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Sure, but there are other parts of Catholicism that most people would find antiquated at best (ie all non-reproductive sex is sinful), and the Catholics are fairly modernist compared to some other relegions/parts of Christianity.

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Did you ever regret what you did for moral reasons? It seems like you came out of it pretty well off, particularly given the book, but did you ever feel guilty about it?

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Given that you head a large ex-Muslim organization, do you ever worry about being a target of extremists? Would you recommend people that live in Muslim nations be careful about leaving the faith, or is the threat not as great as we see in the media?

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Yeah, why are the mods leaving this up with no proof? Hopefully this is legit, but if the entire point of the ama is to raise money, you would think there would be some evidence that it's actually going to a good place.