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Itsoverfortindercels71 karma

Was there a bodily function that you were unable to do?

BreeMaree119 karma

Short term yes. Long term, not that I have found yet. The delivery of my son was very hard, but we dont think it was related.

Frank_the_Mighty78 karma

For a second I though you were still 17, and my brain was like "hold up"

BreeMaree70 karma

😂 NOPE- 24 year old Mama now.

coinAflip121 karma

Is Rebar actively in you and your baby’s life?

BreeMaree60 karma

Erhhmm. Not sure how to answer that. No? I have a rebar tattoo? So if that counts as “in my life”.

dwimber128 karma

He's suggesting rebar was the Daddy.

BreeMaree157 karma

🤦🏻‍♀️ WOW.

kharmatika8 karma

Okay he was making a joke, but that’s badass you got a tattoo of it. Good for you. My husband is getting a tattoo of the pins and screws that hold his wrist together

BreeMaree9 karma

Thanks! I hope you’re not joking about the pins and screws cause I kinda think that’s cool as hell.

kharmatika24 karma

Nah he’s getting it for sure. He’s also got a semi colon tattoo, which people think he got cuz of the Semi Colon Peoject, but it was actually cuz he got a big chunk of his digestive tract removed when he was a kid. So he has a...semicolon.

BreeMaree10 karma

Oh my goddd. If you can hear my laughing rn. That’s dope and a crazy good icebreaker.

huzaifakhan7712 karma

So you started ageing negatively after the incident?

BreeMaree2 karma

Probably more after my son was born.

kerrieland44 karma

What a horrible experience to go through. Did you know right away how badly you had been hurt?

BreeMaree82 karma

I did NOT actually. I thought I hit a rock. I just assumed when I jumped in, that my lady bits smacked a boulder underneath the water. It wasn’t until I walked to the car, and rode back to the apartment and pulled down my pants that I thought I fractured my pelvis or something. Didn’t realize what happened fully until after surgery. Still shook. 😂

lakjsdalkjdfalsdkjfa23 karma

it impaled me 5+ inches

You were able to drive home after being impaled 5+ inches. I just have to say... You're amazing. Have a great life!

BreeMaree18 karma

I was t driving. I was in the backseat. But I walked to the car and into the apartment.

BreeMaree35 karma

It went into the labia majora. Google it. Lol.

MayorOfDipshitCity26 karma

Are you familiar with the life of Friday Kahlo? She went through a similar gnarly injury.

BreeMaree11 karma

Never heard of it!! I’ll look it up!

J228926 karma

How long was recovery? Did it require physical therapy? Do you have a favorite pizza topping?

BreeMaree59 karma

Recovery physically was ONE month. (Amazingly). Walking and standing took a week. Running took 2 months. No physical therapy required. Easy - Pineapple.

InkyMistakes3 karma

That's...it? That seems way too easy.

My ACL ruptured in my left knee and PT took 9 months and nearly a year before I ran again. And that's just a tendon you don't actually need verses your baby maker.

BreeMaree13 karma

That’s what made it so miraculous. It missed all important things by millimeters. My femoral artery, ovaries, vaginal wall, etc. and I’m just ya know, a super woman, so.. yeah.

J22893 karma

Thanks for the response! So what was the outcome at the local watering hole? Did they clean up and remove the rebar or was there no change?

BreeMaree29 karma

They closed it down for 2 weeks to clear it out and people HATED me for it. They didn’t want there summer spot closed so they gave me soo much hate. But they did briefly clean it. People still swim there. Not me though. lol.

kharmatika15 karma

What the fuck? How are people gonna be upset that someone got injured by a public swimming area and that steps were taken to prevent that???

BreeMaree13 karma

Cause it was the FIRST day of summer. And that was the teenage hangout. Youngsters drinking, causing trouble, etc. so they were pissed their summer was ruined for 2 weeks.

budgie050718 karma

This happened to the famous artist Frida Kahlo. Have you ever read her memoirs to offer any insight on her experience?

BreeMaree14 karma

Someone mentioned that earlier, I had NO idea. So I’m gonna check it out at my kiddos bed time. Thanks!

Oosterhuis16 karma

Are you still suffering from the effects of the injury?

BreeMaree44 karma

At this point, only psychologically. I am currently medicated for PTSD even 7 years later.

PedroCPimenta8 karma

You don't swim anymore?

BreeMaree45 karma

I swim. In pools. Not a fan of open water anymore. But my PTSD stemmed forward death. I became obsessed with the thought I was dying from stupid things. Mad cow disease. Cancer. Necrotizing faciitis. Etc. I was DETERMINED I was still dying from something. Still do. When I was pregnant/breastfeeding and stopped my meds, my husband had to limit my dr visits because of my paranoia.

NaomiNekomimi1 karma

I also suffer from PTSD. What medications have you found that help?

BreeMaree3 karma

Lexapro for me! Hands down.

exjewel7 karma

Ouch ouch ouch. I can’t image what you went through. How long was the total recovery?

BreeMaree6 karma

Total physical recovery was about a month. Restriction free was about 2 months.

exjewel1 karma

I hope all is well now! Your a such a strong lady.

BreeMaree3 karma

Thanks so much. All is well.

BallparkFranks76 karma

How did it happen?

BreeMaree28 karma

It jumped in the water at a local swimming hole and there was rebar sticking right up underneath apparently, and it impaled me 5+ inches.

Inquisitive_Cretin20 karma

Oh god. That hurt me to my feet. Thanks for sharing, glad you're ok. I gotta go! I think I'm going to pass out. No my vagina hurts and I'm a man!

BreeMaree11 karma

😂 That’s the typical reaction. I understand.

pi_over_32 karma

How did you separate from it?

BreeMaree3 karma

I need clarification.. like physically from the rebar or like mentally?

Supanini4 karma

I think he meant physically. Was there any resistance?

BreeMaree3 karma

No resistance that I can remember.

pi_over_31 karma

Physically. Did you have to lift yourself off, or did you fall off it?

BreeMaree2 karma

It was beneath the water line so I pushed myself off of it by pushing the creek floor.

AlwaysUnderwater2 karma

....I'm not usually that guy but this is the most lawsuit demanding thing I've ever heard

BreeMaree3 karma

I tried, believe me. Lawyers wouldn’t touch it.

AlwaysUnderwater0 karma

Lawyers that hate money. You really do hear something new every day.

BreeMaree2 karma

Since it’s a “swim at your own risk” area, they said I wouldn’t win and it’s not worth the time.

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BreeMaree9 karma

BE RELIEVED. If anyone is sexually abused that way, they deserve more sympathy than me.

Justice1993-31 karma

That’s more than I could impale you

BreeMaree13 karma

At least your honest.

timmyp7895 karma

Is sex painful?

BreeMaree7 karma

Yes, in pregnancy specifically. But now it’s only occasionally especially painful in certain areas (in summing because of scarring).

timmyp7894 karma

Has your relationship between you and your husband suffered at all from it?

BreeMaree6 karma

All the time. Mostly just the psychological portion.

Supanini3 karma

Were you nervous about the first time having sex after that? Did you get instructed to wait a certain amount of time?

BreeMaree7 karma

I was terrified. I did it once 5 months or so after and cried the whole time and hours after. I didn’t do it for months later after that. It was very scary to try that again.

shutyourearholes3 karma

Mate that sucks. How you doing now? What brings you to this AMA?

BreeMaree12 karma

I’m doing great now! It just passed the 7 year anniversary so it sparked some convo. Thought I would watch the cringes go down.

kryten2k353 karma

I cannot have sound on.

How the hell did you impale your foof?

BreeMaree8 karma

Jumped in the water. Rebar sticking up. Boom. Foof impaled.

floydbc053 karma

What's the best joke you've heard so far about your situation?

BreeMaree11 karma

Atleast my experience directed me into a better and “STURDY FOUNDATION” on life. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

schnorgal2 karma

Do you have any advice to give, like, in general about anything?

BreeMaree9 karma

Hmm- That a tough one. Eat your vegetables?..

ender11082 karma

That is horrifying. Did you ever go back too see what you landed on? I assume someone did. Did they remove the hazard? And how close were your friends who jumped in with you to hitting something? Was it just one single bar you had the unfortunate luck to land on?

BreeMaree7 karma

They closed it down for 2 weeks to clear it out before I could get it. I tasked my father with going to snorkel to dig it out so I could keep it. But the city blocked it off for clearing out after my injury before he could get it. So unfortunate. They were CLOSE. I think it was just 1 bar though or a few. No one else was hurt.

noronhahaha2 karma

Who or what is rebal?

BreeMaree15 karma

noronhahaha4 karma

Has the incident created irreparable damage to you? How were situations post the incident, be it at home, self and how people looked at you?

BreeMaree17 karma

Long term- it has really only been psychological trauma. I am STILL medicating for PTSD. Post trauma- I was in high school so of course it was hard, people gossiping, spreading rumors. Etc. My husband (Who I went to high school with) has been the biggest supporter in my defense.

zacjor6 karma

"Did you hear BreeMaree had a terrible accident? What a slut."

I'm joking of course.

BreeMaree15 karma

☝️PRETTY MUCH. The penetration jokes were endless, as were my eye rolls.

I was like, don’t mind me, I almost died. Fucking asshats. 😂

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BreeMaree8 karma

It missed the actual hole by MILLIMETERS. But still in my vagina.

Realtrain0 karma

Wait, so it impaled you 5 inches, but next to the vagina, not in it?

BreeMaree9 karma

The rebar impaled me in my labia. Created a new hole. Still my vaj, but not the hole itself.

SeaCur2 karma


BreeMaree2 karma

INTERESTING... never visited it before.

Nattylight_Murica2 karma

Have you ever been called a lollipop?

BreeMaree11 karma

Lollipop? No. Kabob? Yes.

Kataclysm2 karma


How much did this cost you in the end, financially?

BreeMaree8 karma

My dad had GREAT insurance so it was originally more than 50K but they only paid around 2 K.k out of pocket for everything!! Thankfully!

BreeMaree1 karma

Thanks for being a part of my AMA. I’ve enjoyed it but gotta get back to being a parent!

serioused-23 karma

Uhh, proof?

BreeMaree5 karma

Working on it now.