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You keep rebuilding.

Natural disasters happen everywhere. Whether you're dealing with hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, volcanos, or tornadoes. It's obviously not something people want to deal with, but it's something the majority of people on this earth have to deal with to live in a place they love to call home.

If it, unfortunately, happens again.... help will come again. People can be cruel and selfish on a daily basis, but when disaster strikes we have each others backs.

I'm extremely sorry for the devastating damage done to your home, but there is no doubt in my mind that in time your beautiful islands will be restored.

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I understand where you're coming from, but you're never going to convince people to leave a place they love. There isn't even enough space to relocate everyone that is highly impacted by natural disasters to relatively safe locations either. Here is a list of countries ranked by natural disasters, and the Bahamas are #50 out of the 173 countries listed (173rd being the most dangerous).

This was a horrible, horrible, hurricane, but it's not something they experience every decade. It's the first cat 5 they've ever seen, and they've been hit 7 times by a cat 4 since 1851(when storms were first recorded). That's still unnerving to hear, but their building codes are designed around that. Houses are designed to withstand 180mph winds. Thats more than enough to stand up against a cat 4, and borderline cat 5.

The problem was just how devastating this hurricane was. The immense power of 220mph wind gusts, and how long it parked itself over them is something that cant be planned for.

I've lived in the Northeast for 30 years, and I'd consider it relatively safe when it comes to natural disasters, but even I have gone through 2 hurricanes, and a tornado.

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Thousands of people just went homeless overnight. People are missing. Power is out. Food and water needs to be organized and distributed. Injured victims need medical attention. Hospitals, airports, police, fire, marinas, homes, and so on need to be rebuilt.

It's not only just a matter of money, but a matter of resources, and enough hands to handle the situation.

You don't need to help. You should naturally want to because if you were in that situation you would hope others would do the same for you. They are human beings.