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Sorry if this gets me banned because its not a question? But this is a scam.

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PLEASE don't send this guy any money. First of all, Abaco was destroyed, yes. Secondly, Grand Bahama only had flooding, not much physical damage. I promise you sending this guy funds won't help you. There is literally no stores in the Bahamas that accept cryptocurrency. We don't even have bitcoin ATMs. I beg you, do not send him money.

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Hurricane Mathhew in 2016 did grand bahama way worse. Over 6000 power poles were down. Dorian flooded us.

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For real. If anyone wants to help please just donate to our red cross.

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My house was flooded.. i do.. But let me explain what I meant. Houses werent completely destroyed. Roofs didnt fly off. Power poles werent broken and in the road like the results of Hurricane Matthew. Thats what i meant.