I have been making a landscape painting app called FlowScape that lets you paint 3d dioramas without needing to know any technical knowledge like a lot of professional apps. This has been my passion project to make something creative and non violent.

I've had 5 months of early access on itch.io where ive garnered an amazing community of around 6k users offering suggestions and finding bugs. The app has has grown a lot in that time and i have a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, so i must be doing something right.

But in 2.5 weeks i'm launching on Steam and i have no idea what will happen. It could go really well or it could fizzle with so many titles being released every day. It truly keeps me awake at night.

I'm here to answer any questions you may have about game development. If you want to learn it, i can offer advice. If you like the game, you can wishlist it. Maybe you can give me a virtual hug, i really need one :)

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Hyenabreeder1282 karma

I've bought Flowscape a while back. It's a good program and you should be proud of your work.

Did you anticipate the amount of interest in this project from worldbuilders and tabletop gamers beforehand, or did it come as a surprise?

ThrustVector9567 karma

Not at all, i had someone suggest to post over to you guys and the response was phenomenal. I really had no idea at the time there would be interest and a lot of features were added to support you guys like top down map saving with grids.

Happy you are enjoying it!

AiSard154 karma

I remember seeing this while searching for asset creation tools but it immediately caught my imagination for if I ever ran a Tabletop campaign. Bookmarked it for just in case I ever got around to DM-ing a game instead of just being a player. Didn't even know there were features for Tabletop gamers!

ThrustVector9192 karma

There are some map making tools you can see here at bottom left

Hopefully if it does well, id like to offer more for table top players such as dungeon creation, but will have to see what happens

avgas334 karma

Partner up with a virtual table top platform and you got yourself a game changer right there.

ThrustVector923 karma

I am friends with the makers of Arkenforge and have a button to export to that, but will have a look at the other table top solutions for sure.

Aleforge2 karma

How does it work in regards to a table top experience?

ThrustVector93 karma

Well you can save an image for virtual table tops, or project onto a table or print it out to play on

orokami1135 karma

Dude this is amazing. As a person who hates drawing backgrounds and has passion for art, you most definitely have made my life easier in the future. Wishlisted it on steam. That's some great work you've made and I can't even grasp it.

ThrustVector924 karma

Ive tried to make it as easy as possible, you will love it!

Thank you

The_Condominator30 karma

I would have never bought this as a "game" and never hear of it on steam.

Seeing this on HERE as an RPG map builder, SOLD!

Pathfinder is in the middle of launching a 2nd edition right now, maybe contact Paizo and see if you can get an endorsement or something. Tabletop gaming is prob going to be a big market for you.

skunkynugget9 karma

Agreed. What a resource! Thanks OP and best of luck! As a player too scared to DM, with a passion for painting minis and wanting to get picked up for warhammer 40k commissions (I basically just want work, I’m not very good just motivated) this is super cool and makes me able to contribute more than just showing up!

Will buy when I get home!

ThrustVector92 karma

I used to make model kits when i was younger and could totally see myself lose hours of time on painting minis! looks so much fun

InfieldTriple10 karma

How would one go about using this for a table top game?

Hyenabreeder13 karma

I've only used it on a virtual tabletop, so playing online. You make a nice-looking map and there's a special mode in the program to view your creation top-down with a grid overlay. This export can be great to make location battlemaps.

As for at a real, physical table... I'm not sure.

ThrustVector910 karma

This guy uses a projector and some have a tv built into a table now that is dedication!

Nothing_Nice_2_Say221 karma

First off, just want to say thanks for such an amazing app. I've had a lot of fun playing it.

What was your inspiration to make it? And how much time on average did you spend per week creating it? Seems like it was a ton of work.

ThrustVector9161 karma

No problem!

Inspiration may have come from Bryce and Terragen, something i used to pour dozens of hours into.

The first version i created was done in 2 months. Now i spend about 20-30 hours a week on it.

This was the GDD

happydaddydoody40 karma

Omg Bryce! I spent endless hours in those worlds. And endless hours for things to render! Really sparked my interest for modeling and my disinterest for rendering.

ThrustVector935 karma

Bryce was amazing, its great to be able to do everything in realtime now. Looking forward to getting one of these RTX cards one day and seeing if i can get realtime raytracing going, that would be the bomb!

equestrian123123160 karma

A good mental technique is to replace “nervous” with “excited” when you’re actually shitting bricks. It helps calm you down.

I’m not a gamer or computer savvy (all I know is I hear people complain about Steam on here a lot, which I don’t even know what it is — maybe a game store?) Anyhow, this app looks so cool!

When people build their own landscapes, can they use them to make their own games? Or is this the super-fancy MS paint to just dick around with?

Virtual hug! Good luck and enjoy the ride!

ThrustVector9107 karma

I have been trying to be excited :) but the "you're going to fail" creeps in occasionally when i read postmortems of games that should have been successful. I should really stop reading them lol.

You cant make games with it, and yes its just a fancy 3d MS paint, very relaxing though

Thanks for the hug <3

--Sko--162 karma

Who am I to tell you how to feel ... but ... I'd like to offer another perspective. You're not going to fail b/c failure isn't one of the possible outcomes. Why worry about something that can't happen?

You're releasing a f*cking app on Steam. Let me see - how many millions (billions) of people haven't (and won't) release an app on Steam? Success! ✅

If your app sells like crazy and you make some decent money from it ... success! ✅

If it doesn't sell like crazy but you gain invaluable knowledge on how to improve it through feedback from users ... success! ✅

The way I see it, the only way you can fail is if you refuse to find a way over or around the few speed bumps that might appear once in a while. And that's completely within your control based on how you choose to react the outcome.

Worrying is a waste of time. You can't possibly fail b/c you're already successful and you'll be a better software dev regardless of the results of the release.


ThrustVector960 karma

Thank you, i like your perspective!

pentiumwetwired5 karma

This right here is exactly how I view my gamedev journey. You can't fail so long as you keep trying to make it happen.

ThrustVector93 karma

I keep telling myself that, but the more hours you put into something, the more scared you become of failing.

teeka42122 karma

No such thing as failure; only opportunities to learn something.

equestrian12312324 karma

First rule of entrepreneurship = fail fast.

If it were to “fail”, just think of it as an iteration of the next great thing you’ll do, and first jump into entrepreneurship!

But enjoy the excitement for now!

ThrustVector97 karma

you have a great outlook

Artraxia13 karma

There's only one chance of you failing and that's Steam's algorithms still being wonky, your time on Itch.io is pretty solid proof of that. I want to be clear that Steam is just one option for something like this though and regardless of your Steam launch don't let it get to you, I mean that even if it's successful.

It's been some years since I've kept up with anything Penny Arcade but you might want to see if you can reach out to them as they actually do have a lot vested interests in tabletop gaming. Whether it's input, a comment, or a full fledged review it can help you quite a bit as they have a unique standpoint. I want to point out again that I haven't kept up with anything PA in years though, I know their cons still continue but not sure about their current state as IIRC they had one of their main guys who sort of kept everything together behind-the-scenes leave to pursue some things he had been putting off for years.

ThrustVector911 karma

I just read an article that says you will sell half the number of your wishlist and that made me really sad considering its sitting at 500. I do hope there is interest, i would love to do more with this.

Going to google penny arcade now

DuplexFields18 karma

Build some My Little Pony-adjacent items into it, such as the ability to build something that could pass for the cities of Ponyville or Canterlot, and the bronies will pay out the wazoo so they can make comics and RPG backdrops.

ThrustVector915 karma

Have an upvote, that really made me laugh!

Just for you there were some models on sketchfab i could import :P

kypi5 karma

Are you suggesting some PONY DLC?

ThrustVector96 karma

The BronyScape DLC :)

JoziJoller6 karma

Dude, I love it. Work of art. Heading over to buy it. Might even buy a copy for my work machine too. Well done and congratulations. May your wishlist be hit by an avalanche. There must be more than 500 people on the planet that love to create worlds and diaramas. Good luck!

ThrustVector94 karma

When i post about it i do get a lot of love, the trick is getting it in front of people without spending a ton on advertising.

Thanks for your kind words! and head over to r/flowscape to post your images. If you are having trouble, come to our Discord for help

RedditRobz4 karma

I mean this is exactly what the world needs. A fancy 3D MS Paint that’s easy for us common folk to use! I will definitely be purchasing on steam. Thanks for your hard work!! Best of luck!!

ThrustVector94 karma

You are awesome! i would be so happy if there is interest outside of my current user base

perfectdreaming2 karma

With all due respect, you have 6,000 (paying?) users.

Whatever happens with Steam you can consider yourself a success.

You can also send an email to get yourself published on the Epic store. The visibility may really help you.

Kudos for Linux support! I am considering buying.

ThrustVector92 karma

I like my Linux users, they work out the bugs and give me detailed reports on how to fix them lol

WizardStan119 karma

Would you prefer we buy it on Steam at $15 or itch.io for $10? Or is the itch price going to increase to match the Steam? I'd be ok with that, looks like you deserve it.

Are you planning on bringing the Linux (and Mac, I guess) version to Steam as well? Currently says Windows only.

ThrustVector9216 karma

I dont need money right now, ramen is delicious :P

But buying it on launch day from steam would help it get to the front page

edit: have linux and mac on itch, but will focus initially on windows for steam to manage support questions

RenixDC19 karma

I already own a copy from itch.io, but I think I'll purchase another copy on Steam for the ease of updates!

ThrustVector910 karma

<3 Thank you for considering buying it twice, i wish valves TOS would let me distribute keys to a store costing less

omniuni13 karma

If I buy the Steam copy, can I then download the Linux version from you?

ThrustVector914 karma

I cant give steam keys to itch users, but i can give itch keys to steam users. so hit me up if the Linux version is lagging behind for a key

Flipandabear97 karma

Is the user able to extract the file for the scene after creation?

ThrustVector996 karma

Not at the moment as its quite tricky to export perfectly. Maybe down the track

Flipandabear44 karma

For sure, was just curious! If you do ever add that, I'd do it as a separate app maybe pointed towards developers. As a follow-up, how do you feel about people using a 3rd-party program to capture gifs for something like a moving desktop background?

ThrustVector9105 karma

I have no license agreement on what you do with the images or animations, some lawyer dude told me it could be a problem. But im from Australia, so if anyone wants to sue me they would have to come after me and brave the snakes and spiders first :P

LordLederhosen42 karma

Not to add to the pressure, but if it blows up on Steam, what's your plan to scale up? Hire peeps? Got a biz plan?

edit.. /u/Thrustvector9 just fyi I edited at the same moment that you replied. And best of luck!!

ThrustVector945 karma

Oh man it would be so great if it did well, as i really want to continue working on it and especially hire someone more clever than me to rewrite the landscape sculpting part, i only have so many hours in a day.

LordLederhosen19 karma

Hmm, Flowscape seems like a perfect app for cloud/streaming based GFX, right? Cause latency isn't too much of an issue, but a HQ GFX card is super helpful, right?

ThrustVector923 karma

Oh i agree, i think i was the only one excited about Google Stadia lol since the more power you throw at it, the more you can add in a scene, to be able to create in a web browser on a tablet would be amazing. + painting with your fingers would be way cool :)

paulSloth29 karma

What sparked the idea of developing a tool such as FlowScape? Just to provide a tool for the non tech savvy folk?

ThrustVector951 karma

Yes definitely, i dont know if you have ever tried to use Max/Maya/Blender/Unreal/Unity, but if you don't have a technical brain, it can be a real struggle

Apollo_Wolfe3 karma

The tutorials for them are also all so non linear once you get past the extreme basic ones.

So it’s extremely easy to get lost and give up.

Also texture mapping and uv unwrapping was invented by the devil himself, cmv.

ThrustVector92 karma

uv unwrapping was invented by the devil himself

lol. i agree, absolutely hate unwrapping models

RickDripps24 karma

Is this something where you can create the landscape and then export it to something like Unity if you wanted to try and use it in a game?

I know nothing of licensing or using assets like that in a game creation process but it seems like this could be something that would allow people to create their game world very quickly, port it over to an engine like Unity/Unreal and then start with much of the work done in an easier-to-use tool. Is that a possibility?

It looks like a really cool tool that's much easier to use than some of the others I have seen videos of where people are just creating it in Unreal or Unity.

Thanks for the AMA! I think a lot of success depends on how the developer interacts with their community and so far you seem like a class act so I have a good feeling it'll do well!

ThrustVector923 karma

It doesnt export currently. To be honest if you are a dev, you could write tools to place things yourself pretty easily, its simply on mouse down, raycast and spawn prefab.

Maybe down the track, if there is an actual demand

kabaab24 karma

Do you have the right licenses for all the stock 3D models and images or did you make them all from scratch yourself?

Be very careful here if it blows up and you haven’t licensed everything correctly you may run into some big legal headaches..

ThrustVector919 karma

I did make a lot myself at the beginning, but too many user requests for content has got me to use bought assets as i cant model fast enough lol.

Kitbash were on board with everything at the beginning, but as the program grew they changed their mind... Got a great 3d modeler making replacements as we speak

R4V3-0N3 karma

Kitbash were on board with everything at the beginning, but as the program grew they changed their mind.

Tell me more about this.

ThrustVector93 karma

was talking with the community manager on discord initially, since they say in their faq that it can be used to make games, he didnt see a problem, so i bought a bunch of their assets and integrated them. A few weeks later the boss got in touch with me stating that they wanted me to buy a license for every user...

Kiyomondo20 karma

This looks amazing for d&d, I've added it to my steam wishlist already!

Do you have plans to add more landscapes and models down the line, or will it be released as-is?

ThrustVector914 karma

Hey you rock! I've already got a whole lot of new content ready for launch day such as plants, trees and background mountains, even some alien plants if you want to get off earth

jwnight559 karma

Wow, this looks amazing. Out of curiosity what formats will be supported? Also, will it be possible to add your own content?

ThrustVector97 karma

Thanks, adding your own content via .obj was in the last update

Cronyx8 karma

This looks amazing! Roleplayers (AD&D, Pathfinder, etc) are going to eat this up, man. Fuck this is great and it looks so easy. You've got nothing at all to be woried about :)

I'm supposed to ask a question, so says automoderator. Here's a placeholder boilerplate one just to fill the requirement. Do you like pineapple on pizza?

ThrustVector97 karma

I actually do (Don't shoot me lol)

i_nezzy_i8 karma

All I can say is that this is the second or third time I've seen your game mentioned, or you talking about it. I haven't been following it, and assuming that advertising an indie game is as hard as I'd imagine, you're doing great!

Plus that also means that your game was memorable enough that I distinctly remember seeing it before. You'll do great!

I can see this being useful for a lot of people. Judging from the other comments about tabletop players being interested, this would be really cool for an RPG game where an animated background appears while talking to an NPC etc.

For my question, what was the most technically challenging part while programming? Is there something that was hard for you to accomplish that you'd love people to appreciate extra?

ThrustVector910 karma

Hey thanks, i dont have a lot of money, so reddit it is...

Most challenging is definitely landscape sculpting, the maths behind vertex manipulations is hard and what i have in there is pretty crude and i would love to hire someone who knows what they are doing

ChaseTheTiger7 karma

This seems like a really useful tool for teaching environment design and maybe even just a composition tool for storyboarding and game development. What are your long term plans for this project?

Really looking forward to this :)

ThrustVector92 karma

Id like to put more work into terrain manipulation like you find in World Machine and Terragen, thats definatly an area lacking at the moment, only have so many hours a day for a single dev. Thanks for your kind words

jbrintnall7 karma

My autistic grandson is completely obsessed with the Great Barrier Reef. Can you create underwater landscapes?

ThrustVector92 karma

Not yet, but i have got it on my list. Currently it does have import, so technically you could import your own models from places like sketchfab

FNSlick7 karma

Can I invest?

ThrustVector910 karma

You probably want to see how it goes on steam first lol

It could fail hard, ive seen good games do that

curoamarsalus6 karma

What's the max size of a world?

I saw this a while back and was curious.

Also, once released, what are your plans for the future? A game? More tools? Custom engine? A studio?

ThrustVector98 karma

the built in landscapes have a limit of a hundred meters but you can paint objects at .1 scale, so 1km max. But i do have model import now, so you could bring in whatever size you want, and ive added a shadow distance and camera clip options to help with that.

Future i dont try to think too hard about, i have a feature request thread that i look into for inspiration. It has worked out well to add what users want.

MrSnoobs6 karma

You are a big deal in the DnD sub for making encounter environments. Have you changed a great deal to take that, what seems like, unexpected interest in to account in your program?

Very happy owner of your software from several months back 💓

ThrustVector93 karma

Aww thanks, and yeah it seems to have been welcomed for D&D, would love to add more features for you guys

Double-O-stoopid6 karma

This is awesome! It's like the Sims and the Unreal engine had a baby.

As someone whose only just found out about this, is this only for the sake of art or can you use this to build elements of your own game? Either way I want it.

ThrustVector94 karma

Its just a chill way to make some nice dioramas for now. I really hope there is a market for that

Demojen5 karma

What kind of compensation do you expect to receive from people who develop games using assets and tools in FlowScape?

ThrustVector97 karma

it currently only exports images and animations, so i dont really need compensation

larceniii5 karma

I create a new artwork everyday, I will buy your app and use it for my next artwork! Is it live on steam yet?

Edit: whoops just saw the August release date, guess Ill hold off till then!

ThrustVector95 karma

Steam on the 15th, or you can get it on itch now if you cant wait. Looking forward to what you make with it!

Thewayukian3 karma

Question: Can I use flowscape to make a virtual map for a webseries? As in, environments I'll add the characters in.

Excellent work regardless!

ThrustVector93 karma

Yes absolutely, no license requirements, use it for whatever you want


If i purchase through itch how will that work with the release on steam, will a key be sent by email to activate or will it remain a seperate client?

ThrustVector95 karma

Im still trying to suss this one out as steams TOS disallows me from giving keys that is selling cheaper somewhere else. Its not very consumer friendly...


Will the client be maintained separately to steam?

ThrustVector93 karma

both will be updated

lydocia3 karma

I will offer the virtual hug first!

I have this idea for a video game (and yeah, I know a lot of people do but this one, I for real want to play, it doesn't exist, so I want to make it) but have no idea where to start. How did you get started?

ThrustVector92 karma

<hugs> back

I started with Unity, coding was really hard, so i'm using uScript which is a visual scripting system where you connect up nodes. I'm a visual person and this has helped tons. good luck diving in!

Give_me_a_slap3 karma

Where do you begin when it comes to making your game? Im a Game dev student and if i was told that by the end of the academic year, i would need to have a basic game ready for beta/alpha testing (I really don't know the difference tbh), i would break into a cold sweat as soon as i finish with concept work.

ThrustVector93 karma

Start small, the amount of work involved is deceiving, you are better off making something small and finishing it than getting overwhelmed by a massive project. Take an existing game like pong or packman or breakout. then change it

Vextin3 karma

Hi, I like mapmaking on a massive scale (for, you guessed it, DND). Is there a theoretical limit in landscape size I'll bump into?

I've seen Flowscape around on /r/unity3d, this looks so cool, I'm very proud of you :)

ThrustVector92 karma

Thank you! with import the limit is gone. so you can bring in whatever size you want now

sp4c3monkey3 karma

Hey mate this looks amazing I was wondering is in Unreal or Unity based? and if so is there any chance it has an export function? I do a lot of previsualisation and this would help to knock out 10 examples before we make the real one properly

ThrustVector92 karma

Unity and no export yet

pvt_pyle933 karma

That looks awesome! Any idea how much it will cost? I don't have much but I'd love to support

ThrustVector911 karma

Its going to be $15 on steam, everyone says i should price higher, but ive always been quite broke, so im pricing it based on what i can afford lol

syrvyx3 karma

I really hope this makes you "un-broke".

I might try and snag a copy to help you out. I'm not certain if it's my type of software, but I really loved Bryce 3D back in the day, so I could really come to love it!!

ThrustVector92 karma

That interface to bryce was so nineties :) bubbles and everything lol

i really like the word un-broke

AslanSutu2 karma

Ohhh wow, just watched the YouTube video and it looks amazing.

From.what I've seen, I would recommend 2 things and two things.

1) I would try and find a way to make the export possible, that is if that's something you want to do. Being able to export would give people purpose to use it constantly for example on their own projects. From a business point of view, people need a purpose to use your program after fiddling around with for a week or two.

2) I would love to watch a video where you talk about the difficulties, what went into it, how you did it, interesting little details not many people would see/know. Not to mention, great marketing to make sure more people hear it.

As for my question, roughly how long did this take to create and where you alone? And also congrats man.

ThrustVector92 karma

I have to weigh up the cost benefit for export as that would take a long time to get right and im not convinced for this version that there is enough of a market.

I made a twitch stream, but im terrible at that, so if you feel like watching me ramble on for 3 hours, go right ahead lol

8 months so far and its just me with maybe a few dozen hours of outside help to fix the save settings... cause that was really hard

Pumas322 karma

Any advice for someone interested in this career? Or, how to start?

ThrustVector96 karma

I would highly recommend to just download Unity or Unreal and open up a few tutorials from youtube to see if its something you like, making a game can be quite challenging as there are a lot of things you need to do from coding to graphics to sound, but if it is something you are passionate about, you could definitely do it!

shawn_overlord2 karma

As someone who's currently on the "games track" for my computer science degree, since I really want to do games programming, what should I do after college? How would I get a job for my field? Got any tips?

ThrustVector97 karma

I know a few people in the industry that hire, and they dont care what degree you have but what you have made. So if you are into graphics, focus on making amazing assets. If you are a coder, code some clever things. dont try to do everything, focus on what you want to do. Good Luck!

stromm2 karma

Did the game Populous influence you in coming up with this application?

Looks really sweet too!

ThrustVector92 karma

Oh man i feel bad for Peter M, he started out sooo good... Black and white was brill

shmixel2 karma

What inspired you to create this gorgeous tool?

ThrustVector916 karma

I have been doing VFX for 20 years and as an artist i've always found the tools to be very complicated and technical, especially for landscape creation, so i started writing my own tools to place things. When i started to get into real time engines, i found the same problems existed there and transferred my tools over.

My kids absolutely loved playing with it and i found it hard to kick them off the computer, so i thought maybe there is something there.

dj103452 karma

Adding it to my wish list. Will not be able to use in my upcoming d&d game (not enough time) but the game after that is going to have stunning visuals with this creator.

Any plans to add tools to make caves and dungeon vistas?

ThrustVector99 karma

Awesome! I do have a dungeon tools in prototype stage If things go well, development will definitely continue

Goetre2 karma

Dude I've just looked at it on steam, read the concept and thought meh it's alright. Obv taken a lot of work and if hes done it solo that's amazing. Then I started scrolling through seeing more and more detail in each one, then I saw a friken spino and then a dragon.

I'm sold it's on my pre order. I do a lot of hobbiest writing and while I'm alright on PS I'm never happy with my covers, which leads me to my question.

Is there a feature so you can export higher quality images out of the program into a JPEG and such? Just something so I don't need to rely on print screen and lose some of that awesome detail.

ThrustVector93 karma

Hey thats awesome, there is a ton of stuff i havnt mentioned yet on steam cause writing isnt my strong point, so i need to revisit that.

You can save out 8k images btw. and panoramas. here is the spino imported from a free model on sketchfab

Goetre3 karma

Dude that is stunning. Literally the only thing you need to worry about is spreading the word. Once people see images and panorama like that; it's just going to sell itself,

May I also ask have you any plans for VRcomptability? I tell you I've been looking for something like this since I got my rift and nothing suits me. But building my own area then being able to chill out in there to some music. Again. Sold.

ThrustVector93 karma

I have it running in VR, but as you know you need to hit 90 fps. With the ability to put as much stuff in your scene as you want, frame rate will go south pretty quick.

Im looking into a smart LOD system that changes based on frame rate, but its still early days

moorsonthecoast2 karma

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

ThrustVector94 karma

Bacon Lettuce Tomato mmm

thumbprint_cookie2 karma

Have you thought about opening up a Patreon account so that your fans could continue to help support you on a monthly basis so you can keep doing this incredible work?

ThrustVector94 karma

maybe its just me, but patreon feels like pan handling :P

gladeshiron2 karma

I'm an aspiring game developer myself! What languages/platforms/tools did you use to engineer your game? I'm currently working with Unity and C# but I'm always interested to hear what others use!

ThrustVector95 karma

Unity, but im a poor coder, so ive used visual scripting for pretty much all of it. Specifically uScript

nanjingbooj2 karma

What was the thought process on launching on itch.io before steam (as early access)? Was it easier to build a community around itch without angry gamer mobs and downvotes (when in early stages)? Are you worried about your game being pirated since it was/is launched on itch, and not only steam? (Fellow new dev).

ThrustVector98 karma

Itch is really great for a pre launch, amazing community that understands early access. I mean ive had some monumental bugs yet am highly rated, i doubt that would have happened on steam.

I havnt seen a pirated copy yet, but if i do, ill consider that a sign of success i guess

try_harder_later4 karma

Do you intend to release a demo? That might very well reduce piracy

ThrustVector92 karma

I could and am considering it, but to be honest i am not adverse to piracy like some people are. I truly believe the people who pirate are people who wouldnt have bought your game, with a chance of them buying it because they like it

AlphaOhmega2 karma

Just started learning game development as a hobby. Was there any must knows or general tips you found helpful to figure out problems? Or any learning resources you recommend? I enjoy the learning part, we'll see how that translates to the production. Amazing job, and I wish you all the best *internet hug!

ThrustVector92 karma

I have like a dozen unfinished projects. They are unfinished because they all were "learning projects" i have to say i regret not putting the hours into these games and releasing. I think i have a fear of success or something :P

So my general tip is to finish what you start

Thanks for the hug <3

Ayhon2 karma

What got you to develop for linux?

ThrustVector92 karma

Lots of requests and a user base that is happy to tinker, which is important as Linux has a lot of...hmm.. weird bugs ha

Ayhon2 karma

Glad to know! I've been using Linux for the past year, and I've been enjoying every minute of it. Hope it isn't too much of a bother!

ThrustVector92 karma

Nah its ok, a lot of my users find the bugs and give me a detailed breakdown on how to fix it :)

BackgroundCow2 karma

I bought this on itch last time I saw it posted on reddit to support your development. Looks like it was a good investment.

Where do all the object models come from? Did you create them all yourself? Or are they licensed from others? If yes, will that be an obstacle for using the output from flowscape for our own games?

My main interest is to use the tool as an amateur game developer to do 2D backgrounds for visual novel type games, and maybe in the future, if there is 3D export, for 3D games. But, if so, it is important that the object models aren't "encumbered" under agreements that says I cannot do that. In fact, such limitations (or lack thereof) seems relevant for the steam info page. I know it is something I look very carefully at when buying other software.

In any case, best of luck with your steam release!

ThrustVector92 karma

A bit of both, i initially modeled everything, but couldn't keep up with user requests. If things go well, it wouldnt take much to remodel what was bought to make sure that there isnt a licensing issue.

Thanks for buying it at early access on itch, i wouldn't have gotten this far without users such as yourself!

livin4donuts1 karma

The landscape editing (meaning the actual ground portion) reminds me a lot of the map editor's functionality in Far Cry: Instincts. Did you draw any inspiration from that?

ThrustVector91 karma

I haven't touched a game editor since the original Unreal lol and that definately didnt have a landscape editor

felipegmch1 karma

How can I help you? Besides buying it ofc

Where the name ‘FlowScape’ came from ?

ThrustVector95 karma

Flow is an in game slider that determines how much pours out of the brush. Scape is from Landscape.

If you like the game, wishlist and buy it on launch day, from my understanding i need to hit a certain amount of sales in the first few hours for valves algorithm to place it on the front page. bit of a lottery really lol

IhasCandies1 karma

Gorgeous, relaxing game.. do you have any interest in incorporating some additional BG music? Ive been working on video game and cinematic music for a while now and would love to send a few songs your way.

ThrustVector95 karma

Hey thanks, ive used a bunch of free tracks with credit including Jeremy Soule who released his Skyrim music for free. But if your tracks are nice, for sure! i would love to hear them.

codechemist1 karma

Really excited for the steam launch. Will the steam version support the Mac? Thanks!

ThrustVector97 karma

Me too sometimes lol

Yes, but not on launch day, likely a few days later. I just want to keep support manageable as i tend to have a lot of mac users with very under powered Macbooks trying to recreate the battle of middle earth :P

PooperOfMoons1 karma

Any thoughts on adding VR?

ThrustVector94 karma

I have it running in VR, it needs some serious optimization so i can hit 90 fps though, since users can put in however much they like into a scene

thecravenskaven1 karma

Have you ever played a game of dnd?

ThrustVector96 karma

A long time ago at school with pen and grid paper. I do want to play again though with the stories and enthusiasm i see from D&D players :)

Just need to find some time

Orfeous1 karma

Hi! This is awesome. I love writing stories, and a tool like this will do wonders with visualizing the worlds I'm creating.

What's the range of options when it comes to landscapes? Does your tool only do natural landscapes, or is there (or will there be) support for stuff like buildings and cities?

And congratulations! Can't wait to check it out firsthand.

ThrustVector92 karma

I have a lot of buildings in there already but with import you can add your own. It would be a super quick tool for making images for stories

beansahol1 karma

Looks impressive, nice work.

Hope it does well on steam.

Do you have any education in coding / games design, or are you self-taught?

ThrustVector91 karma

Self taught, i also dont really code in a traditional sense as i use Visual scripting to build it.

Pukalo_Reincarnate1 karma

What is your favourite Toy Story movie?

ThrustVector91 karma

First one of course!

MacaroniSaviour1 karma

Will your game use the Steam Workshop when it releases on steam to allow users to put their own assets into their dioramas?

ThrustVector92 karma

I keep hearing about workshop, but i haven't looked into how difficult it is yet. but i can see the advantage of being able to share models and scenes

AtheW1 karma

Hey I've been looking for something like this as a way to create backgrounds for architectural renders - a lot easier to render a building and then photoshop it into a landscape rather than purchasing something like lumion. I was wondering if you have support for importing topological data from say Google Earth, like the way SketchUp handles it? Was also wondering if we could import 3d models from Rhino or SketchUp? Thanks and looks great!

ThrustVector92 karma

You can import models into it now, so if you can prepare your data and save it as .obj before hand it will bring it in. Even million of polygons

Bird_m4n1 karma

Wow super impressed, totally going to make Bob Ross inspired landscapes. This also seems like the ultimate tool for creating Rust maps/islands. In the future, if you could import the end product into unity, would you work with facepunch studios?

ThrustVector92 karma

to have naked dudes running around my pretty landscapes?? lol no

holandesvoador1 karma

Can I make short stories/videos using the program?

ThrustVector92 karma

Yes of course, just use any capture app to record

spez-_1 karma

i will buy it :))

Also as a question, how is the process of putting a game on steam?

ThrustVector93 karma


Yeah its harder than i thought, command line interfaces to upload stuff, then they didnt believe me that the images i created were from the app, then i uploaded a trailer that had the 'buy it on itch' at the end lol. took like 3 weeks and 6 reviews

Fishezzz-1 karma

Why did you choose Steam over Epic? ... is that even a question? Ofcourse Steam is the best choice.

Good job for publishing on Steam and not on epic

ThrustVector92 karma

I just got an email from Tim!