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Hello! I really appreciate you answering all my questions on Twitter! Concise but very thorough, and I don't think I've had a ruined meal yet. A couple things I've always had on my mind.

  1. I saw somewhere that the J. in your name stands for James. Is there any reason you go by Kenji other than "I like it?"

  2. I ordered a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving but I just found out that my father-in-law won't be staying anymore. Since I won't be making it this Thursday, are there any problems with cutting it up and freezing it in parts?

  3. Everyone talks about quality of ingredients, which is totally understandable. Where do you find it acceptable to skimp out on something, such as get the "cheap" version or to take a "shortcut?"

Thanks for reading some of these. I hope you have a good experience with this AmA.

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Hello! I saw your stage a few years ago in Columbus, Ohio and adored it. My "one question for you" has morphed over the last few years and it currently is:

What recipe makes you the happiest when you see people post photos of it online? Something simple? Something complicated? Turkey Derrick?

I cannot describe how happy I am for more Good Eats; my wife and I are sitting down to watch the Chicken Parm episode you just launched tonight!

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How much of your job takes place at home versus at the office? Like, reviewing a game for example. How much do you do at home versus at the office? I imagine that most of your "office" time is spent editing, doing things with your coworkers, and running the site. How does that leave you time to actually play anything?

So then, if you have to work at home, how much time do you really have that is "not" work? If this is counted, how much time do you put in "on the clock" mode throughout the week?

I was gonna save this for the next Ask the EIC column you did on the site, but I figured this is a good a platform as any.

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What is the best way to get a portfolio started for voice work? It’s something I’m really interested in it, but I can’t justify moving and waiting for that “big break” to get my life started. I’d like to at least give myself the best chance I can before finally taking my soon-to-be-wife up on all those “you should follow your dream” speeches she has.

Second, what do you prefer? Voicing for English native roles like inFamous or Last of Us, or dubbing for Japanese roles, like Kanji?

Lastly, You should post a picture of your socks as your confirmation. :D