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while I agree Adam's enthusiasm is infectious... the true King of infectious enthusiasm was taken from this world already.

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also, you just went through trauma. PLEASE take a step and breathe. Emergency Management folks are enroute and will try and do everything they can to save lives and set up lifesaving supplylines. If you can't organize goods, go find some vulnerable people to help in person or help out a neighbor. I know you want to try and organize this big thing, but I cannot stress this enough, Aid distro is one of the most complex and difficult things in disaster. I literally wrote my masters thesis on water distro in a disaster. And when things go wrong, people can die. Do what you can, but do not overextend yourself. help locally. share what you can. and most importantly keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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Did you have to move at all during the storm? Or were you able to stay stationary?

Also, Uhhh, Mate, Please do not encourage people to donate random shit to be sent over. Thats how we ended up with fucking parkas being shipped to haiti and rotting in containers. Things need to be sorted and organized prior to shipment or it is wasting valuable transport capacity.

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What if I told you, that that kid is the son of Steve Irwin?

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