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I was talking to a friend once about watersport fetishes, and how I have a pet theory they probably often stem from the fact that many children’s first association with genitalia is based on urination instead of sexual interaction. Every little boy has tried to spy on a woman peeing at some point if they got the chance. Do you think peoples childhood associations influence their fetishes/preferences later on in life?

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In my schooling, they touted “6 million Jews” and that’s about all they talked about was that one number, repeated again and again but never contextualized. They had us visit the paper clip museum and all, but they didn’t really put in perspective what a huge chunk of people that is. It took me years of adulthood to finally realize exactly the scope of 6 million human lives, and until I read “Night” that I really grasped what individuals went through.

Nor did they really address other groups that were slaughtered like homosexuals, gypsies, and the disabled. Sure we saw each of those words once or twice, but they kind of made it out to be just a few of those people getting swept up in the genocide, when it was also millions of people dying for those reasons.

I feel this is probably because it’s easy and morally obvious to vilify racism and religious oppression (not that there aren’t still people who remain blind to that), but holding someone accountable for things like homophobia or ableism, that so many people still teach their children without any sense of self awareness, is much harder. I’ve even heard of parents calling schools and getting angry at them for teaching children that homosexuals were one of the targeted groups in the holocaust, because that would “feed the victim narrative”.

I think the narrative needs to change, I think hearing from survivors is such an important tool in that. You’re doing a very hard job.

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Our paramedics have the support of our government though. You don’t and you using your prowess in protest of a corrupt government and that’s amazing

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Where are you from originally where you think $900 for a 1b1b is a high cost of living

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How does your Pueblo interact with food? Are there many native dishes still kicking around or is that a cultural norm that got lost in transition? I know food is one of the most lasting and durable cultural staples in many cultures that go through revivals, but I can’t say I’ve ever had any traditional Native American food, despite growing up in an area in Oklahoma that was very heavily influenced by Native American culture.