I’m an author, special operations and Combat Control veteran, and adrenaline enthusiast who holds the Guinness World Record for most BASE jumps in 24 hours. Because of my connections I had access to all classified documents and footage pertaining to John's actions. You can watch it here. He and I were Combat Controllers, the deadliest individuals to ever walk a battlefield. Ask me anything about Combat Control, John, his mission, his story in ALONE AT DAWN, my career or BASE jumping.

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Vaynar600 karma

  1. How realistic was the Black Hawk Down movie compared to your experiences on the ground in Mogadishu?
  2. You called yourself "the deadliest individuals to ever walk a battlefield". What is your opinion of other elite special force units like Mossad, Russian Spetznaz or British SBS/SAS?
  3. Do you feel the United States was justified in sending military troops into a foreign country to execute a foreign citizen? Do special forces operators ever consider the moral implications of the orders they are given?
  4. How do you train physically in an average week while being on active duty as special forces?

danschilling625728 karma

  1. Was about 60% accurate to the events but still very realistic graphically.
  2. 2. I have a high opinion of most SOF forces but am most familiar with Aussie SAS for foreign troops. ALmost everyone builds on teh same foundations of training so many are similar.
  3. is a tricky question and not a black and white issue. WWII is an example of what you're talking about as much as events in recent history. As a soldier or airman it's something we live with no matter what country you come from. Regardless, all vterans from every nation are forced to live with the challenges of battle scars.
  4. almost every day is physical training and it varies widely between running/swimming, focused sessions and tactical training.

Chtorrr476 karma

What would you most like to tell us that no one ever asks about?

danschilling625739 karma

Thanks for teh great question! My life centers around story telling, much different than my military career as you might imagine. Because of that I live in my head a great deal and am learning to see the world through a new lens, stories. Everywhere I look is a story. The woman behind the coffee counter. The couple hiking up my mountain. YOu can see stories there even if you don't know them or the details. I enjoy that very much.

PaperBagWeedMan228 karma

How did you come to acquire a mountain good sir?

danschilling625347 karma

By being fortunate enought to enjoy standing on its slopes and feeling we were part of the same experience I'd have to say

danschilling62582 karma

Though it deleted so I quickly rewrote that one!

danschilling62581 karma

Thanks fro the great question! My life is very different now from my previous career as yo umight imagine. I think about stories everyday and writing is my life. Everywhere I look I see a story. The woman behind teh coffee counter. The couple hiking up my mountain. Each one is a story and I can see it even when I don't know the details about their lives, I can pick up on things. It's a great way of seeing the world through a new lens.

feggen379 karma

Do you think those that left John behind had any idea that he was still alive? Do you suspect they may be lying about this? What happened in that incident to the 'never leave anyone behind' ethos?

danschilling625654 karma

THey left him and it happened. No nice way to say it. Some folks denied it for a long time. They're wrong or lying. No nice way to say that either. I chose to not focus on people I don't respect in my book because that's not what the book is about. It's about John and CCT

PartialChub227 karma

Do you believe Slabinski is to largely to blame for leaving Chapman/ generally responsible for the decisions that resulted in that massive fuck up? Even if not, do you believe he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor as well?

danschilling625733 karma

It was 100% his responsiblity to account for his men. So yes, he's responsible. THe other guys didn't know John was left behind till Slab told them before they made their final retreat. I do not think he should have received the Medal. But it wasn't his choice. He certainly didn't ask for it. But it shouldn't be awarded if one of your men was left behind alive. Nothing about that situation was good and the responsibility for what happened after and the politics belongs to a few people without integrity I won't name beyond what I put in the book.

THose were tough questions but that's my position

bonafidehooligan274 karma

As it’s been well documented of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD (sometimes fatally), do you know if any serving members of Operation Gothic Serpent who came back after the operation experiencing PTSD? In you opinion what could the VA do to better help individuals suffering from PTSD?

danschilling625561 karma

I have PTSD, but my wife and hobbies help. I also think the VA, while over medicating like most doctors, does the best they can. THere are wonderful and dedicated people working in the VA and my experiences have been positive

Thanks for asking that!

danschilling625238 karma

Thank you everyone for your thought provoking, insightful and even difficult questions. I enjoyed this and appreciate your interest in me, John Chapman and Combat Control. Three hours is all I have and need to dash off to another event and then a book signing. Best wishes and luck to you all!

Cheers, Dan

GoFlight1199 karma

A good friend of mine became a Combat Controller within the last couple years. Any advice for how a civilian friend can do his best to stay in touch?

danschilling625297 karma

Depends on your buddy. It's a crazy schedule and he's occupied and focused. I'd say hit him with reminders that you're still his buddy.

thecashblaster179 karma

How do you rate the actions of the SEALs who Chapman went in with?

danschilling625221 karma

That's best answered in the book because it's a very long and complex question.

supersadfaceman142 karma

USMC Infantry Vet here. How are you able to watch stuff like that (especially in theaters) and not ball your eyes out? I can't make it through war movies and stuff without acting a mess now...

danschilling625181 karma

I'm very emotional about military movies and books and don't watch them with rare exceptions. I'mso humbled by the many vets I know who've done so much more than I and or have suffered more with loss or damage.

I didn't enjoy writing this book at all, especially doing th eresaerch and reading so many other books about the war and Anaconda. I won't be writing more books like this I don't think. But glad I did it. THanks for your service as well.

Wh0rse123 karma

What's your diet on a average day ?

danschilling625301 karma

I'm actually vegetarian while I'm on book tour along with no alcohol because I"m exclusively focused on reaching people with my message about the AF and CCT. But some days I don't eat much and informally sort of fast here and there. I'm a yugurt trail mix salad and hummus guy. Different than I used to be

dobak94108 karma

Did you ever read Mark Bowden's book? Or were you ever contacted for information about Mogadishu by Bowden? If you have read it, what's your opinion on it? Did it capture anything particularly well, or not well?

danschilling625175 karma

I helped mark and did a lot of work on one chapter, 7 if I recall. It's a seminal work and he became the authority on that mission in many ways. Something I hope to have emluated with my book

Speedymon12105 karma

Any hobbies besides writing and exercising?

danschilling625186 karma

I love to read, boring as that sounds, because I love stories and story telling. I love to speed fly but only get to about once a week because of my commitments and winds are huge factor and have to cooperate with you in the mountains. I only BASE jump occasionally anymore. But I ski almost daily in the winter, either inbounds or back country. The best is combining skis with my speed wing and flying over snow. SImply inspiring!

DeathTrap-Legatron47 karma

What genres do you like to read?

danschilling625106 karma

I like a broad array of fiction. Particularly Ken Follett, Vonnegut, and Nick Hornby

texasusa43 karma

Did you read Follett " Pillars of the Earth " ? It is a trilogy.

danschilling62563 karma

I'm waiting to read Column of FIre because I"m savvoring it

sircaseyjames25 karma

You familiar with Shane McConkey? Have fun but stay safe out there!

danschilling62540 karma

I knew SHane and BASE jumped with him some. A great pioneer, husband and dad!

Speedymon1219 karma

Damn, you used to base jump and still go to speed flying?

Even when not in the line of duty, you are still risking your life.

danschilling62539 karma

I prefer centering my mind...

It's my way of staying calm

FurryFeets99 karma

I'm not familiar with the term "Combat Controller" - how is that different from the average soldier? Thanks.

danschilling625116 karma

THAT'S A VERY LONG QUESTION! Best covered in my book but briefly it's their ability to think and deliver combat power in four dimensions. Up down, left right, near far and timing. We take it very seriously.

Cuda1438 karma

Sort of like a on-the-ground real time strategist with authority?

Crule12364 karma

I think so - I get the impression it means they call all the shots on the field to do with air support, bombings, etc.

danschilling62553 karma


ocean_spray78 karma

Think air traffic controller first. Except he's on the ground controlling traffic for his special forces team.

danschilling62564 karma

That's a good approximation yes

oddular96 karma

When is your appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience?

danschilling625158 karma

Man, I don't know but I'd love to get on there. He covers heaps of cool topics. Let him know I'm interested!

Flatermaus88 karma

What does a regular week of exersize look like for you?

danschilling625153 karma

It's a little crazy because my schedule varies with writing but I try and summit one of several 11k peaks around where I live either by trail or climbing several days a week. I also do a lot of calisthenics because I've always done that in the military and it's good for core health.

Flatermaus45 karma

Thank you so much for taking the time, and for your service of course. If you happen to read this I really have a second question but I don’t want to impede the process,

What is your opinion on lowering CCT training standards for less wash out?

danschilling62597 karma

It's absolutely inviolate. Because of the disproportionate responsiblity they shoulder the standards cannot drop. Something we guard against in almost absolute terms while still trying to bring in as many men, or now women, to do this unique job. Thanks!

TheKentuckyRifleman87 karma

As a former Ranger myself, my question is how does it feel to be one of the baddest motherfuckers on planet earth? Cause you Combat Controllers are a different breed of warrior

danschilling625104 karma

Rangers have such a great yet tough job. With average age 19 it's a huge responsibility to apply that kind of drive and firepower and your community does an exceptional job at acheiving it.

Thanks for the compliment though. CCT are a thinking man's warrior and it's tough because if you *uck things up, you're the only guy responsible for everyone's death. Cheers kentucky rifleman!

HeavyweightFat76 karma

Do you think Malaysian army was not really recognized for their contribution in black hawk down operation?

danschilling625130 karma

Yes. They really stepped up and saved us. The Paki's provided tanks as well, but they drove off and left us when teh dawn came. Still, they too came to our aid.

LFCMick61 karma

Hi Dan!

From what I’ve seen and read surrounding the Mogadishu missions, most Gothic Serpent Veterans say that Clinton was wrong to pull the US out of Somalia so quickly, do you agree with that??

Did you get to know John Chapman well when you were writing your book??

What surprised you most about him and his actions??

Thanks so much for doing the AMA!

danschilling625114 karma

I agree with your fist question. A terrible decision.

I only met CHapman once or twice briefly

His absolute courage to do what had to be done when he was dying and so close to death adn damaged beyond belief. I still can't wrap my head around it, even as a combat veteran

Hallow33n42052 karma

My dad wants to know your favorite ice cream?

danschilling62589 karma

Baskin Robbins chocalate mint. Or vanilla believe it or not

cannonk41449 karma

What was your job in the Black Hawk Down incident and what was that like ?
p.s. thanks for the John Chapman breakdown that was an incredible video showing his bravery

danschilling62553 karma

Thank you. In BHD I was a CCT. There were 4 of us out there during the big mission and a couple more came with the reliefe effort. Most folks don't know that, one of the reasons I wrote the book

cannonk41423 karma

Thank you for your response, I figured my question was probably in your book that i should read.

As a CCT in BHD were in in a helicopter, in the field, or at base helping communicating the mission ? sorry if its too detailed of an answer, ill just check out your book

danschilling62544 karma

ON the ground in the middle of the fight.

Phillamb16849 karma

Do you think TACP school is doable for an older guy? Late 30s specifically. I was 11B so I know how to ruck and whatnot already. Knees are ok.

danschilling62599 karma

I think 30 is about the cuoff honestly. As a commander I only rarely sent guys into the pipe after 30. That said, as 11b you know what's required and it's how I started. If your knees are good, go for it. Always follow your passion if that's where it's taking you

TheDitkaDog47 karma

What does your morning routine look like?

danschilling625122 karma

I start often around 3AM with writing because I don't sleep well. Usually crash out around 7 for an hour or two and then go back to writing. Unless the wind conditions on teh mountains are good, then I go speed flying and hiking and come back to teh computer. If it's winter I try and ski every day.

pukingbuzzard46 karma

When I stub my toe in the middle of the night when having to take a piss I always think "What would if I was CCT, cry like a little bitch?" and then I suck it up and go on with my mission, does that mean I'm ready?

danschilling62557 karma

It's an indicator. But, and I mean this seriously, breaking a toe is damn painful. You just have to wnat it more than anything

FluffigerSteff45 karma

What was/is your favorite MRE?

danschilling62598 karma

it's actually the crackers and cheese with tabasco

hutch0144 karma

Did you ever become jaded with poor military leadership in your career?

danschilling625116 karma

Yes. That's because the military is made up of 100% humans. ANd shitty humans can be found everywhere. The trick is to circumvent them and the also align with those you respect and and admire. That was my approach anyway.

Tinia_and_Nethuns35 karma

Do you feel that the problems that arose during/from the Battle of Mogadishu lead to a hesitancy by the US to become involved in the Rwandan Genocide, or other African conflicts?

danschilling62548 karma

Absolutely. For better or worse.

danschilling62535 karma

Don't know but I'll check it out after AMA

SDWolfie29 karma

I just finished your book on audible. It was fantastic. I would love to hear more combat controller stories. Do you have plans for any more books?

danschilling62567 karma

This book took a lot out of me and I don't plan to write more mil nonfiction

mikeydel30728 karma

Were you close with any of the guys who got killed in Mogadishu? I’d also love to hear your perspective of Shugart and Gordon.

danschilling62573 karma

As members of Delta, and especially Delta snipers, they were two of the best anywhere in the world. But their refusal to take no for and answer when they were denied permission to go in after Durrant's crew and watching the shit below them, knowing they were likely to get killed inspires me still. I think John Chapman's heroism and Randy and Gary's is very similar. Sadly, with similar outcomes. This is why all three so richly deserve their Medals of Honor.

Carsiden26 karma

Hi Dan. In June I met a really awesome SpecOps (retired) "Black Hawk Down" veteran in Big Sky, Montana. At the top of the ski lift. Kind of looked like you. Was it you?

/Carl from Sweden

danschilling62536 karma

Nope, sorry. I ski Alta and Snowbird almost exclusively

2MuchSend24 karma

Thoughts on the changes being made at AFSOC? SOWT being absorbed by SR, new training pipeline for PJ and CCT?

danschilling62531 karma

Love this Q. THey need to blend. My book is about CCT but TACP and CCT are closely related. It' sa matter of degree and training. IN the future it's going to be different and a great thing for the AF

Skiie24 karma

What are your thoughts on Today's military?

Thoughts on our youth joining todays military?

If you could change anything about the military for the better what would it be?

danschilling625119 karma

Todays military is much the same for entering as it has always been. It affords many opportunities and challenages and also a lot of highs and lows. In the US it provides money for education, something I greatly came to value. Some people look down on military service but I think they're either elitist or uninformed.

I wish the military had more opportunity to interact with foreign nations outside conflict.

2ndRoad80523 karma

It’s unreal to see his acts on film. How accurate do you feel your story is to actual events? Do you doubt any details shared by survivors?

danschilling62534 karma

100% accurate. IT's why I spent two years in research and interviews.

christek8823 karma

Can you describe the most physical discomfort you had to endure for a mission and how long it lasted?

How frequently did your ops require this kind of lying in wait versus fast roping in and advancing quickly?

danschilling62550 karma

Sitting in a SEAL SAC in the middle of the ocean waiting for a target for 7 hours. It's the epitome of misery and no one does it well, even the guys who drive those damn things don't enjoy it and they're bad ass Navy guys themselves

ValhallAwaits_21 karma

What are your thoughts on how the current president and what has been done during his administration? Is there anything in particular that you believe to have been very good or bad for the country/world?

danschilling625138 karma

Even when I was in the mil I was focused on foreign policy. Presidents come and go. I think most important in this point in history is to maintain alliances and that's a struggle with this administration.

tyleryou1819 karma

Have you met Ewan McGregor who Stared in the film Black Hawk Down?

danschilling62538 karma

I have not. My consulting was only in the states because I had other obligations. I'm a producer on the movie from this book though!

vetelmo12 karma

You just answered my only question. I've seen the video with explanation of his last mission and after watching it, I hoped it would become a movie. I just hope it's accurate and I don't end up yelling about little inconsistencies with the military like I always do.

danschilling62519 karma

You might, but it's still going to be a good movie. At least I'll do all I can to make it so

Ddosvulcan17 karma

In your research and experience, what would you say is the primary driving factor in these types of heroic actions by an individual, especially in those who have earned a Medal of Honor? It was amazing to me how from the beginning John seemed like he was willing to do whatever he needed to accomplish the mission and protect others. The courage, tenacity and perseverance of the human spirit is awe inspiring in people like this, just curious what you would say is the main determining factor.

danschilling62525 karma

The necessity that they must be done and you,as the individual in the situation, are the only person who can do it when it MUST be done. I"ve experienced that, but certainly not to John's degree. His actions stagger me to this day and I've spent three years with this material

Pope_Industries16 karma

Was Steele as crazy back then as he was when he was the commander for 187 inf? Cause when he was in charge of 187 he was batshit crazy. Also why did they make that actor who is little af play him. Col steele bitched about that shit anytime that movie was brought up. Oh and the pilot who was captured and lived is in my wife's family. I remember when she told me that i was like wtffffff

danschilling62522 karma

I can't really speak for what Steele did later. He did not get along well with Delta, us or the other Ranger officers in my opinion.

Krackstirnt16 karma

Has your niece, Lisa, always been a spitfire? She's a good buddy of mine, I just had to throw this question in here!

danschilling62522 karma

Yes, and she's a kick ass runner. To keep her in check I make her run at my altitude. You can tell her that.

Aranha-UK15 karma

Do you think the meddling of western powers is responsible for the issues in the middle east and northern Africa?

danschilling62516 karma

This started right after WWII and has only gotten more difficult. But I'm not the person to answer that question well.

PlatypuSofDooM4213 karma

Are you a cat or dog person ?

Do you have a favorite story of coming home to your family friend?

On a less related note I've only watched BHD twice only one of which after I was in the army when my now current girlfriend had genuine questions about the military.

danschilling62519 karma


Every time I see my wife after a trip, it's the best. My parents after BHD were very important to me in a new way.

bburk53513 karma

I’m in AFROTC right now and having a hard time deciding between STO and Pilot. I know they are in the process of combining career fields of STO and CRO into SWO (Special Warfare Officer) right now and was wondering if you have any insight into that new career field. I absolutely love the mission of STO but having doubts of being able to do a whole 20 year career in this afsc and being desked after 6-8 years (which I wouldn’t want). Whereas pilot I could fly for most to not all of my career and then have an easy switch to commercial if need be. I guess what I’m asking is what are your thoughts on this and what would you have done if you went the officer route instead of enlisted?

danschilling62522 karma

I was a STO in addition to CCT. YOu have to go with what you believe you want most, becase you really really have to want it. Only you can know.

DOn't worry about the 20 year thing. I got out at one point and also joined teh Army and AF, Twice each. I followed my passion and it worked. Hope it works for you! Good luck!

Man_acquiesced12 karma

First, thank you for your contributions to our country and to Bowden's book. I read BHD as a young Airman in Germany, and it's still my top 5 all time favorite books.

Question: Did you ever have to endure 'Combat Proud' or the Doc Fogelsong era in USAFE?

danschilling62513 karma

I don't know what those are, sorry. Thanks for the compliments though. Even though I don't see myself that way. CHeers!

hawxxy9 karma

I watched the Video of the events surrounding the actions of John Chapman that awarded him the medal of honor.
I did not understand the purpose of the helicopter that was shot down at the end. Were they there to retrieve their fallen comrades?

danschilling62526 karma

See question above. They had to go back and rescue the SEALs because they asked for help. It's what happens in war.

NecraRequiem798 karma

Are there any recommendations, given the chance, that you would like to implement in order to give servicemen a smoother route into integrating back into civilian society ?

danschilling62512 karma

That's tough because it's not the mlitary's focus. I do think there are great organizations that help, beginning with VFW and claims.

duck_tales7 karma

i remember when you retired. thoughts on extortion 17?

danschilling62511 karma

The circumstances of war. Such a tragedy. But remember, the enemy gets a vote and is trying to kill you. Just as you are him. We underestimate that sometimes. I lost three comrades on there as I'm sure you're aware. But the loss of so many great SEALs and the aircrew was also huge. I hope they all rest in peace.

Adult-male7 karma

Where/when do AFSOC guys do their ground combat training? Would an organic CCT team be comfortable clearing and seizing a defended building?

danschilling62510 karma

Train everywhere. And yes, to your second question.

user0729787 karma

Dan, First off Thank you for your time and service.

My question is going to go more towards gear. What do you currently EDC?

Having quite a few friends that have served it seems that everyone has a certain bit of kit that they don't leave home without. I personally carry a SOG multi-tool, and a rosary.

Second statement. I cried the first time I saw Blackhawk down.

danschilling62512 karma

I carry a tactical pen from Benchmade if that's your question.

Oddly, I wasnn't as effected by BHD the movie when I saw it. They were actors, not my buddies. I watched it once more a few years ago and found I had a not good reaction. Only two times I watched. Won't be doing that again.

battlecat20146 karma

How often do you talk with those that were a part of Task Force Ranger?

danschilling62523 karma

Some regularly, others never. Tim Wilkinson and I are dear friends. There are Rangers I really dig still like Mike Kurth and John Belman, and others. And of course some of my greatest heroes are Delta guys that are no longer with us and so I'm sorry I can't talk with them.

GiganticTuba6 karma

Would you consider going on Jocko podcast? Jocko is a former SEAL who does tons of military books/interviews/leadership advice on his podcast. Sounds like you’d a great person to go on it.

danschilling62511 karma

I would. He's got a great perspective on taking ownership of oneself. But I don't know him.

IrishEv6 karma

What made you start writing? Were you always interested in it or did you just kind of fall into it since you have a bunch of crazy stories?

danschilling62513 karma

I wrote an article for a magazine after BHD. THen I knew it's what I wanted to do with my next career after leaving the military. I do have some crazy stories and that helps.

kitikitish6 karma

Care to share your favorite recipe?

danschilling62521 karma

homemade pinto bean enchiladas from my wife

Cuda145 karma

I'm very much enjoying reading through theses and am planning on watching the footage you linked.

Dan, do you have any advice for someone who has a hard time with initiative? Is there something you say or do to yourself when you're feeling unmotivated?

danschilling62515 karma

I think, what would someone I greatly admire do? I do this with writing, which is very hard for me. Then I just sit and pick up my pen. In your case, it's take that one step. Good luck!

Duncan-M5 karma

Did you really only carry two mags of tracers when you were in Mog?

danschilling62516 karma

Three total, sadly. We carry so much more weight and when things go to shit are so busy on the radio that I never imagined I'be be taking ammo off dead or wounded guys. I learned a lot and made mistakes in combat.

Maybe some guys do it perfectly. I'm just not one of them. The 100% tracer thing was so little birds could distinguish my target marking

loveisascam3 karma

why do you say teh and liek instead of the and like?

danschilling62554 karma

Because I'm typing as fast as I can...

MediocreFisherman3 karma

Given that you said that you think that the Black Hawk Down movie was about 60% accurate, are there any war movies which based on your experience or discussions with other veterans are more accurate?

Eg, when I was in college, my roommate (who was in his late 30s and was returning to school on the GI bill) had been in one of the helicopters that picked up Scott O'Grady, which is the incident "Behind Enemy Lines" is very loosely based on. My roommate told me he'd seen the movie and at least the ending when they picked him up was absolutely ridiculous. He said they landed, the guy walked out of the woods kind of confused looking, got on the helicopter and they took off. No shooting, no real danger, nothing like that.

I also had another friend who had been in the Serbian military at the time. We weren't as close, but my understanding had been that he had moved to the US after an incident where his commanding officer ordered him to shell a building, he did as ordered, then later it was found there were civilians there. The commander threw him under the bus, and at the last minute he was allowed to testify about what happened, and the US allowed him to move here to escape persecution. Not 100% sure how much I believed everything he told me, but he did say he was listening on the radio during the whole thing and nothing in the movie lined up at all with what he remembered.


danschilling6254 karma

Can't give you a comprehensive anser in detail. But I think you're asking why they make movies not reallistic sometimes. These are dramatizations and designed to elicit an emotional response or deliver a distilled essence of something. BHD was the same. It's the movie business.

somms9993 karma

Are you related to Curt Schilling?

danschilling6256 karma

If you add 50 pounds to me we could be brothers. But I don't know him except to believe we must somehow be related.

throwingitout2day2 karma

What would you like to tell your instructors/COs/leadership about how they influenced you, either positively or negatively?

Is there anything you would change about your training or the training process?

danschilling6255 karma

Great question. Mike Lampe, Wayne Norrad, some great guys at Delta Force like Ironhead. Thanks for being leaders when I was young, and not smart or mature, and showing the way.

My training was hard but I loved it. Not all the instructors were great back then, but much improved now!

QcXFrog2 karma

What do you think about open border ideas from today politicians? Claiming that there is no need for border, etc. You have been to some of the worst places and I would like to have your take on it and if you think it's feasible.

danschilling62522 karma

I don't respect most politicians. To quote Twain "Suppose I were an idiot. And suppose I were in congress. But I repeat myself."

I think America is a nation of immigrants and it's one of our great attributes (see stature of liberty) and that we must remain open to people who wnat to come here and deserve to be here. The details behind that are hard, but I love immigration stories. I think it's great that folks from Somalia have had the opportunity to come here or other countries to escape a terrible condition.

StumpNuts2 karma

I'm an infantry veteran so as you know our skills don't really translate to the civilian world. After being out a few years I seem to see a lot of the guys I served with getting out and moving straight into good paying careers without college that isn't just contacting. What could I be missing that others aren't?

I know this is a wide open question that probably doesn't have an answer but I feel like I'm not pimping my service properly or something.

danschilling6256 karma

YOu should absolutely pimp your service. YOu know how to do things even when you don't want to or are tired. I am so proud to have started my career as 11b. Team work and dedication are respected by everyone who runs a business so don't be afraid to state that clearly: You have it in spades.

hutnykmc2 karma

How do you put your pants on everyday? Getting those bowling balls in there comfortably must be a fucking chore.

danschilling6251 karma

Hardly. But thanks

ghostofdevinbrown2 karma

We find WMDs in Iraq yet?

danschilling6252 karma

Ha! I'm sure top people are looking for them right now. Ask Colin Powell...

uV_Kilo112 karma

Were they really that bad of shots in Mogadishu during BHD? Side note; loved the movie as a kid so I've been using Kilo11 as a callsign for as long as I can remember.

danschilling62529 karma

Everyone is a bad shot in extreme combat. It's a very difficult thing to do, even for the best

jline1232 karma

What exactly is the duty/objective for a Combat Controller?

danschilling6254 karma

See above!

TheSteamyPickle2 karma

Thank you for your service. From your time during active duty what lessons have you learned that you think could help regular civilians? This could be anything from small day to day practices, different perceptions or habits.

danschilling6253 karma

To be kind and remember that even your enemy has a perspective. This applies to everything in life. See next question

Combatmedic2-472 karma

  1. Any advice for a younger soldier looking go SF?
  2. Who many operations did you partake in like Panama, Grenada?
  3. Do you keep in contact with Matt eversman or mike kurth or John Belman or any other operators who were with you?
  4. What did you think about the movie.

danschilling62511 karma

  1. Train harder than everyone you know and you will make it.
  2. That's a broad question but only a few like that.
  3. I love all those guys! ON occasion we cross paths. Such great humans and still contributing. Kurth posts some really interesting things he does.
  4. BHD was 60% accurate, but it doesn't paint us as bad guys or mentally simple or damaged, for which I am grateful

GeeZeR_FroG2 karma

Hi Dan. I will ask you what I ask every AMA. What is your favorite flavor of milk shake?

danschilling6259 karma

A very well prepared chocolate. NOt crappy fast food style

GoneInSixtyFrames1 karma

Have you ever felt being addicted to adrenaline is a problem? Has it ever became an issue in your career or with friends and family?

danschilling6252 karma

That's a great question. There is a lot of addictive aspect of adrenaline fueled activities. I've known so many BASE jumpers who've died, including my good friend Jimmy Freeman who taught me. You make your family face these things too. It can be selfish that way. But I'm mellow now days and don't do certain types of BASE jumps any longer. I love my wife too much and our time together. Plus, I really dig writing

kidajske1 karma

Any news about the movie version? Read that it's in development.

danschilling6252 karma

Screen play is done and brilliant thanks to Michael Gunn. It's out for castign is all I can say right now and I think it will be a great story. A love story

VelvetFedoraSniffer1 karma

Most fun part of special forces training?

danschilling6256 karma

Without a doubt learning to HALO and then doing it at night into the ocean. But really, blowing shit up, scuba diving, maountaineering, riding motorcycles on NVGs. It's all fun and challenging.

torchictoucher1 karma

How many confirmed kills?

danschilling6252 karma

I don't know and don't care. A good answer is too many...

But that could be just one and it would still be true.

I don't know how many people I saved either, but wish I did.

prisonMike_wants_out1 karma

Couple of questions...

  1. How many skydives did you do before starting BASE jumping and speedflying?

  2. How many skydives are you at now and how many cutaways? Any crazy stories that go with the cutaways?

  3. Any advice you have for people who want to start BASE jumping and speedflying?

danschilling6252 karma

  1. more than 1000
  2. I stopped counting more than a decade ago when I have maybe 2600 jumps
  3. BASE and speed flying are very different. Get pro instruction in Twin Falls from SEAN CHuma or Miles Daisher or any of the other folks running courses for BASE. Start with paragliding instruction for speed flight.

I was mostly self taught in both, something I don't recommend. But back then there were no courses.

Good luck!

landops1 karma

What’s your favorite (if any) film that covers military engagement?

danschilling6252 karma

Apocalypse Now Redux. It's a brilliant film (this version) and operatic. It also capture the craziness of war. And Lawrence Fishburne plays Mister Clean. He's brilliant and cool human. Such an amazing film for 1979.

ChuckFinley-is-4evr1 karma

After seeing the video of this combat action and the pertaining intel, do you think there could have been any other outcome where MSG Chapman might have survived, perhaps with additional air support? I know he was severely wounded and he was pinned down but he survived a very long time during this mission and it seemed like he heroically told the other soldiers with him that he'd sacrifice himself for them to be able to escape.

I am a little fuzzy on exact details, as I've only seen the video once, so I apologize if I'm not correct in any facts above, but I am definitely interested in checking out the book. I definitely enjoy audiobooks, is it available in that medium?

danschilling6252 karma

Too long a queston for me to answer well, sorry. He could have chosen to stay in bunker one and might have survived, though unlikely. Once he was left behind I don't think it was going to work out for him. THat's a hard thing to say. Book will help you

Redwood6711 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

danschilling6255 karma

former. Easier to target

neovalentine0 karma

You mention a lot of physical training, do you still keep up with firearms training as well? Which is your favorite to use?

danschilling6251 karma

I don't shoot much anymore. I'm a huge 1911 frame fan though and that's what we keep at home.

ImGonnaNeedTreeFiddy-1 karma

Have you ever had to kill an enemy in hand to hand combat? If so what's the story and how did it feel afterwards?

danschilling62523 karma

I have not. ANd I'm glad I didn't. Combat is not a great experience for anyone. Liek most hard things, all combat stays with you for life.

HahaTwinTowers69-2 karma

Why do Somalians all look so similar and what are the people like there?

danschilling6251 karma

I think Somalis are a beautiful culture and found them to be wonderful humans. It's a shame the country is so fractured. THey're also physically striking and welcoming.