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Assuming Hoot is #1, I'd submit Wilkinson for #3.

Played by Ty Burrell

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I hope Jimmy answers your question, but my take is this: the alternative has to offer something better in the eyes of the masses of FB users. And it's gotta be really good to sacrifice the ease of keeping FB as their 'main' social media, to switch to a platform that doesn't make money by selling user data to advertisers.

One way to get that to happen is to convince users that their privacy and autonomy are way more valuable and far more fragile than they currently do.

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If you're enjoying a product/service for free (whether it's porn or news or friends or anything else), then you're probably not serving your best interests, you're serving the best interests of a hidden third party who is paying to manipulate you.

This. I've been complaining about it for years, but never articulated it so well. Thank you.

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in the UK, vets are allowed to treat humans under the law, but human medics are not allowed to treat animals thanks to a veterinary care act passed in the 80s/90s.

Huh. TIL.

Glossing over that for now, I'll add that our vet gave us specific COVID-19 instructions this week:

  • We ask that for appointments, 1 healthy adult bring in your pet for their visit. We are asking that ill adults and children not come into the hospital at this time to limit exposures for all.
  • If you are feeling ill and are the only person who can bring your pet to us, we ask that you please call us from your car and wait there rather than coming into the lobby. We will discuss options with you and the doctor on the best approach to helping your pet.
  • We won't be offended if you decline a handshake and ask that you not be offended if we don't offer our hand. We are all trying to avoid shaking hands and human to human contact, but old habits are hard to break.

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Brick is one of my favorites.