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so it doesn't give any real security if your mic volume is muted or down to the lowest setting? i did not realise this....

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we're trying to get:

outbound: CPH-SJU 25 jan 2020
return: MSY-CPH 9 feb 2020

and everything i've tried gets us into SJU very late in the night, and connections home to CPH are over 3 layovers. So we're looking into CPH-MIA on 25 jan and then continue to SJU on the 26th.

anything easier? or is this the best there is? also how best to minimise layovers going home? Thanks!

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we appreciate ALL the help. thanks so much!

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we have no plans for the long Easter weekend (april 18-22). What lovely, exotic place offers the best price leaving from CPH?

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can you explain like i'm 5, why is this an important fight to take up? why is what you are doing something needed in our society today?