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See the guys over at NASA where just to smart to get this. Just one -A and we would be on Pluto by now.

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Humans have wiped out many species. We often kill species of lower intelligence then us for sport and food. I am not arguing against you. But I thought it was something to consider. It could have been no different to "God" then you or I poring an ant killer in a hive of fire ants the sprung up in the back yard. I don't really know what I believe. I have a deeper problem with the idea of religions then I do the idea of a god. I wouldn't completely say I am an atheist but I sure feel uncomfortable in a church.

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Do you find yourself more willing to try different foods knowing your going home to a hospital?

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That is horrifying. Did you ever go back too see what you landed on? I assume someone did. Did they remove the hazard? And how close were your friends who jumped in with you to hitting something? Was it just one single bar you had the unfortunate luck to land on?