Let's see, I host shows on Food Network and am preparing my first stage show to go on tour later this year. I'm working on a CD of weird food songs and launching a YouTube channel. Other than that, I'm just sitting around. Oh, and I'm hosting a new game show on Food Network called Cutthroat Kitchen. So...Ask me anything.

Twitter verification: https://twitter.com/altonbrown/status/336914517613236224/photo/1 Verification photo http://instagram.com/p/ZtHd5wDh8S/ The Alton Brown Tour website: http://www.altonbrowntour.com


Thanks so much for all your questions. Hope to see you all later in the year on tour. If you're interested check out www.altonbrowntour.com. Gotta go cook dinner for my kid. Thanks again everyone. ABout

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deadwisdom2517 karma

Hi Mr. Brown. I just want to say thank you so very much for describing the culinary arts in such an accessible way for me. Thanks to your work, I have become quite the home chef. Cooking and food have forever been changed for me, for the better.

Thank you dearly.

ps. Your guacamole is the best thing ever, substituting mangos for the tomatoes is a little twist I've added that has been a big hit.

thealtonbrown2310 karma

That is very clever! I'm going to try that...very good suggestion.

Echono2331 karma

During Mr. Bourdain's AMA Reddit already came to a consensus on the next show for you both: (credit to /u/Toynbee1)

Brown and Bourdain travel across the world, tracing modern, familiar dishes to their cultural nascency. Brown supplies the facts, Bourdain supplies the color. It's called A to B.

How much do we have to bug you two now to make this a thing?

thealtonbrown2329 karma

Mr. Bourdain doesn't need a sidekick.

terribleatkaraoke2161 karma

What do you make for dinner after a long tiring day at work?

thealtonbrown3903 karma


notdiddy1779 karma

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if I startled you outside of Publix/Starbucks after Good Eats started airing. Instead of saying "Excuse me, I enjoy your show," my brain went "Hey, you're Alton Brown" and my mouth followed.

Good Eats was something my family always sat down to watch together, and I gave many of your books to my parents as gifts.

thealtonbrown2894 karma

I'm still in therapy.

bwxb1704 karma

I made your paprika chicken last night. It was the bomb. All my friends think I'm great at cooking now. Mwahah

thealtonbrown2698 karma

Well...you are.

ifoundgoldbug1658 karma

Have you considered bringing something like good eats to a webisode format?

thealtonbrown2887 karma

Yes...in fact, we're doing that right now.

thealtonbrown1487 karma

By the way, my tour website is now life: www.altonbrowntour.com

AnnotatedBib1368 karma

Hi, Mr. Brown! I've been a fan for years: you were always the chef on TV that answered the kinds of questions I had about cooking. All of the "why?" questions rather than just "how?" So anyways, my question:

During an Anthony Bourdain speaking engagement I attended, someone asked him his favorite "guilty pleasure" food. He began describing the "radioactive mac and cheese" they serve at KFC -- and that he "loves that sh*t!" Any guilty pleasure foods of your own?

thealtonbrown2821 karma

This is disgusting and I'm not proud but have you ever dipped Fritos into that fake caramel sauce they make for apples?

KCulp1352 karma

Is there anyone within the Food Network confines that you could not/cannot stand?

thealtonbrown2221 karma

Hell yes.

Nerdicle1294 karma

What were your impressions of Jamie and Adam during your time on Mythbusters?

thealtonbrown2203 karma

Heros...no other way to say it. Smarter than anybody else in the room but completely genuine and unaffected. Nice guys and a delight to work with.

palegothic1238 karma

My husband and I really enjoy your shows. We've learned an incredible amount just from Good Eats alone. I sure wish those shows were available on Netflix. I wish I had some great question for you but instead all I have is food nerd love for you :)

thealtonbrown1899 karma

I wish those shows were available too. Call Food Network.

XadRav1154 karma

Hi Alton!

What is the one food that Food Network would not let you make an episode of Good Eats about, that you wanted to do the most?

thealtonbrown2088 karma

Food Network has always been very supportive of me and they've let me get away with a lot but when I said "sweetbreads" they said "no." Same with rabbit.

kaiken19871047 karma

Hi Alton. Been a fan of Good Eats for years. Thanks for explaining what's actually happening when cooking and why you're doing what you're doing.

What is the strangest food you've ever made/ate?

thealtonbrown1815 karma

Curried lamb eyes [shudders]

thealtonbrown1369 karma

Curried lamb eyes. Yuck.

PurpleDiver1037 karma

What did you think about going to the strip club with Anthony Bourdain?

thealtonbrown2065 karma

If I had a time machine....I would so take that one back. I've never been more uncomfortable in my life.

rad991026 karma

Im defending my PhD in chemistry next year. Partially thanks to you AB.

thealtonbrown2055 karma

Defending? Is someone trying to steal it?

bdude36979 karma

I just want to thank you for putting a food program on TV that could genuinely entertain all in the house.

thealtonbrown1078 karma

A privilege...

LikeAgaveF948 karma

Thank you, Mr. Brown, for doing this AMA.

1) Your show Good Eats has been amazingly educational and informative. One of the most helpful episodes, in my opinion, was the "Live and Let Diet" episode. From your experience in the culinary industry and the entertainment/marketing industry, why do you think there is such a affinity to "fad" diets and not enough attention to simply eating right, as demonstrated in your show?

2) Do you really never leave home without a whole nutmeg and a microplane grater? If so, what is the most random situation you found yourself in where the nutmeg came in handy?

thealtonbrown1466 karma

1) Thanks for your comment. I do think there is too much emphasis on "diets" and not enough of simply eating well. The truth is, it's simple...eat your veggies, lay off the red meat and sweets, drink plenty of water and exercise. 2) I have a grater and nutmeg at all times. I use it a lot on bad coffee, which is most of the coffee in encounter.

Paulaner885 karma

How do I keep the top lasagna noodles from drying out?

thealtonbrown1806 karma

Lots and lots of cheese.

stupidrobots879 karma

I hope you have the slightest inkling of how many nerds you have gotten laid because they learned how to cook because of you.

thealtonbrown1324 karma

Pretty freakin awesome ain't it.

medusamadonna837 karma

Hi Alton, long time fan here, thank you very much for doing this AMA. Is there anything you've touted on Good Eats as a "golden rule" that you have changed your opinion on?

thealtonbrown1824 karma

Yes. I really messed up with cooking pasta in season 1. I said to bring a gallon of water to a boil before cooking dry pasta. Crap! Start in cold water and only use enough to cover the pasta.

ExterminateThemAll828 karma

Mr. Brown -

Thank you for doing this AMA - HUGE fan. "Good Eats" got me interested in cooking, and I've tried and enjoyed many of your recipes!

You appear on several shows (Iron Chef America, Next Iron Chef, Next Food Network Star) as the food guru. Have you ever wanted a role as a competitor? Do you ever hang out with other Food Network stars? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you do for fun?

thealtonbrown1694 karma

I have no desire to compete...I'm just not that kind of guy...not that way at least. I don't hang out with Food Network stars because, well...I don't really fit in with the big "A" list stars and the young folk think I'm old. So, I'm kinda on a "C" list all by myself, which is perfectly fine.
As for fun...I'll get back to you.

House_Arryn_Sir778 karma

Who is your favorite Iron Chef?

thealtonbrown2461 karma

The one who brings me a cocktail during the battle.

aimocin768 karma

What advice would you give to an aspiring cook? Thanks!

thealtonbrown1612 karma

Cook, Travel, Eat, Read, repeat

jottootts751 karma

What is your favorite prop that you've used on Good Eats?

thealtonbrown1666 karma

Three words: giant, squid, tentical

ZBeebs699 karma

True story: it's summer, I'm watching TV with the family, and my daughter says to me, "Dad, you remember that turkey you made for Thanksgiving? That was the best turkey I've ever eaten". That was, of course, a Good Eats roast turkey. I just wanted to thank you for that.

thealtonbrown877 karma

Thank you for having enough faith in me to cook it in the first place.

momopopo672 karma


thealtonbrown1267 karma

I think that a lot of home cooks miscalculate heat. We seem to be a bit afraid of it but must master it to be true cooks. Heat is elemental to the process

arrogantworm672 karma

Please bring your tour to Canada! Please?

thealtonbrown1314 karma

Okay, okay...I will.

Silencerco634 karma

Mr. Brown, long time fan and I owe a lot of my ability in the kitchen to you.

I'll jump right into this non-food question, is it true you carry a 1911?

thealtonbrown1424 karma

Actually a 1911 is a little heavy for every day carry unless it's a Browning 9 hi-power which is essentially a 1911. I carry a Kimber Solo a fair bit.

MCwaffle89625 karma

What is your best advice to get someone to like food/cooking? My fiancee has zero interest in food beyond eating it (I blame her family's boxed meal habits) and I love to cook (thanks to Good Eats) and try new things, any advice to get her to be more adventurous?

thealtonbrown2403 karma

Look...just go ahead and dump her before it's too late. She's clearly damaged.

jjjaaammm619 karma

Alton, I make my soft pretzels with lye, on your show you said you can use baking soda. Should I really believe you?

thealtonbrown1749 karma

No...lye is better. But if you think I was going to go on TV and tell everyone to use lye, well...I just don't have enough lawyers for that.

hypermark616 karma

Thanks for doing this, AB. You taught me to cook, and more importantly, how to be a teacher. I teach a course on the rhetoric of science & pseudoscience, and during one lesson we watch the Mythsmasher episode. My students love it. I met you at a signing at Bookpeople in Austin, and you couldn’t have been nicer.

One question:

On previous versions of your website you had a blog section. Some of the material was insightful and moving. For instance, I remember the post you wrote after Ma Mae passed away was particularly heartfelt. There was another post I really liked where you discussed the controversy surrounding teaching evolution in schools. Any plans to post some of the stuff again? The blog section of the old site was my favorite part.

thealtonbrown808 karma

I'm flattered that you remember that old stuff. Regrettably, I lost all of it when we took down the old site. I'm not very good at keeping up with that kind of thing.

genki-sama594 karma

What do you think of the recent Amy's Baking Company issue?

thealtonbrown2017 karma


(funny and sad and...well)

ZBeebs580 karma

C'mon, admit it. You and Thomas Dolby are the same person.

thealtonbrown887 karma

My half brother actually.

green_um_yes544 karma

Alton, you are one sexy, smart man, and I just want to say, keep doing what you do. Muah!

thealtonbrown1574 karma

Thanks. I hope your eyes get better soon. (Don't scratch them till the pads come off).

patellison42519 karma

Are there any plans to bring back new episodes of Good Eats?

thealtonbrown985 karma

Never say "never"...ever.

twilightsun500 karma

Do you geek out about food at home? Is your wife also a food geek?

thealtonbrown1084 karma

My wife geeks out over steak and potatoes.

Albuyeh482 karma

Who is W on the show?

thealtonbrown1198 karma

A wonderful actress name of Vickie Wong. She disliked me from the very first audition...that's why she was so perfect.

ShutUpWalter477 karma

Do you ever watch Archer? Do you keep in contact with Lucky Yates?

thealtonbrown791 karma

I was hugging Lucky Yates about 30 minutes ago. I'm a huge fan. He's a great guy...also a very talented puppeteer.

apieceofthelisa447 karma

Favorite bourbon cocktail to make at home and tips on how to make it??

(Also, thanks for doing this AMA. My fiance and I have been fans of yours for years!)

thealtonbrown755 karma

Boulevardier. Look it up. It's like a negroni only with bourbon instead of gin.

TacoSmellingSweat437 karma

Where do you buy your bow ties at?

thealtonbrown1291 karma

All over. In fact I have a line of bow ties coming out with a great company called Hook & Albert.

thereefa436 karma

Mr. Brown, thank you for taking the time for the AMA and for your show and personality that radiates through the camera.

I have two questions: What drove you into the culinary world? What was your favorite homemade meal growing up?

thealtonbrown940 karma

My favorite homemade meal was my mom's spaghetti. I was driven into food because it's the universal subject...everyone loves food. It's what connects all of us to each other.

MikeHawkward428 karma

Do you happen to like... Kosher salt?

thealtonbrown851 karma


rageking5409 karma

If you had to pick only one episode of Good Eats to show someone, which would it be?

thealtonbrown890 karma

Probably our very last episode "Turn On The Dark" which was a one hour chocolate special. We pulled out all the stops on that one.

dallywolf374 karma

Hello Mr. Brown, recently you called out Makers Mark for lowering the ABV on their whiskey. How did it feel when they finally recanted?

Also, what is your favorite dish that you normally make for dinner?

thealtonbrown524 karma

Well, it's not like I actually had anything to do with that. I think the whole thing was good for bourbon drinkers because it opened a lot of eyes to the fact that there are a lot of great bourbons out there.

Cpt_Mango365 karma

Looking forward to your web series!

What is cooking's unforgivable sin?

thealtonbrown951 karma

Not tasting food as you cook it.

EvilGrimace362 karma

I hate seeing awesome AMAs 2 hours after they're done :(

thealtonbrown1030 karma

I'm still here.

morgantm360 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Simple question from me:

What is your favorite thing to grill?

thealtonbrown778 karma

Skirt steak...directly on the coals. No grate. Just salt and a wee bit of oil.

Thinksforfun358 karma

Last meal. Death row. What's it gonna be? (You're awesome by the way.)

thealtonbrown1583 karma

Duck confit because it takes 3 days to make.

Tagerine355 karma

Holy cow. I wish you were my dad.

thealtonbrown1575 karma

Are you sure I'm not?

Elon-Musk321 karma

Hello Alton!

First off, I'd like to thank you for finally getting around to an AMA. It's something we as reddit have been wanting for a while.

I actually have two questions today. Feel free to answer either of them or both.

  1. What recipe have you never been able to perfect, or it just isn't as good as you'd want it to be?

  2. What is your favorite episode of Doctor Who, and who is 'your' Doctor?

Edit: I made you this

thealtonbrown720 karma

1) I don't think I've ever been able to perfect anything to be honest. I get better but nothing is perfect. I did cook a really good steak once.

2) I don't have a favorite episode but Dr. 10 is my Dr.

bobthereddituser154 karma

Is Alton Brown a Doctor Who fan?

thealtonbrown713 karma

Indeed. I am a Whovian, and proud of it.

stainedglasshouse312 karma

Mr. Brown, thank you for doing what you do. Whenever people tell me about how they want to learn how to cook, I refer them to your show and your book(s) because they will gain a great confidence in the kitchen.

What is your favorite dish to cook when you are short on time?

What was your favorite food you came across during your roadtrips?

thealtonbrown578 karma

When I'm in a hurry I turn to my panini press. I can cook a butterflied game hen in that thing in 12 minutes.

ADIDAS247310 karma

Hello Alton,

Wanted to say I'm a big fan and you helped me get into cooking and find a common bond with my now wife many years ago.

Just one simple question.
Is there any one thing that you think everyone should know about the food industry or food in general?

thealtonbrown1274 karma

The best food is always the food you cook yourself or that is cooked for you by someone who loves you. Simple as that.

snwkat308 karma

Mr Brown, you once said that "Good Eats" was a cross between a cooking show, Mr. Wizard, and a Monty Python sketch.... I was just wondering what made you skew this way, and are any of your new endeavors going to have the same skew?

thealtonbrown526 karma

That's just the way I am so...yeah.

Eaglesfan427306 karma

Hey Alton! Thanks for doing an AMA! My question for you is how did you lose your accent for television? How difficult of a process was it?

thealtonbrown846 karma

To be honest, my family is from GA but I was born in Los Angeles and lived there until I was 8. So, I've always sounded like I came out of a television.

CourierOfTheWastes292 karma

What did you think of the south park episode "Creme Fraiche"

thealtonbrown666 karma

Pinacle of comedic genius. Though i would never rub a pork loin with butter.

rgthane260 karma

Thank you Alton for doing an AMA...

  1. My wife and I really enjoyed both of the "Feasting on Asphalt" series (I even have your book from it also). We both ride our own bikes and love to travel. Q> Are you ever going to do another set of shows involving riding and travel?

  2. I would love to listen more interviews with you like "The Nerdist"

thealtonbrown462 karma

I would love to do more travel-related shows. The problem is, "Feasting" never found enough audience to keep it on the air. Maybe on-line would be different though.

taekwondo4ever229 karma

Question from my Mom:

What's a good gluten-free way to pan fry some chicken?

We are humongous fans of you. You've taught me some badass tricks in the kitchen.

Thanks my friend.


thealtonbrown409 karma

try using rice flour instead of AP in the batter (tempura style)

hedleyazg204 karma

Is there any food trend going on that just makes you roll your eyes?

thealtonbrown756 karma

I don't understand the whole "raw" thing. I'm pretty sure that learning to use fire gave us the ability to seriously up our dietary game and made us what we are...apex predators on planet Earth.

SprickenChingRoll203 karma

Hi Alton, thanks for doing this. If you could only have one knife in your kitchen, what style/brand would it be?

thealtonbrown368 karma

Cut Brooklyn 8 inch chef's knife.

Uberhack178 karma

Mr Brown, my wife and I are Iron Chef America junkies. The burning question we have is, How much do the chefs know about the ingredient beforehand? They seem to go straight into a gameplan as soon as they receive the goods.

thealtonbrown397 karma

Here's the honest answer (as far as I know): about a week before the competition, the chefs are given a list of 8 possible ingredients. They have to be prepared for all of them. I also should tell you that I've been told that on the Japanese version they just flat out told them...but that could be a nasty rumor.

reverseblumpkin173 karma

Hi Alton, huge fan here. I was wondering why you dont make the complete Good Eats DVD series available for purchase? I would pay good money for all 249 episodes. Thanks! (thanks for the Karma btw - http://imgur.com/bV89p)

thealtonbrown241 karma

Not up to me...up to Food Network.

mcquigs93158 karma

what ever happened to Justins tv from Next Food Network Star?

thealtonbrown244 karma

Well, Justin did a show called Rebel Eats, which was an hour special. I don't know what they have planned for him next. I'd really like to see him do a full on cooking show for the digital world but I don't have the power to make that happen.

tripleplusone151 karma

Alton, I love everything you do, from Good Eats to your awesome fashion sense. I have two questions for you:

1) What is your favorite way to prepare rabbit? 2) I am in Atlanta until Sunday night. Where should I eat?

thealtonbrown257 karma

Beef liver Empire State South

amaefm147 karma

Alton, your cheesecake recipe has gotten my girlfriend and so many compliments I just wanted to thank you! It's a giant success at family functions. One question if you would be so kind to answer, we follow your recipe exactly but I feel like the cheesecake never gets very firm in the middle. It is almost impossible to slice while keeping the shape of a slice. Is this just the nature of the recipe or are there any tips for helping it firm up a bit more?

thealtonbrown368 karma

It sounds like you might be pulling it a little underdone. Add 5 more minutes to the cooking, or turn off the oven and leave it for another 10. And make sure it's thoroughly chilled before cutting.

ckenney108141 karma

Hi Alton! Thanks for doing this.

Do you have a date yet for when the Alton Browncast will be available?

Also, what's the latest on Food Files? Is it still in development?

thealtonbrown263 karma

We're going to be launching the Alton Browncast on Nerdist.com as soon as we have about 10 of them finished up and ready to go. We want to make sure that when they start releasing that we don't have an interruption in delivery.

ckilgannon136 karma

Hello, Alton! I am a big fan, Good Eats is easily my favorite cooking show.

I just want to know, how do you feel about all those cooking competition shows (Food Network Challenge, Worst Cooks in America, Cupcake Wars, Food Network Star, etc) that seem so popular now? Personally, I really can't stand that they seem to have taken over Food Network because they marginalize the actual cooking in favor of fake drama.

Everything doesn't have to be a war!

thealtonbrown254 karma

Tell me about it.

vcents130 karma

So..what sled are you riding these days?

Would love to see a rehash of Feasting on Asphalt. That was some fine television.

thealtonbrown206 karma

I'm on a 1967 Flexible Flyer. But in Ga I have to say I don't get many chances to ride.

th3LostViking125 karma

Any words of wisdom for a future Triumph owner?

thealtonbrown286 karma

Buy some kitty litter and keep it in the garage.

littlewingedkuri121 karma

my dad is a huge HUGE fan of your show good eats. I think he's seen every episode or somewhere close to it. So my question to you, did you enjoy working with puppets a lot on your show or were they a gag to get kids watch your show and learn about good eats?

thealtonbrown319 karma

I adore puppets...besides, they're cheaper than actors!

Gdoffmylawn105 karma

Alton Brown tortured me in Iraq... It's true! A buddy of mine in my squad would watch Good Eats in his bunk most every night and my food cravings associated with these viewings were absolutely debilitating.

What is your favorite party snack to bring to a gathering of friends?

thealtonbrown191 karma

Sorry about that.

Deviled eggs.

bobthereddituser102 karma

What is your opinion on the Paleo movement? I think Alton Brown Paleo recipes would be better than manna from heaven...

thealtonbrown278 karma

I have to say that although I do think the American diet is too grain dependent, I don't think that the meat-heavy Paleo approach is right either. We've evolved as omnivores and that means we should eat a bit of everything...in my opinion.

andykob234101 karma

I absolutely love The Food Network. I'm 18 now and I'm the only teenage dude I know that watches it. Love you on Good Eats and Iron Chef. Just curious to know, who do you think is the very best chef in the world?

thealtonbrown431 karma

My wife (Did you see what I did there?)

motown_missile101 karma

Any experience with rejuvenating old favorite recipes with new spices? We've recently started started glazing pork roast with a jalapeno/hot pepper salsa prior to roasting in a dutch oven and had pretty good results.

thealtonbrown218 karma

I do this all the time with recipes from a 1962 edition of Joy Of Cooking.

LeonardHenrick101 karma

If it were possible, would you ever want to cook in space for the astronauts on the ISS?

thealtonbrown288 karma

To cook in space is my dream...absolute dream.

KorbenDallas1199 karma

What kind of pocket knife do you normally carry? I've seen you whip one out to cut a bag before. It started a thread on a knife forum I frequent, no one could make it out.

thealtonbrown222 karma

Spiderco delica in stainless, serrated blade. Or a SOG, or a Microtech...depends.

andrewx1096 karma

What is your favorite drink?

thealtonbrown550 karma

the next one

Smarter_not_harder90 karma

As a good Southerner, I'd like to hear your thoughts on Waffle House...


thealtonbrown311 karma

Nice place to go but I sure wouldn't want to eat there.

TimWeis7577 karma

Which would you rather cook: A horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

thealtonbrown145 karma

A horse-sized duck. Definitely.

texabyte76 karma

Is there any good way to cook a steak on a gas grill? I can never get the fat to cook right.

thealtonbrown239 karma

Yes. Make sure the steak is out of the fridge for at least an hour before you cook it. And liberally season with kosher salt AN HOUR BEFORE COOKING. Trust me.

MisterAEB272 karma

Mr. Brown, I have been reading the book 'On Food and Cooking' and can't help but see that many of the 'Good Eats' episodes draw heavily from there, what are some other food/cooking history books that you draw from?

thealtonbrown130 karma

I'm launching my new website in a couple of months and will dedicate an entire level to our culinary library. There are about 100 titles in heavy rotation. But you're right, I check myself against McGee whenever I have the chance. I don't always agree with him but in those cases I usually keep my mouth shut.

fauxshoyo72 karma

This won't be seen, but I just wanna say I saw you when I was a little girl at the Mission Viejo Mall and it like, made my life. You are fucking awesome and I love you.

thealtonbrown158 karma

Watch your language there little lady. (Thanks)

A_Robison70 karma

I made your home-made beef jerky recipe and it turned out awesome! I "shared" it with my friends by giving them small pieces since I could barely part with it. So juicy, so flavorful. I also learned how to properly handle and cut with various knives thanks to your instructional videos, especially how to dice an onion. So thanks for that, eternally grateful.

My question: what is the best way to cut a mango? They are messy and I feel like I'm hurting the soft fruit with my bumbling hands. Also I seem to leave a lot of "meat" on the pit.


thealtonbrown133 karma

One of the new webisodes I'm doing for my YouTube channel will illuminate my method which is pretty much impossible to describe here. Sorry.

HannahJoyJoy68 karma

I love your show (it's my favorite food show). My favorite part is how you incorporate the science and teach your viewers as you tantalize us with the amazing food creations.

1) where do you find your perfect recipes, or do you just create them? 2) Do people really think you have an evil twin named A.B.? 3) What's your favorite little indulgence with eating out/quick fix on the road?

I feel like i should have more cool questions, but i'm never good at that stuff >,< I watch your show a lot and even got my boyfriend to join me (he usually hates cooking shows, but he loves yours because it's accurate and scientifical)

Have a great day and keep being awesome :)

thealtonbrown119 karma

I don't actually have an evil brother, but I sure do have a dark side. As for recipes, sometimes they're created from scratch but most of the time you're attempting to improve upon a proved formula or a formulae collective in which case you're really creating a spinoff hybrid.

solid_vegas62 karma

I'm making your soft baked pretzels tomorrow, so my only question is mustard or melted cheese for dipping?

thealtonbrown136 karma

Why choose between them. Have both!

verbalsoze60 karma

This is probably going to get buried, but Alton, my question is are you friends with Ted Allen? Just wondering because you giys are two of my favorite hosts of two of my favorite cooking shows.

thealtonbrown127 karma

I don't see Ted that much because he lives in Brooklyn and I live in Atlanta but whenever we get together we have a great time. I think he's the best host on Food Network and does a phenomenal job on Chopped.

EvilSpaceBunny59 karma

Hi Alton! As a baker I must know, what's your favorite sweet thing that you like to bake? And what's your favorite sweet thing (candy, goodies, snacky snack) you like to eat?

thealtonbrown124 karma

The answer to both questions: Chocolate chip cookie batter!

forrestleemusic56 karma

What's one question that you hoped someone would ask that hasn't been yet?

thealtonbrown163 karma

I wish more people would ask about the live tour. I'm really excited about it.

hektupon54 karma

If you could only use one knife for the rest of your life, what would it be?

thealtonbrown338 karma


josiahpeters47 karma

Alton, you exemplify how a TV personality should behave on and off the set. Thank's for being humble!

  1. How do you feel about cajun / creole food? Is it something you prefer to eat or do you cook it as well? I'd love to have some in depth Good Eats knowledge on that style of food.
  2. I thought you might carry a Walther, but I remember reading something about you owning an H&K handgun as well. How often do you make it out to the range and what is your favorite firearm?

Thanks for doing this AMA! I'm very excited for your Browncast! You should try and do a Browncoat special and team up with Nathan Fillion.

thealtonbrown69 karma

I adore both cajun and creole foods which actually aren't that similar if you ask me.

Although I don't carry it due to weight the Kimber Combat II is my choice on the range.

beango1236 karma

Now that you've experienced the magnificence that is the Clermont Lounge, how hard has it been to resist the urge to return?

thealtonbrown68 karma

Oddly enough I haven't had even one urge to return...not a single one.

ifeelstabby36 karma

A few years ago you did a road trip show where you had a Twin Bing® candy bar and thought it was disgusting.

Have you had one since and realized how utterly wrong you were?

thealtonbrown54 karma

Yes...in fact I have.

pepesgt32 karma

Why do you act like your forgot your days at Pop's in Durham? We remember you, even if it was only for six months! First job out of c-school, we all remember that one.

thealtonbrown37 karma

Honestly I only remember being really crappy at my job. So I think I've worked to forget it.

QuantumSouffle30 karma

I grew up watching and learning from Good Eats. It made cooking cool and fun! You are my culinary hero, turkey triangle 4 life! That said, the only question I can think to ask you is who is your favourite Doctor? :)

thealtonbrown71 karma


tinhatlizard24 karma

I know my post wont be seen....but thank you for being so awesome and teaching me how to cook good (and healthy) food and that it is cool to be nerdy about it ;)

thealtonbrown55 karma

I saw it and I appreciate it.

OnionDart10 karma

Mr. Brown, Thank you so much for doing an AMA. I have just now got into cooking and your Good Eats show has been amazing. I really don't want to be a recipe drone, I want to know the science behind things and you do a great job at presenting all sides of a dish.

As for my question, I'm having a big problem when I do pan sauces with the reduction not taking place fast enough. I got the heat on as high as I can, but my protein ends up cooling down significantly while I wait for a good reduction, I don't believe I'm using too much liquid, but how can I get my reduction to speed up?

Again thank you for taking time out of your day to visit us here at Reddit!

thealtonbrown16 karma

Well, if you have a heat problem then you need more firepower. You may even want to think about getting yourself a countertop induction "burner" which can work much faster wen it comes to reducing power.

citanaF_Fanatic7 karma

1) Alton, would you be interested in teaming up with any company to create a travel/pocket-sized microplane grater?

By the way, I've always been a huge fan. Wish Good Eats would still be re-running, and I can't wait for your YouTube channel.

2)What will the YT channel be called?

thealtonbrown27 karma

I already have one. It's in my wallet.

wildcatsnbacon6 karma

Have you ever got to try really good cow tongue?

What's your favorite cut of Steak?

thealtonbrown16 karma

I like tongue though I've never managed to cook it to my liking. I'm a huge steak lover though and especially love hanger steak.

lbcreations5 karma

Hello AB! I met you last year in Houston at your book signing. What I'd like to know is would you ever be willing to partake in a contest where you would be the prize? Win Lunch/Dinner with AB! Where 10 fans would win a meal with you and where you and those 10 fans could sit and talk about cooking during a nice meal? That is something I'd like to see you do. Or something similar to that. Even in a show format. I'm sure a lot of fans ask a lot of the same questions and this would be an entertaining way to get some answers to questions. Thanks!

thealtonbrown15 karma

I don't think I'd make a very good prize. Just ask my wife.