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Whenever I cook steak sous vide (NY strip, ribeye, picahna, etc), the result looks beautiful but the fat isn't rendered and is tough and chewy. My most recent attempt was picahna at 134F for 3.5hrs, followed by a sear in cast iron with ghee + blowtorch. It was the same result.

Are we so focused on the wall-to-wall red interior appearance of a medium rare sous vide steak that people are ignoring how tough the fat is? Or am I doing something wrong? It just seems like sous vide is great at consistency, but consistently producing steaks that are not as good as, say, a reverse sear.

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Yes, I meant specifically for booking flights with points rather than dollars. For example, "JFK->LAX for only 2,500 points on Delta"

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I follow you on Twitter, and it's so tempting seeing all the cheap fares come up, it's hard to not jump at most things and book some cool trips!

Is there any way you would consider doing something like this for airline/alliance reward travel? It's obviously such a hassle if you have a destination in mind that is served by multiple airlines...you essentially have to search one-by-one to look for possible mileage redemptions. It would be nice to have some alert system for newly available reward travel to specific destinations!