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is an American television personality, celebrity chef, author, actor, and cinematographer. He is the creator and host of the Food Network television show Good Eats, the mini-series Feasting on Asphalt and Feasting on Waves, and host and main commentator o

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Best food book since On Food & Cooking. I don't know if Kenji got any inspiration at all from Good Eats. He's brilliant.

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I always planned on bringing GE back. I'd planned on a 5 year break but due to the second live show (Eat Your Science) I got off schedule. Good Eats is my one and only baby. Everything else is frosting...excuse the mixed metaphor there. I'd never put frosting on a baby.

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Roast chicken...AND WAFFLES

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Yes...I always knew. But look at it this way: that was only one ingredient. What I didn't know was what special ingredients the chefs would bring with them. That was always a mystery and forced me to think quick. I always lost weight on that show just from stress.

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I'm still in therapy.

thealtonbrown2887 karma fact, we're doing that right now.

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This is disgusting and I'm not proud but have you ever dipped Fritos into that fake caramel sauce they make for apples?

thealtonbrown2698 karma are.