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Have you ever had a client / patient whose kink just made you go "oh god no"? If so what was it

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Dude that is stunning. Literally the only thing you need to worry about is spreading the word. Once people see images and panorama like that; it's just going to sell itself,

May I also ask have you any plans for VRcomptability? I tell you I've been looking for something like this since I got my rift and nothing suits me. But building my own area then being able to chill out in there to some music. Again. Sold.

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Slightly diverging from your bio - What story has put you in the most dangerous situation?

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Dude I've just looked at it on steam, read the concept and thought meh it's alright. Obv taken a lot of work and if hes done it solo that's amazing. Then I started scrolling through seeing more and more detail in each one, then I saw a friken spino and then a dragon.

I'm sold it's on my pre order. I do a lot of hobbiest writing and while I'm alright on PS I'm never happy with my covers, which leads me to my question.

Is there a feature so you can export higher quality images out of the program into a JPEG and such? Just something so I don't need to rely on print screen and lose some of that awesome detail.

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How did you tolerate it?

When I was much younger I visited Manchester near (few miles ish) some factories to visit family. I was there for a week and felt continuously ill with each breath making it feel worse.