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This is amazing. Thank you. I would say water or ice but that will be hard for you to ship over. First Aid kits for sure also baby supplies.

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I practically live between (2) islands. (1) of them being in the path of the storm. I left Freeport (path of the storm) and went to Nassau (more southern island) to be with my mom. Both islands started out in the path but as it got closer, it shifted a bit to the north. We got mild winds but the entire island (Nassau) is flooded. The entire Freeport (path of the storm) got destroyed.

In Nassau, we didnt have power from Sunday night around 2:00AM and it came back on today Tuesday around 2:00PM.

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I was stationary. You are absolutely correct but how do I go about doing it? This was my greatest attempt with the post, took me about (2) hours to write it and I am so nervous about the responses.

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Thank you for this also. Thank you so much.

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Actually, its a bit scary in the beginning but the real fear only comes if it sounds like the roof is going to blow away or if we are watching the water level raise very quickly. Otherwise, we are inside playing card games or dominoes.