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A good mental technique is to replace “nervous” with “excited” when you’re actually shitting bricks. It helps calm you down.

I’m not a gamer or computer savvy (all I know is I hear people complain about Steam on here a lot, which I don’t even know what it is — maybe a game store?) Anyhow, this app looks so cool!

When people build their own landscapes, can they use them to make their own games? Or is this the super-fancy MS paint to just dick around with?

Virtual hug! Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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I read the as “quite” rich... but quiet and rich is even better.

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Love how you describe it! I feel much the same with horses working a herd.

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what's the best kind of alcohol to get blackout drunk and make bad decisions?

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First rule of entrepreneurship = fail fast.

If it were to “fail”, just think of it as an iteration of the next great thing you’ll do, and first jump into entrepreneurship!

But enjoy the excitement for now!