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MayorOfDipshitCity404 karma

Then get in front of Congress, stare into a cspan camera, put your hand on a Bible, and do what needs to be done. Any furrowed brows behind a veil lamenting the loss of Republican ethics that never existed in the first place do jack shit.

You could be a hero and instead you are doing below the bare minimum to help yourself fall asleep.

And if you are in fact Mike Pence, then fuck off in particular because your NFL stunt caused me to be late to the zoo with my kid.

MayorOfDipshitCity388 karma

Did Mr. Belvedere sit on his own balls and pass out from the pain?

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I truly cannot thank you enough for sharing this information with the world.

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Oh, toss off. You knew he was a completely unqualified, racist, narcissist, unscrupulous monster for years before he even entered the primary. He was always more pro wrestling than pro tempore and you're just mad he's uncouth in your goals of white supremacy and unfettered environmental destruction.

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Are you familiar with the life of Friday Kahlo? She went through a similar gnarly injury.