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Adult-male7 karma

Where/when do AFSOC guys do their ground combat training? Would an organic CCT team be comfortable clearing and seizing a defended building?

Adult-male7 karma

What if any, physical testing is there in your department?

Do you think that there are too many out of shape/weak POs on the streets?

I see many tiny women and wonder about their ability to handle even a normal sized man in an arrest situation.

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I got to drive a sled once at a carnival and while waiting in line. I was able to watch the dogs. The dogs got angry when they weren't running. They howled in protest when the owner swapped out teams to rest.

TIL: Those dogs love to work.

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What sort of hours did he work? Was he allowed out on the town for entertainment in Germany? How was the food situation in NL and in Germany during the war?

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I see people commit crimes regularly and I am not even looking for it, graffiti, public urination, trespass, assault,theft...etc

I think to myself that a PO could probably make a legit arrest everyday if they chose to do so. Could you?