Hello everyone, my name is Tamar Pinder (27M) from Freeport, Bahamas. I can't seem to find the correct subreddit for this post but I am giving r/IamA a go.

Proof - https://imgur.com/StMkP0I

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WhoisTamar

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/whoistamar

Over the past 40 hours we have been experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Dorian and it has been devastating. Our northern islands Freeport, Bahamas & Abaco, Bahamas was completely destroyed and a lot of the surrounding countries are coming in to help. My home Freeport, Grand Bahama was completely destroyed and now I am on a mission to do everything I possibly can to help. So many families are still missing and we have started a google drive document with person's found so that families can go through it to make sure their loved ones are ok.

Google Drive Document - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M9wVx_Krgzb2cycTOGF4ZsS5JDrvRGwggCblUGtq6II/mobilebasic

I will post links to all reputable/relevant persons that are actually going to help. Please label all donations "Hurricane Relief"

Gofundme - https://www.gofundme.com/f/headknowles-emergency-funds - Headknowles is a facebook group started by locals and has now turned to the number #1 go-to help during all hurricanes for all islands of The Bahamas.

Rotary Hurricane Relief - https://rotary6990.org/bahamas-hurricane-dorian-relief/

Bahamas Red Cross Relief - https://bahamasredcross.org/

This is only my 2nd post to Reddit but I will constantly post updates about any of the donations and exactly what is being done. Please see more videos and articles below. This has been absolutely devastating.

Hurricane Dorian - Category 5 almost 200 MPH!


Surging in Abaco started Sunday September 1st 2019 around 12:30PM

Power lines are being damaged by the strong winds - https://imgur.com/a/1mstJjE

Storm Surge - https://imgur.com/8rZrL2P

Storm Surge #2 - https://imgur.com/tNMFC6Y

The surge got so high that locals had to climb into their attics or in the "manhole" of the roof and many many people got stuck. Eventually they had to evacuate and big trucks started to head out and rescue a lot of persons.

Evacuating their homes during the hurricane - https://imgur.com/a/5qOHuiu

Aftermath (Abaco)(Aerial view) - https://imgur.com/a/8JdK4zD

Local newspaper article - http://www.tribune242.com/news/2019/sep/03/five-dead-abaco/

Here is a local man that lost his wife - https://imgur.com/a/istOGKB


Hurricane Dorian arrived to Freeport Monday September 2nd 2019 and stayed over Freeport at Category 5 for more than 24 Hours. It literally just hoovered over the island for about 30-36 hours. Thousands of homes flooded.

Multiple videos - https://imgur.com/a/sNJGgCI

Airport (Aftermath) - https://imgur.com/a/5D4UGHV

CNN Report - https://edition.cnn.com/videos/weather/2019/09/03/bahamas-rescue-efforts-oppmann-lead-vpx.cnn

Update: (5) (7) (20) (26) found dead since the hurricane left but we are most certain it is a few more.

Local newspaper article - https://thenassauguardian.com/2019/09/05/a-rising-toll/

Complete storm history by local newspaper - http://www.tribune242.com/news/2019/sep/04/hurricane-dorian-updates-rescue-and-relief-efforts/

Rescuing a family - Family being rescued by boat

Here is a local man that lost his son - Heartbreaking story

Edit 2: Removed some misunderstood information.

Edit 3: Email Removed.

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crispsix1057 karma

In addition to OP’s suggestions -

From USAID Center for International Disaster:

Cash donations are the most efficient form of assistance. Unlike material donations, cash involves no transportation costs, shipping delays, or customs fees. It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods. Cash donations also allow relief supplies to be purchased in markets close to the disaster site, which stimulates the local economy, thereby boosting employment and generating cash flow to stimulate the local economy.

Organizations Responding to Hurricane Dorian:

The Bahamas Red Cross

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

International Medical Corps

Mercy Corps

Pan American Health Organization

bradland670 karma

I found this useful for evaluating a charity to donate to:


whoistamar289 karma

Thank you for this also. Thank you so much.

whoistamar177 karma

Thank you so much for this.

mailerdeemon82 karma

US AID is already on the ground in Nassau, haven't made it to Abaco or Freeport yet (airports are underwater) but they are staging.

whoistamar16 karma

Yes, thank you for posting this update.

nismoasfuh655 karma

OP I wish you the best. I’m from Miami and you guys are our neighbors and I can say that all over social media there has been posts non-stop about donations and relief efforts. From my university, to the local IG pages, I can tell you confidently that help is on its way, even our car hangout is putting together a donation drive Thursday night to send to a warehouse where it will eventually make its way over to you guys, we are all deeply saddened by the videos and pictures that we’ve seen, it’s truly heart-wrenching and we’re going to do our best to help our neighbors. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. What would you say are the MOST essential necessity at the moment?

whoistamar396 karma

This is amazing. Thank you. I would say water or ice but that will be hard for you to ship over. First Aid kits for sure also baby supplies.

raddishes_united80 karma

Please don’t forget to donate feminine hygiene products, as well!

whoistamar71 karma

Yes, agreed. Let me keep this at the front of my mind. Thank you for the suggestion.

LadyMichelle006 karma

Thank you for caring and reminding me what character and integrity looks like.

whoistamar3 karma


piekaylee390 karma

My husband (us navy) is heading out tomorrow to begin relief efforts. He is one of many. Hang in there, help is coming. ❤

whoistamar153 karma

Thank you so much for the kind words. God bless you all <3

Fishyswaze298 karma

Can I suggest linking a charity like the red cross or someone else who has the means and ability to actually send what is needed to these communities?

I'm sure you're a good guy trying to help but this is so incredibly sketchy.

whoistamar92 karma

Yes. Please see a link to Bahamas Red Cross - I didnt originally post it because so much more charities that actually touch the real general public than the mainstream charities.

Parzivus-10 karma

Yeah, why are the mods leaving this up with no proof? Hopefully this is legit, but if the entire point of the ama is to raise money, you would think there would be some evidence that it's actually going to a good place.

whoistamar56 karma

Im sorry man, I am just (1) person and I really didnt know what to do. I am just trying my best to shed some light and get the conversation going. Please forgive me if this is the incorrect way.

notlikethat118 karma

You're doing your best in horrific circumstances. Best to you my friend.

whoistamar5 karma

Thank you <3

Camsy34258 karma

Can you tell us about your experiences during the hurricane? Where did you go during the storm?

whoistamar384 karma

I practically live between (2) islands. (1) of them being in the path of the storm. I left Freeport (path of the storm) and went to Nassau (more southern island) to be with my mom. Both islands started out in the path but as it got closer, it shifted a bit to the north. We got mild winds but the entire island (Nassau) is flooded. The entire Freeport (path of the storm) got destroyed.

In Nassau, we didnt have power from Sunday night around 2:00AM and it came back on today Tuesday around 2:00PM.

raddits32 karma

So you guys basically got annihilated and had power in a couple days and Puerto Rico took like a year to get power after a smaller storm. Jesus. Glad you are safe buddy

soupdawg71 karma

I’m pretty sure Freeport does not have power.

whoistamar63 karma

Freeport power is out for sure! I was speaking about Nassau with the power lost and power being restored.

feministmanlover32 karma

I'm so sorry. I was in the Bahamas June of 2018 and stayed at the Hyatt (Baha Mar). I travel a lot and I know its the hospitality industry so people are going to be nice, but I found the bahamian people to be so warm and genuine and kind. I fell in love with the people above all else and I send you love and prayers and yes, I donated to a charity as well. I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

whoistamar23 karma

Thank you, God bless you. ❤️

goldengluvs2 karma

Is it the same across the island? Have family friends in Lyford Cay and haven't heard from them yet.

whoistamar5 karma

They are fine. Maybe just a little flooding but Nassau is good.

KappaFaceNOSpacee-13 karma


whoistamar18 karma

Do you have any idea what flooding does? What are you trying to say? My home in freeport literally had water rise to the ceiling.

p1ratemafia217 karma

Did you have to move at all during the storm? Or were you able to stay stationary?

Also, Uhhh, Mate, Please do not encourage people to donate random shit to be sent over. Thats how we ended up with fucking parkas being shipped to haiti and rotting in containers. Things need to be sorted and organized prior to shipment or it is wasting valuable transport capacity.

whoistamar292 karma

I was stationary. You are absolutely correct but how do I go about doing it? This was my greatest attempt with the post, took me about (2) hours to write it and I am so nervous about the responses.

p1ratemafia232 karma

also, you just went through trauma. PLEASE take a step and breathe. Emergency Management folks are enroute and will try and do everything they can to save lives and set up lifesaving supplylines. If you can't organize goods, go find some vulnerable people to help in person or help out a neighbor. I know you want to try and organize this big thing, but I cannot stress this enough, Aid distro is one of the most complex and difficult things in disaster. I literally wrote my masters thesis on water distro in a disaster. And when things go wrong, people can die. Do what you can, but do not overextend yourself. help locally. share what you can. and most importantly keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

whoistamar115 karma

You are so correct. Thank you so much for this

reithena54 karma

Emergency manager here taking a step back from Dorian prep on the east coast to chime in:


We don't know where to put all the random stuff people send and typically wind up spending money to store it which isn't effective. If you do find a community in need of a particular set of goods, set up a amazon wishlist or partner with a local Volunteer Organization Active in Disasters (VOAD) to do so.

whoistamar53 karma

Great idea. Before posting here I didn’t even think about the random stuff continually showing up with no storage space. I only had in mind how can I help..

Thank you for your suggestion. Greatly appreciated.

i_hmm_some81 karma

The Red Cross spokesperson on NPR said many of the emergency supply depots were flooded and everything was lost. They're in desperate need of food and water. Here is the interview, for anybody who wants to listen: https://www.npr.org/2019/09/03/757220088/reports-say-hurricane-dorian-left-extensive-unprecedented-damage-in-the-bahamas

whoistamar26 karma

Thank you for posting this. God bless.

fvcksalt79 karma

Not sure if you've been asked this but what is it like having that strong of a hurricane on top of you for 16 hours? I've seen some weather radar gifs of the hurricane just sitting there...

whoistamar190 karma

Actually, its a bit scary in the beginning but the real fear only comes if it sounds like the roof is going to blow away or if we are watching the water level raise very quickly. Otherwise, we are inside playing card games or dominoes.

vButts42 karma

Were you able to sleep or rest at all or was it too loud/ scary?

whoistamar116 karma

Actually I sleep during hurricanes. I wouldn’t say it’s soothing but perhaps we want to sleep for time to hurry up go by..?

supercali4568 karma

It seems like every year massive hurricanes destroy islands over and over ... doesn’t seem to be get any better

What will Bahamas do if it recovers and then a year later another one blows through?

whoistamar74 karma

This is a very good question. This makes me sad.

BigComfyCouch78 karma

You keep rebuilding.

Natural disasters happen everywhere. Whether you're dealing with hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, volcanos, or tornadoes. It's obviously not something people want to deal with, but it's something the majority of people on this earth have to deal with to live in a place they love to call home.

If it, unfortunately, happens again.... help will come again. People can be cruel and selfish on a daily basis, but when disaster strikes we have each others backs.

I'm extremely sorry for the devastating damage done to your home, but there is no doubt in my mind that in time your beautiful islands will be restored.

whoistamar41 karma

I smiled reading this. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you so much.

aerodynamic5563 karma

I understand that The Bahamas is a modern and sovereign Nation since around 1970 or so, but does the UK help out their former Caribbean colonies during times such as these? I could only find this article from a bit of research: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1172717/hurricane-dorian-latest-british-royal-navy-mounts-bay-disaster-relief-bahamas-hurricane-us

Love from Florida ♥️♥️♥️

whoistamar74 karma

Yes UK was one of the first to respond. The Bahamas got its independence July 10 1973.

Thank you

greyjackal37 karma

I have but one question - why did you stay? I'm not overly familiar with hurricanes or tropical storms, being from the UK, but everything pointed to this being a bit of a doozy.

whoistamar94 karma

I didn’t. I am on another island (Nassau, Bahamas) which is more south and wasn’t in the direct path of the hurricane. The actual island I am from is what was hit though.

greyjackal9 karma

Ah ok - windy.com was telling me that got a bit of a battering though too. Stay safe.

whoistamar7 karma

Thank you

RickMcCargar3 karma

Are you asking personally for donations or asking people to give to HeadKnowles?

Personally, I think people should stick to well known charities during tragedies.

Scams are more prevalent than ever.

whoistamar26 karma

Doesn't really matter, it is your choice. I will post more links to more charities

nismoasfuh25 karma

First off I think they weren’t in the projected path, when they finally got confirmation it was a bit late. Regardless it takes time to prep, hunker down and shutter up. Not to mention they’re on a ISLAND! Where would they go?

whoistamar38 karma

Exactly, you got it. Most people on the island is unable to go anywhere. We board up our windows and doors and hope for the best.

_fjrt29 karma

Might be late but hi I wish you the best of luck recovering.

Im puertorican and survived hurricane maria in 2017 we lost phone signal after 5 minutes of the hurricane and it amazes me how you all still manage to have good enough phone signal to upload videos can you explain to me HOW???

whoistamar32 karma

We have 2 carriers. Only 1 got knocked off during the hurricane, the other stayed up the entire time.

Currently only (1) carrier company is working. I am using them now. All videos and pictures are from people on the working carrier.

bwl931_8 karma

How did you get to Nassau island from Freeport? Do Bahamians frequently go to the other islands and what mode of transportation do they use

whoistamar17 karma

Airplane. Yes we travel islands frequently by boats or planes. (If you can afford to)

We have local airlines that only do domestic flights.

yahutee29 karma

I know this sounds so ridiculous and out if touch but I don't have the money to currently donate. But If anyone can make their way to Napa CA and needs a place to stay we have an extra bedroom no questions asked

whoistamar32 karma

Its the thought that counts. Thank you for even responding to my post.

EllisMfnDee8 karma

Omg, I thought about making a post like this as I can’t afford to donate either. I’m not sure if he posted anything similar or what is included in the links he has posted so far, but if OP can drop an address or something to send food and supplies to, that might work as well.

whoistamar10 karma

They suggested I deleted it earlier so I did. I am not sure if this is a good option anymore.

Our Bahamian NBA Star Buddy Hield just committed to relief efforts. Perhaps it’s worth checking out for you. https://www.buddyhieldfoundation.org

BigSmileyFace19 karma

How are you coping with the situation?

whoistamar61 karma

I am trying my best to get to Freeport and help as best I can. My family there completely lost their homes and vehicles. I have been having anxiety attacks about the whole situation but I am just trying to keep calm and do anything proactive until the airports reopen or I find a boat headed home.

SkankHunt198616 karma

Donate to the Red Cross or somewhere legitimate. Be VERY wary of strangers online giving you sob stories. Maybe they’re legit but in that case they should be advocating for an organization that can actually help...

whoistamar10 karma

Please see Bahamas Red Cross link

eli5howtifu7 karma

Amazing that you are doing this for the people in need. Maybe begin a plan of action once the hurricane is over.

whoistamar9 karma

Yes, the hurricane is gone now and I cant imagine what people are doing with no power or a home to go to. People are looking out for 1 another and absolutely everyone is trying to help. Thank you.

GUMBYtheOG6 karma

Good luck brother! Resilience is an empowering trait, keep your head up

whoistamar4 karma

Thank you man.

telephonecallsme6 karma

I will be donating. God bless you.

whoistamar7 karma

Thank you. God bless you also.

whoistamar6 karma

Edit: See Below.

onelove197913 karma

I am hoping they do the right thing https://i.imgur.com/zNW7hLk.jpg

whoistamar6 karma

Oh. This is nice.

RajizZY2 karma

Did you hear anything about abaco island? More specifically Cooper’s town? My aunt lives there.

whoistamar2 karma

Destroyed! Try your best to reach out to her. They need the most help and a lot of people are still missing. Check the google drive document I posted and see if her name is there. If it isn’t, the community has made a few more “check list”, I can send those also.

Hope this helps.

NotAsuspiciousNamee2 karma

I'm a subcontractor that installs/repairs technology on cell phone towers. How would one go about coming to help restore communications?

whoistamar2 karma

This is (1) of our cell phone carriers - https://www.bealiv.com

I would suggest to hit “chat with us” from the website and tell them your suggestion and they should point you in the right direction.

Company (#2) that got really damaged - https://www.btcbahamas.com

I suggest also hitting contact us and they will point you in the right direction.

Please try bealiv first as they are a more reliable company. BTC does need the help though.

dontlikeredditpeeps1 karma

How did the ocean reef yacht club fair?

whoistamar1 karma

I have no clue what is happening in Freeport. Cell service is down and the only thing I know is everything is flooded; especially if it was next to water.

CultofMandela0 karma


whoistamar2 karma

Donations aren’t coming directly to me, it is not a scam.