like having a realistic shit scene. It's distracting. I don't want to be thinking about the actors fucking in real life. It ruins the suspense of disbelief and takes me out of the story, and makes it pornography.

Pick a side. Either you're porn, or you aren't. It makes zero sense to try to combine the two together.