It’s been almost 7 years since we released a new episode of Good Eats. Well, I’m thinking we're back. Good Eats: The Return launches 8/25/19 with 13 freshly baked episodes and I’m ready to talk about them.


Update: Thanks everyone for your great questions and for hanging in for 3 hours. Please check out my interview with the Fork Report this Saturday at and don't forget to watch Good Eats: The Return this Sunday at 10|9c. You can watch the first episode now at or on YouTube.

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SquircleTheWagons7685 karma

Have you had a chance to read The Food Lab, and what did you think? I’m sure Kenji took a great deal of inspiration from Good Eats!

thealtonbrown13019 karma

Best food book since On Food & Cooking. I don't know if Kenji got any inspiration at all from Good Eats. He's brilliant.

xenrielle4395 karma

So excited for the reboot of Good Eats! I started watching that show when I was 12 and it was always my favorite cooking show.

My question is what is your go to meal to cook when you have no idea what else to make?

thealtonbrown4634 karma

Roast chicken...AND WAFFLES

86AllDay2477 karma

What was the hardest thing to learn to cook?

thealtonbrown7708 karma


ImranZakaheav2440 karma

IM SO STOKED! What made you decide to bring back the show? Which show, that youve been on, have you enjoyed the most?

thealtonbrown6418 karma

I always planned on bringing GE back. I'd planned on a 5 year break but due to the second live show (Eat Your Science) I got off schedule. Good Eats is my one and only baby. Everything else is frosting...excuse the mixed metaphor there. I'd never put frosting on a baby.

TenMinutesToDowntown1903 karma

Hi Alton,

I made a half batch of your aged eggnog last summer since I was a little wary about it but super curious. Opened it around Christmastime and loved it, and instantly regretting only making a half batch. I ended up having to just give out shot glass sized samples of it to people who tried it. I made a full batch of it in early July and it's just sitting in the back of my fridge getting better and better each month.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for this recipe, as well as a bunch of other great ones that I use on a regular basis!

Since this is an AMA, I guess I'll ask a question. I know you hate single-use kitchen gadgets, but are there any that you have and use on a regular basis that are worth it in your opinion?

thealtonbrown2163 karma



eutamias211652 karma

Do you know ahead of time what the secret ingredient will be on Iron Chef? You always seem to know so much about it!

thealtonbrown3329 karma

Yes...I always knew. But look at it this way: that was only one ingredient. What I didn't know was what special ingredients the chefs would bring with them. That was always a mystery and forced me to think quick. I always lost weight on that show just from stress.

DBCooper_irl1617 karma

Hey Alton,

Long time fan. I want to thank you for the way you have changed and depend my appreciation and understanding of food and the cultures surrounding it.

I love how GE gives a cross section of a particular food item by telling the history /origins of it, explaining the chemical process behind its preparation, and then showing you how to make it. You've enriched my life immeasurably, and you've created one of the best shows ever, IMHO.

Just wanted to tell you that. Only question I could think of to ask is: what's you're favorite restaurant in LA, both high end and more affordable?

Looking forward to the new season.

thealtonbrown1528 karma

Thank you so much for your comment. My favorite restaurant in LA is and always will be Musso & Frank.

hazejulianhazze1541 karma

Hi Alton! I wanted to first thank you so much for the original good eats. When I was growing up, I spent my weeknights staying up past my bedtime watching rerun after rerun. Fast forward 10 years to me completing my BA in Culinary Science in August of last year. You were the first source of culinary inspiration and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My question is regarding the current trend of fine dining. It seems the growing "gormet casual" scene is becoming more popular than the traditional suit and tie fine dining. I've also found that, in my own dining experience, the chefs behind the menus in these restaurants tend to pump out better, more creative food in far more approachable atmosphere. My favorite restaurant right now is Coquette (in New Orleans): they gave me a better dining experience with similar quality ingredients at a quarter of the price of some traditional fine dining restaurants within a couple blocks. Have you found this to be true in other cities? Do you think this trend will continue? Other thoughts?


thealtonbrown2192 karma

All I'm going to say is that my favorite restaurant has tablecloths, waiters in uniforms, cold martinis and perfect steaks. I have "my" table and I go there often enough to keep it that way. I'm a huge fan of fine (but not fussy) dining.

mheil21525 karma

Mr Brown! I’ve seen you twice at Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach now and never got up the courage to say hi and thank you for inspiring me and so many others to cook. So this is me saying hi. And thank you.

Also, what’s your coffee order?

thealtonbrown1444 karma

These days: black and hot

kyl3wad31399 karma

Do you know how insanely impactful your unique approach to the culinary arts is to young adults? You inspire me to try new things in the kitchen every time I watch you. Don't ever stop.

thealtonbrown1313 karma

I don't know but I'm glad to hear you say it. Thank you.

kojuuro51326 karma

How do you decide what to make for dinner?

thealtonbrown2654 karma

Step one: open the refrigerator door.

kaloway1044 karma

Thanks for bringing back the Good Eats universe. What is the dish that got away and you could not make it into a show?

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alternafiction992 karma

Alton, I’ve been a huge fan of Good Eats for most of my life. My dad and I used to watch it together and it’s been a big influence on my love of cooking. We saw your live show in Portland a few years back and it was so special to have that moment with him.

My question is: what new food movements and trends are you most excited about, as a chef and as a consumer of good eats?

thealtonbrown2585 karma

I'd love to be able to answer this but I generally just hate trends! But if I had to pick one it's probably the slow acceptance of vegetarian food as just...good rather than "vegetarian."

christanouye816 karma

Is Lucky Yates back with the show?

thealtonbrown922 karma

Not in this set but we hope to be able to get him in the future.

CipherBear595 karma

Alton, how do you prepare for episodes? Do you find yourself doing a lot of research about certain themes and topics beforehand? Do you have a team to help you with the research and preparation?

thealtonbrown1624 karma

Every GE episode is not only heavily researched but completely scripted. I have a full time researcher and a science researcher on retainer. I couldn't do this without them. But to put it in perspective, this current season took 8 months to research and write (including recipe development) and 50 days to shoot.

ptothedubs583 karma

I promised my boyfriend I’d ask if you wanted to join us at Hankook Taqueria when I go visit him in Atlanta the weekend after next.

Soooo... tacos?

thealtonbrown598 karma


jennyland523 karma

Will you continue to do ComiCon's with Adam Savage? I love watching y'all live your best lives together on the floor!

thealtonbrown866 karma

No. That's not really my world and honestly Adam is way too smart to hang out with the likes of me. He's a marvel...honestly.

omelet2010496 karma

Is The Alton Browncast ever coming back?

thealtonbrown918 karma

Not sure. I ran out of people to interview and frankly the podcast-verse is so packed right now that I won't do it unless I can come up with dang good angle.

thinker85463 karma

Greetings earthling! Because of watching your work, I have become a way better cook, thank you! The biggest change came when I started buying whole spices, then grinding and mixing them myself. Your spice mix recipes are some of my favorites, taco potion #19 is a game changer!! I have even been known to bring a mortar and pestle camping because of the difference it makes. For the novice spice enthusiast, what spices to you recommend for the pantry and what are your favorite combos?

"He who controls the spice, controls the universe"

thealtonbrown516 karma

That is so up to individual tastes but for me, when it comes to "whole" spices: nutmeg, cumin, coriander, black peppercorn, allspice, black cardamom.

GOPHS86461 karma

Will we ever learn how yeast was discovered and how its made?

thealtonbrown1041 karma

Our season finale is called Wild Yeast Risin' so...yes.

Sidow400 karma

Greetings, Alton.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in this AMA.

What do you feel it was about your Hot Ones Interview and your review of the Dawson's Original Hot Sauce spicy wing in particular that caused so many people to purchase the hot sauce in record numbers after the episode aired?

You were not a fan of the hot sauce packaging, you said it tasted like "crap," and you said that it did not bring the heat. I trusted your culinary experience, knowledge, and review enough not to waste my time, money, and taste buds on Dawson's Original Hot Sauce, but many others clearly did not heed your advice.

Can we chalk this up to the current arbitrary contrarian nature of internet culture?

Either way, I believe that Brodie Dawson and his family would thank you if given the opportunity for the press and attention.

Be good or be good at it, Alton.  

thealtonbrown391 karma

I have no freakin' idea.

themorethenerdier332 karma

Very excited about new Good Eats episodes! I grew up watching with my parents and this couldn't have come at a better time, with me fresh out of grad school and learning to live on my own and cook for myself.

What kind of changes can we expect from the original? Did you guys do anything different this time around that might be interesting or exciting?

PS Tell Abigail that she's perfect

thealtonbrown807 karma

This season of Good Eats is absolutely the best work we've done. Best food, best scripts, best photography. Best editing. It's GE turned up to 12.

SellInsight299 karma

Mezcal Negroni or classic Negroni?

thealtonbrown705 karma


lbp2222289 karma

Last night my 9 year old and I watched episode 1 of GE The Return and she. She loves cooking. Have you considered doing a GE The Return episode on cooking with your kids? That would be awesome.

p.s. she held my hand the whole time. Thanks for that. Awesome dad moment.

thealtonbrown728 karma

You're so welcome. I actually consider most GE episodes to be kid's episodes. Or perhaps you an ingredient.

windingtime281 karma

Big fan of many years. Thank you for teaching me more about cooking than anyone to whom I am not related.

Any chance you got the suits to let you do a hasenpfeffer episode?

thealtonbrown457 karma

Ah...Thumper. That has always been a line not to be crossed at Food Network but I think that's changing. The only problem is: I don't like rabbit.

Mulligan812267 karma

Will Thanksgiving Live make a comeback in 2019?

thealtonbrown494 karma

There are a bunch of plans for various live projects this year on Food Network and I'm involved in at least 2 of them.

geboku267 karma

How would you suggest a home cook perfecting their knife skills?

thealtonbrown626 karma

First, purchase a good knife (and yes this will cost money) and a good cutting board (people forget how much that matters). Then practice...that's the only way. Examine your cuts then figure out what will make them better. Oh, and remember never force a knife.

Boldly_Going255 karma

Did you feel at all stymied by the vast lore of the first Good Eats, or did you find that it helped the creative process to have old tropes and characters to draw on?

thealtonbrown545 karma

I'm going to be really honest: the secret to my success is that I never look back...ever.

CU_BJay253 karma

What city surprised you the most with how good the food was? Expectations vs. reality I guess

thealtonbrown501 karma


Squallykins250 karma

I live alone. And many times i do not have the energy to cook after working all day. How do you make cooking exciting for yourself?

thealtonbrown873 karma

This is such a thing! And I have to tell you I think a lot of people feel this way. If I were you (and I'm in the same boat a good bit of the time) think about maybe only cooking a couple of days a week but make things that turn into great leftovers. I know it sounds over simplistic but one roast chicken can be turned into salads, name it. Above all, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Life's hard. Oh...and homemade ice cream counts as a meal.

LibertyDisciple247 karma

In the 7 years since you finished filming "Good Eats", a lot has changed in how we consume shows and perceive them. Did you come across any challenges that make shooting in 2019 different then shooting in 2011?

thealtonbrown414 karma

The challenge is always the same: me. My brain, my capabilities, my ego, my doubts, these are things that get in the way.

justinvarner93238 karma

Will the show be different in format? Also, do you remember those bad ass cabinet-drawers you had on the show that rolled out? Those were awesome and I think about them constantly with envy!

thealtonbrown532 karma

Everything is better and my cabinets are more baddass than ever.

ChlsVnOhh237 karma

Hi AB! I’m a long time fan (started watching Good Eats religiously when I was 8) and I always tell people that you taught me everything I know about cooking. I was also lucky enough to see you during Eat Your Science. My favorite thing about your cooking/teaching style is how you always explained the “whys”. Why popcorn pops. Why yeast makes things rise. Why spices taste better freshly ground, etc.

My question is: How did you manage to join food and science so flawlessly and what inspired you to do so? Also...what’s in your pocket?

Thank you for your time and the inspiration! Cooking has become a huge part of who I am, largely thanks to you.

thealtonbrown478 karma

For me it came out of general sense of frustration watching cooking shows back in the late 80s and early 90s. No one was teaching the WHY of cooking. Then I read Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking and I knew what I had to do.

danccbc232 karma

Best fried chicken sandwich?

thealtonbrown578 karma

I haven't had it yet. All too often, folks concentrate on the wrong crispiness or heat. To me, it's about the flavor of the chicken.

BillsMafia607206 karma

What’s the best new multitasker since Good Eats ended? Worst new uni-tasker?

thealtonbrown454 karma

Don't know about the worst but the best is definitely the Immersion Circulator.

DarkGamer196 karma

Do you always eat well when you're not on TV, or do you sometimes eat terrible processed junk like a hot pocket or a pizza roll?

P.S. Thanks for helping us all to live better and eat better by showing us what the good stuff is. I make your flank steak on the coals from time to time and it's amazing.

thealtonbrown826 karma

I sometimes eat fairly terrible things. Little Debbie and I go way back. Also...Lays potato chips...I chop them up fine and snort them. I know how to slum.

Eldritch_Basil159 karma

Hey Alton! I've been making coffee in a French press based on a clip from the original Good Eats, and I have two questions - first, should the water be straight out of the kettle (boiling) when I pour it over the grounds? And second, is some coffee-silt at the bottom of the cup normal?

Thanks so much for the show, my sister and I have watched every episode ever made together.

thealtonbrown239 karma

I usually add a little water and swish it around to bloom the grounds for a minute before adding the rest of the water and,'s normal.

sm0kstr139 karma

Good Eats is the reason I became passionate about cooking and the science behind it. You didn’t just teach me how to make a recipe. You taught me techniques and principles that opened up whole new worlds of culinary possibilities. The things your show has taught me over the years are invaluable, and I want to give you my most sincere thanks.

When you were learning, what dish blew your mind the most when you learned the specific scientific reactions? What was your biggest “AHA!” moment?

thealtonbrown223 karma

Scrambled eggs. Mind blowing every time.

Birdamus130 karma

Were you a fan of the original Iron Chef before you became the host of the American incarnation? If so, what was your favorite moment/dish/you-name-it from that era of IC?

thealtonbrown262 karma

The scene that comes to mind is that time Sakai nailed that live eel's head to the cutting board. That was Sakai, right? I mean you just don't see that kind of thing very often.

filthyruh129 karma

Hey AB. I loved the all new episode and reloaded. Thanks for teaching me so much about cooking and the science behind it (and the goofy laughs). I was cleaning my salt cellar the other day and thought does Alton even use these anymore? I then saw one on the recent show.

Do you ever regret making something an iconic part of Good Eats/your professional image? We all change and grow. Sometimes our interests wax and wain or maybe we find a better way. I still think the salt cellar makes a lot more sense than these grinders they sell next to pepper grinders. How about kosher salt and unitaskers? You perhaps used a unitasker to flatten that chicken parm and did it a different way before, but maybe that is okay too.

One more small question. I've almost always adapted what you've taught to be more fun to eat. I know you did the healthy eating episode a while back but do you feel any pressure to not be Paula Deen adding seven sticks of butter to something? I get it if we just like different food. The chicken parm looked good but I'd have definitely made it more of the regular chicken tomato cheese soup that it normally is.

thealtonbrown358 karma

Here's what I think of unitaskers: a lot of them are things I only thought were unitaskers because I lacked the imagination to figure out other things to do with them. That was on me.

As for 7 sticks of butter: if the dish needs it the dish needs it. I myself have never encountered a food that required 7 sticks of butter. But I'm still young, you know?

Scfarrell81127 karma

AB, I have spent years, YEARS, trying to procure a Dino squirt bottle. I know they were once upon a time sold as part of a Grill Pack by you. Any chance you can locate more and sell online?

thealtonbrown169 karma

If I can find some I'll let you know. They never did really work very well.

kj_prov125 karma

Are there any foods that you really despise or are allergic to that you have featured on your show anyway? Or do you love and eat everything you cook?

thealtonbrown234 karma

I am never going to love beef liver. I used to have an intolerance to oysters but I grew out of it.

iotadaria123 karma

Will you go on another tour soon? (Plz. Will bring corgi.)

thealtonbrown477 karma

Yes. We will go out on a new tour starting in November of 2020 and into the spring 2021. It will be my farewell tour. You heard it here first.

Kelbot9000120 karma

Thank you so much for doing an AMA! Good Eats was what got me interested in food as a kid. As excited as I am for The Return, when are you going to do a video with Bon Appetit? You've already done Hot Ones, so do you plan to continue doing YouTube appearances?

thealtonbrown237 karma

I do but on my own channel. Watch that space.

quietude38118 karma

Is there a safe way to pressure fry at home?

thealtonbrown253 karma

In a word "no."

Habeas115 karma

Coming from a cinematography background, do you ever find yourself obsessing too much with the style & nature of shots rather than the content/message? I imagine it must be a tough to balance both aspects of a show like that.

thealtonbrown198 karma

Constantly. Although I hope I never subjugate the story, my obsession with complex visuals is really the driving force of what I do.

Satrina_petrova96 karma

I've learned so much from Good Eats! Thank you Alton you've always been my favorite chef!

What would you think of schools showing Good Eats in home economics class?

thealtonbrown286 karma

I think it's a little lazy but I'm flattered.

Justmike1393 karma

Hi Alton when could we look forward to new Iron Chef episodes? Also I’ll be watching Good Eats and I’m super hyped about it.

thealtonbrown147 karma

I am not aware of any new episodes of Iron least none involving me!

TylerSpicknell84 karma

You mean, the Godfather of rocksteady?

thealtonbrown95 karma

I do in fact.

Dreamshadow197775 karma

Which episode do you feel stands the test of time?

thealtonbrown251 karma

Episode 8 of Twin Peaks: The Return

cpeterstx7175 karma

Hi AB! Did you have any reservations about bringing back Good Eats? By the way, thank you for combining culinary education and entertainment.

thealtonbrown183 karma

No reservations whatsoever. The way I figure it, if I do the best work I can possibly do, someone will watch it. The question is will there be enough someones...and if there aren't, we'll I still did the best work I could do.

fireballs61973 karma

  1. What accomplishment are you most proud of, both personally and professionally?
  2. How do you think food TV programming has changed since the original run of GE, and where do you see it going?
  3. What makes a good meal?

Thanks so much for doing this - I've always loved good eats, and Cutthroat Kitchen is almost always on in the background when people are home for the holidays. Such an enjoyable show, no doubt due to your presence.

thealtonbrown246 karma

Well, I'm proud of the person my daughter, Zoey, has turned out to be. And professionally I'm proud that I continue to work with great people who push me to be better than I actually am.

I have no idea where food TV is going...none whatsoever. A good meal is about who is sitting at the table, not the food that's on it.

drprof1673 karma

What is your personal favorite watch?

thealtonbrown151 karma

If I had only one: a 1960s era Rolex 1016 Exploer 1

ice_ice_bebeh72 karma

Are there be any foods/topics that you will revisit from your original episodes? How will it be different from the first time?

thealtonbrown149 karma

I like to think that the new shows are simply grown up, mature versions of the originals. They have the same DNA but they are much MUCH better. I hope to do some part 2's to follow up part 1's we did in the original series (like shrimp for instance) but we'll see.

123wanderlust69 karma

How bad is it to freeze meat? Like a steak

thealtonbrown176 karma

It's not great but in many cases it's better than buying raw but old. I purchase most of my meats at a local farmer markets and 90% of it is frozen.

PocketFox330168 karma

AB! I really wanted to tell you what a huge impact you've had on my life. I have always been fascinated by how things work and the science behind life, and cooking/baking is such a practical way to explore that. I was always discouraged from that path, and encouraged to value looks and interpersonal skills over intellect. Your show gave me a haven from the expectations of my family and allowed me to indulge my love of science under the guise of femininity associated with cooking. I hope you know that you dont just teach people how to cook, you teach (at least one!) little girl(s) that liking science is okay. My question is, did you have any idea that combining a "feminine" stereotype such as cooking with science would have an impact on women in STEM? I can't help but think it can't just be me. :)

FYI I am now the proud holder of 3 advanced degrees and a contributor to Anthropology in the US.

thealtonbrown63 karma

You're a hero and I'm humbled and honored.

Answer: no. I didn't.

maxvincent9165 karma

Hey Alton! You’re absolutely the reason I got into cooking so thanks for that! I’m excited that you’re doing a return of Good Eats, but have you considered doing a Feasting on Asphalt returns? Or like a redo of the same Route 66 with different restaurants or maybe a different route or even a different country or focus? Thanks!

thealtonbrown441 karma

I'm hoping to do a road project where I search for restaurants Guy Fieri hasn't eaten at.

ptothedubs58 karma

Best not-overly-sweet type of frosting? I’ve been a big fan of meringue buttercream, but they get expensive with so much butter in them!

thealtonbrown215 karma

I don't think you can beat a standard cream cheese frosting.

NerdusMaximus51 karma

Do you have any favorite online cooking shows/communicaters?

thealtonbrown117 karma

I don't really watch food media. I make it...I don't take it.

drprof1650 karma

How long have you been playing saxophone? Do you play any other instruments?

thealtonbrown138 karma

I don't play them as much as abuse them. I strangle saxophones and I mangle guitars sometimes too.

MontyNSafi50 karma

If you could only have 5 seasonings/herbs/spices to work with for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Also, Good Eats is my 3 1/2 year old daughters "favorite show", she calls you Mr.Maker Brown, and becomes absolutely captivated by you when you speak. Thank you for helping to get my daughter interested in something other than the Wiggles & Paw Patrol

thealtonbrown71 karma

salt, red pepper flake, nutmeg, parsley, cumin

ModernLemonySnicket49 karma

So excited to see new Good Eats! Any chance Cutthroat Kitchen will make a comeback? My husband and I looked forward to that show whenever it was on ☺️

thealtonbrown136 karma

I just don't know. I keep waiting for that phone to ring and it doesn't. The truth is Cutthroat Kitchen was loved dearly by a very small group of people and that's not what keeps TV shows on the air so to speak.

honoratus91644 karma

Like so many others, you’re an inspiration and I’ve followed your work for a long time. Is there a link to your mise en place song?

thealtonbrown74 karma

There isn't because it was a parody song based on an existing (and famous) tune. I didn't write the tune so I really don't have a right to record it.

The_Actual_Sage39 karma

You handled the hottest wings on Hot Ones really well, focusing more on the taste even when the wings were in the million scoville range. How are you so well adept at eating hot foods and how can you taste distinct flavors when the rest of our tongues would be melting?

thealtonbrown93 karma

I'm a freaking professional! Actually that's not a good answer. I don't know. Maybe because I cheated by coating my mouth with the fat from cream?

Science-Spearman38 karma

What recipe or piece of advice that you've given out do you like the least and wish you could revise?

thealtonbrown116 karma

Add dry pasta to boiling water. Now I always add it to cold water then bring it to a boil. Much better.

ajdemps18 karma

What topic are you most excited to cover in Good Eats?

Which topics would you redo from Good Eats in the past?

also you are the best, I am SO excited for the return of this show!!!

thealtonbrown74 karma

In this season, wow...steak tartare, immersion circulators and wild sourdoughs

WinnifredBurkle18 karma

Hi Alton! Huge fan. Have binged the OG Good Eats, SO EXCITED for the return, saw your live show (got called on stage even!), love your cookbooks, and just think you’re a cool person all around.

I’ve tried to think of a good question—should I something about unitaskers? Favorite thing to cook or favorite cocktail? Best thing about being back in the Good Eats world? I’m sure you’ll see a lot of those types of questions in this AMA, so I decided on something else.

How are you today? How’s Scabigail? (I was thrilled when you rescued her, btw!) Anything that you’re reading or watching right now that you recommend, food related or otherwise?

Thanks for hosting this AMA! You gave me a signed board scraper after my portion of your live show, and on it you wrote “cook smart.” I’m sure trying, and I am so thankful for all the work you’ve done to help make that possible!

thealtonbrown43 karma

I'm doing fine. It's good to have this season of shows wrapped up and delivered. Scabs is good and is actually in several episodes. Impossible to train of course but she always looks to the food so...

WeirdLastName17 karma

What are your top 3 dog names based off of food?

thealtonbrown48 karma

Scramble, Doughnut, T-Bone

youngsmc16 karma

  • What were some of the differences you noticed in yourself going from Good Eats and moving into hosting other shows?
  • Where is your favorite place for recipe inspiration?
  • How did you go about rebooting Good Eats?
  • Will the show have the same vibe and style of content that it did back in the day?
  • Other than your own show which has been the funniest to be involved in and why?
  • Which or who’s kitchen is your favorite to cook in?
  • What is the main thing you would want someone to know about cooking?

Separately, I’d like to say such an enormous thank you Alton. I grew up in a terrible home environment and my Nana use to put your show on for my siblings and I because it was a great way of keeping us connected to positivity and useful knowledge. You honestly kept me happy growing up. I lived in those conditions until 2012 and you were there for almost every part that I can remember. Cooking brings me a wild peacefulness I can’t explain but I have always known that it steams from you and Nana, so thank you ❤️

thealtonbrown28 karma

Getting older and uglier family recipe books slowly yes but better Iron Chef because freaking Iron Chef My own It's fun.

Taggart45116 karma

Hello! I saw your stage a few years ago in Columbus, Ohio and adored it. My "one question for you" has morphed over the last few years and it currently is:

What recipe makes you the happiest when you see people post photos of it online? Something simple? Something complicated? Turkey Derrick?

I cannot describe how happy I am for more Good Eats; my wife and I are sitting down to watch the Chicken Parm episode you just launched tonight!

thealtonbrown46 karma

I'm happier when people post photos of the people sitting at the table with them. Other than that...simple is better.

hungry20s13 karma

What network/platform will your show be on?

thealtonbrown41 karma

Good Eats is on Food Network. But you can also get the episodes on iTunes, google play, Hulu and I think Amazon Prime

dcelr8n11 karma

Hi Alton! So excited for your AMA, and can't wait to check out the new show!

Is there any dish you HATE making, but have to anyways? Maybe something your family loves but you aren't a fan of?

thealtonbrown15 karma

Nope. If I don't like it I don't cook it. There is something I don't cook though: eggplant...I love it but my wife detests it so...

mdbrooks11 karma

I know, I know, you are against uni-taskers, but its not just the number of different uses something has but also how often something is used that determines whether its worth space in the kitchen or not. There must be some things that even though they are uni-taskers, that if you used them every single day it would still be worth it right? What would be some of the highest ranked uni-taskers (besides a fire extinguisher) that you would still consider useful if someone used them frequently enough?

thealtonbrown23 karma

Unitaskerism is a state of mind. One simply needs to rise above it.

Mokpa7 karma

Twitter is a gold mine for interacting with creators of our favorite works today, including you, AB.

What creator from the past - author, showrunner, etc. - do you think would have been the best Twitter personality?

thealtonbrown17 karma

What a great question! Well, I think Julia Child would have nailed it. Then I'm going to say Orson Welles, Dorothy Parker...

Sloshake6 karma

What current food craze is way overblown?

Why does anyone care if I want pineapple on my pizza or ketchup on my hot dog?

thealtonbrown25 karma

They care because they're desperate for a sense of community with others who see it the way they do. I don't like pineapple on my pizza but I will fight to the death for your right to have it. Oh, and I put ketchup on my hotdogs.

MeatYourVegetables5 karma

AB will we see more podcasts or YouTube content from you any time soon?

thealtonbrown10 karma

yes on YouTube, maybe on podcast

IShitMyPantsDaily4 karma

Hey Alton! What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

thealtonbrown8 karma

I'm not sure but I guarantee you I'm the one that cooked it.

jwc123904 karma

Hey Alton! I used to watch Good Eats all the time as a kid (honestly I still watch them when I can). I actually have two questions: 1. I’m 19 and trying to get into the military. However, I’m the only one in my family who can actually cook. To say that my mom can’t cook is an understatement. I’ve been trying to think of quick and easy meals for her but am always looking for more. What are your favorite quick and easy meals? 2. My family is a meat and potatoes type of family. One thing they especially love is pot roast. I’ve never found a recipe I like. I either feel the meat tastes like flour or the broth is sort of “one note”. Any tips on how to change up the flavor?

thealtonbrown7 karma

why don't you make up your own pot roast and then gift her a recipe. That way when you're off in the military, she'll have that connection to you every time she cooks.

superfiedman3 karma

I am so excited to see your show back on the air! It was a big reason I learned to love cooking so much.

Ever since inimitable Harry's Farmer's Market closed, what's your market of choice in the area? If you don't feel like revealing your secrets, what do you think of the low carb diet circling back around? I've found great success with a Keto diet (75 lbs so far!!), but I have trouble finding stuff that I can cook to share with my non-dieting roommates. Do you have any recipes that you like to make that are in that realm?

thealtonbrown5 karma

We shop at farmer's markets and a local meat market. Occasionally slip into a megamart but not very often.

drprof163 karma

What’s your go-to coffee order?

thealtonbrown5 karma

Black and hot