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Omg, I thought about making a post like this as I can’t afford to donate either. I’m not sure if he posted anything similar or what is included in the links he has posted so far, but if OP can drop an address or something to send food and supplies to, that might work as well.

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Let’s write this article together, OP :,)

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Well, I don’t have any money but I’ll share your links wherever I can find a place.

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People in the South have experience with doing without and helping our neighbors, and I’m a bit closer to Florida if any Floridians are affected and see this.

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Yeah, but he’s not exactly pimping his candidate just to do so. He really believes that what Yang is proposing might help OP and people in similar situations. That’s more of a long game in terms of helping, and I can see how it can come across in bad taste, but I don’t think the dudes heart was completely in the wrong spot, if he actually thinks Yang can help with future disasters, as opposed to simply taking advantage of this post to push a candidate.

Edit: I don’t know if I’d call that the textual equivalent of a dick pic either haha