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How do you rate the actions of the SEALs who Chapman went in with?

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Thanks. Reason I ask, is on the face of it, the fact one of them got a MOH before Chapman is seriously underhanded if not downright malicious. Combine that with that Gallagher character (war criminal in my book) and Chris Kyle who for some reason lied about beating up Jesse Ventura in a bar fight, and you get the idea the SEALs are more about appearances than actual do-gooding.

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> I don’t think he was really that well received/respected by fellow SEALs.

Maybe, but I do know for a fact Jesse Ventura is shunned by the SEAL community due to this run in with Chris Kyle. He's talked about it length and even went to court over the book where he won. But he is no longer welcomed at gatherings. Again, weird stuff by the SEALs.

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fwiw, on the howard stern show earlier this week he said most sign the release without money offered, but if the footage is particularly good, and they won't sign then they some money will be offered

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The giant unit stacks were kinda annoying