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Do you geek out about food at home? Is your wife also a food geek?

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Have you done any work with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients? Any recommendations for things we should talk to our own doctors about? (Not looking for medical advice, except avenues to explore with my own medical professional.)

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Thank you for taking the time to respond! It's a hard condition to find a specialist for in many areas. I've already started on a methylation protocol (methylfolate + methyl-B12) due to my pesky MTHFR mutation that certainly plays a role in my illness, and my bloodwork always shows some level of inflammation.

I grew up in a house with well water, not half a mile from a river that General Electric dumped chemicals into for years and years. (With the GE plant only a few miles upriver.) I have no doubt this has contributed to my current state of health.

Thanks again for your response.

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This is the sort of glib advice that is resented quite a bit by those of us who struggle with chronic depression. Trust us, we've tried all of these things at some point or another.