Our first feature film Chasing Molly is available on Demand everywhere now! It stars Kurt Angle, Jim Cashman, Shelley Pack, and Felicia Day.

This is my feature directorial debut, and mainly just want to say never stop chasing your dreams! - Josh Sutherland

We are happy to answer any and all questions about the production process! or anything in general! ASK US ANYTHING!


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Steffan514179 karma

How well did Kurt take to acting after spending the last twenty years in the wrestling business?

dingleberriesXL194 karma

He killed it! Anything I asked for he was down to do on set. I will forever be in debt to him for doing this film, and frankly his 20 years in the wrestling business made it an easy transition for him. He is so great on camera, and doesn't need a lot of takes because he is use to working live so much. - Josh and Shelley

sinister_exaggerator17 karma

But did he nail it with a broken freakin’ neck?

dingleberriesXL3 karma

Hells yes he did! -shelley

danhakimi-173 karma

Uhhhhh I've got news for you about "wrestling..."

Steffan51474 karma

Yeah. He’s spent the last 20 years doing acting type work. Why do you think there’s such a crossover between wrestlers and actors??

danhakimi2 karma

That was my point... Not sure why I got downvoted so hard.

Phipple7 karma

There's bound to be a slew of wrestling fans in this thread due to Kurt Angle being a part of the film.

That said, they're not exactly fans of someone calling it "fake". We know it's "fake", but it's just not a word we like to use. So a lot of wrestling fans will react to it.

otterom2 karma

Plus, wrestling still takes a lot of physical ability. It might not be MMA, but doing flips off of the top rope ain't no joke. Lol

EinsteinNeverWoreSox3 karma

Most of those people are more fit than any one of their critics combined. It's definitely no joke

dingleberriesXL1 karma

100 percent agreed.- Shelley

Kyoken2653 karma

To be fair, he is a gold medalist in real wrestling lol

dingleberriesXL39 karma

He is a champion. You don't get to be a gold medalist by phoning it in. He comes to set to win, I really appreciate that. Especially as a producer, time is precious and he never wasted a moment.- Shelley

danhakimi9 karma

Oh, yeah, but he's been acting for 20 years. I didn't mean to talk shit, I'm just saying, this is not that new for him.

dingleberriesXL4 karma

Kurt is a champion, and it was an honor to work with him.-shelley

danhakimi2 karma

Glad to hear it.

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Thank you for your question. Let me know what you think of the movie. -Shelley

Accomplished_Square126 karma

How and why did you cast Kurt Angle? I wasn't even aware he had an acting career.

dingleberriesXL287 karma

I shit you not... a cold call.

I really wanted a big, huge muscle, loud talking, wise cracking, type persona to play Mr. Black....so we started looking at professional wrestlers

My producer was like "what about Kurt Angle?" .. I literally laughed out loud because I was like "No way he's into this..".....BUT we emailed him and his manager, and he really did read the script.....and liked it! A few days later we were connected with his agents (who by the way told him not to do it), but Kurt took a chance on us, and he really did kill it on set....dude came to bring it, and I will forever be in his debt.

This has been the story with the whole film... a little snowball that your slowly moving down a mountain that quietly turns into an avalanche.

TheVicSageQuestion113 karma

I wasn’t even aware he had an acting career

Then you clearly haven’t seen this.

Re_dit_Syl_a_ble34 karma

He was also in that MMA movie warrior with Tom hardy and nick nolte. Non speaking role but u get to see Kurt as a striker

dingleberriesXL22 karma

He really has charisma on and off camera- Shelley

d31ap0r390 karma

Is Chasing Molly an unsanctioned sequel to Chasing Amy?

dingleberriesXL44 karma

It's not. Chasing Molly is more of an action comedy not a romantic one.- Shelley

HB244 karma

Sounds like Chasing Amy and Flogging Molly had a love child

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Lol good one! - Shelley

wheregoodideasgotodi33 karma

The question I came here for.

dingleberriesXL23 karma

Very different lol- Shelley

Merbel1 karma

Exactly what I thought.

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Lol, no but a great movie.- Shelley

yawetag1249 karma

How cute is Felicia in real life, cause she seems like she'd be a pleasure to be around?

dingleberriesXL66 karma

She is just as cute in person as she is on t.v. I've worked with Felicia on stage before we did this movie. She is pure joy to perform with. We have good chemistry together. She lights up the screen. -Shelley

AskMeAboutMyTie41 karma

How did you guys get Felicia Day? She’s one of my favs! I’m going to check out your movie just because of her!

Also what camera did you use and how long did it take to shoot?

Congrats on completing your film!!!!

dingleberriesXL28 karma

Felicia is a friend of our co producer and writer Shelley pack, who also plays Molly. She was awesome on set! She crushed her scene, even when we put her character in awkward situations.

Talki40 karma

How did you secure financing for your film?

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced putting this together?

What advice would you give to filmmakers looking to make their first feature?

dingleberriesXL40 karma

The biggest challenge on set was working with the shoe string budget...but this allowed us to have creative freedom, and really let the actors and story push the envelope.

It was challenging wearing so many hats on set, but even more rewarding to see it all come together.

dingleberriesXL27 karma

Just keep shooting, acting, writing, plugging away..... eventually something will stick.

another195630 karma

Loved the trailer! As director do you come up with ideas for your movie or hope to catch a good script and go or get hired by a studio and do whatever they say?

Hope that makes sense.

dingleberriesXL37 karma

The dream is to be a writer AND director, and get your ideas on the big screen, so a lot of time goes into working those scripts and packaging those properties.... but I still have to pay the bills just like everyone else.... so it would be hard to turn down a big studio movie, just frankly really all depends on what the individual projects are.

Lucky for me on Chasing Molly my co producer and main writer on the script Shelley Pack knocked it out of the park. We work really well together so once we had the story envisioned, the script came together quickly thereafter.

another195613 karma

Thanks, that makes sense. Good luck on your future projects. Shelley, no question for you but want to say I loved your character, I already feel like I know her. Yeah I’ve had an odd life.

dingleberriesXL14 karma

Awe thank you so much!! I've had an odd life too #kindredspirits - Shelley

Texansfan991018 karma

What would you say was your favorite part of making Chasing Molly? Any wild stories from the set that didn’t go as planned? Also, C-Prime represent! Big props!

dingleberriesXL33 karma

The best part was working with Kurt Angle! He is a legend.

Not too many wild stories, but we definitely had days that didn't go as planned. There are a few scenes left on the cutting room floor that didn't make the final cut.

We did do a few donuts in the prop cop car on the back lot though :)

Econometrista15 karma

Kurt Angle is my childhood hero!! Seriously thanks for casting him lol and congratulations on your debut, I know it will be a good product. What's your life story, how did you become a director? Like, what did you study or how was your path to become a director, who did you meet, and things like that?

dingleberriesXL18 karma

I'm from Texas, but have been in LA just short of ten years now. I was always the kid shooting videos as a child (class projects/family camcorder/ etc..) I went to film school at the University of Texas at Austin, and Have been grinding it out in California ever since.

It feels like I've done every film job under the sun in some capacity during this last decade lol...really happy to have my name under the Director credit this time!

You can check out my most recent work here

SpideyRules997413 karma

Only question is how can I get a date with Shelley? I live north of LA. Is there a chance? 😜 😉

dingleberriesXL23 karma

First show me you bought the DVD :)- Shelley

SpideyRules997412 karma

If only that were a guarantee lol.

Would an iTunes purchase suffice? 😉

dingleberriesXL18 karma

It sure would :)- Shelley

SpideyRules997433 karma

It's worth it just to see if it pans out! lol


dingleberriesXL10 karma

Spidey, I am beyond flattered. Tell me did you like the movie?-Shelley

SpideyRules997410 karma

To be perfectly honest, I bought this from work, had dinner after work, and am just now home. I'm not going to risk falling asleep during so I'm saving it for tomorrow (bit of a food coma right now after that Buca de Pepo 😉)

dingleberriesXL10 karma

Lol, been there. Sleep it off- Shelley

SpideyRules99745 karma

BTW, I do want to state that I'm not some random 20-something (as I never expected this to gain the legs it has).

I'm a 44 y/o male (pretty sure at least) living an hour north of LA. Not that any of this makes any difference however just know you are talking to an adult lol.

dingleberriesXL14 karma

Lol that is a relief! I'm happily married but I really didn't think us joking back and forth would have people so interested. - Shelley

jeffythunders13 karma

Congrats on the new movie!! Do you guys have anything else in the works??

dingleberriesXL17 karma

We have another feature comedy about looking for love in Hollywood in all the wrong places. It's currently being packaged. I also have a feature thriller i'm working on about Amelia Earhart, and commercially direct projects for a company called OM Digital. We work on some really cool stuff so check it out on their instagram @omdigital

imsorrymilo1 karma

Congrats on the movie and all, but for real I don’t think I’ve ever read an IAMA with more obvious plant questions. This whole thing is like a poorly written commercial.

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Love this comment. What??? I don't have time for an elaborate rouse. We are promoting the movie, that's the point my friend. Poorly written commercial is redundant. - Shelley

OhMy_Sharif8 karma

Hey Gravitas Ventures is sweet. Is this on their streaming platform?

dingleberriesXL12 karma

Yo. thanks for the question.

The first window is all VOD, before going to subscription services.... so you can get the film on any of these VOD platforms

Almost Everywhere :)

Sickamore7 karma

@Josh Any tough realizations during the time between deciding you want be a filmmaker and making your debut?

dingleberriesXL9 karma

A bunch! But most importantly was deciding I'm going to do whatever it takes to make films. At the beginning to one watches, or cares, or anything..but if your just keep grinding eventually something will stick.

kori087 karma

To you personally, how was Kurt angle as a person on set and off set? Did you have any fond memories with him over the course of the production?

dingleberriesXL13 karma

Kurt was a true professional. He nailed every take in one shot. He also happens to be down to earth and a pleasure to work with.- Shelley

TheCocksmith7 karma

Is there a Dwayne Johnson or Dave Bautista career trajectory for Kurt? Or is he a completely different kind of actor?

dingleberriesXL11 karma

Kurt has a long career ahead of him as an actor. His charisma shines through. I see alot of movies in his future. - Shelley

dingleberriesXL13 karma

Kurt is a Legend. He was super genuine about wanting to nail the character for us. I will forever be in his debt for doing this film.

He tried to get him wardrobe, but he felt more comfortable in one of his tailored suits..then didn't even bat an eye when I asked him to lay down on the ground in a rundown LA backlot alley. He was down for anything!

reliesonblitz6 karma

Did Donald or Keith give you any tips?

dingleberriesXL8 karma

Ha... I wish! Would love to pitch to either of them, huge fans of their work. - Josh

TrailFeather6 karma

I’m curious how the region lock came to happen: https://i.imgur.com/EQd0ZfE.jpg

Is that a choice you made, or a studio/publishing choice? I ask because I see a lot of indie and other smaller productions locked up, when it seems like it would be a lot more beneficial to make them available worldwide?

dingleberriesXL12 karma

Yes frankly we are only available in certain geographical markets. We are talking with other Australian distro companies, so it may happen for you..eventually...until then VPN cough*

goatsanddragons3 karma

Seeing Kurt Angle playing a drugpin reminded of the time he was the Godfather of a Pro wrestling Mafia group. If you ever feature him again, can you bring along Booker T as his hot headed subordinate?

For your consideration

dingleberriesXL3 karma

Lol. Consider it considered- Shelley

SubjectiveHat3 karma

Is it anything like Chasing Amy?

dingleberriesXL5 karma

It’s a comedy, but that’s about it.

Blastspark013 karma

How was it working with Felicia? She’s always seemed like a great person to hangout with!

dingleberriesXL6 karma

She is awesome. She crushed her scene and was a trooper on set.

Twiggy11082 karma

How would someone trying to break into the industry go about it? What would their first steps be?

dingleberriesXL5 karma


Whether its pre production, on set, or post..... ask for help....even if its asking for help to break in. Filmmaking is a team sport, and after you help all your friends, one day you get to call in on those favors.

ruski_brat2 karma

Did you get the inspiration for the title from chasing Amy ?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

No but also a good movie- Shelley

quirkycurlygirly2 karma

Congratulations! How did you get industry people to read your script?

dingleberriesXL5 karma

Well for Chasing Molly the producers also created the story and script. Generally though it's really hard.

enderfinch2 karma

Might be too late, but here's my question.

How did you get your "Break" as an aspiring writer director? What do you think was the defining moment that took you from amateur to professional film maker?

I've been writing screenplays for 10 years and would love to hear your story.

Also, the screenwriting subreddit would probably love to hear from yall. Congratulations on your success! You bring hope to all aspiring folks.

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Thank you so much. For me, I've been writing for years. When I teamed up with Josh, he was able to take what I wrote and bring it to the screen. Having performed improv for so many years, I was able to get some amazing comedians in the movie because they knew my work or they were personal friends. - Shelley

enderfinch2 karma

So as you said in another comment, networking. I agree that is important, but how ready were you? Had you written a lot? Lots of completed scripts? Or did it just kind of come together? Thanks!

dingleberriesXL2 karma

I had one other script, and I had written, produced and starred in a series called Beverly hills Salon. I also had a series called Keep it Green, that I got picked up by Discovery channel. The show was called "G Word." I fell in love with making content. Of course as a female comedian, it's important to have your own voice. It's late, sorry for rambling. - Shelley

rricci0 karma

Shelly, NEVER be sorry for "rambling". It was interesting (at least to me).

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Awe thank you, I appreciate that.- Shelley

KrickeKing2 karma

How long did it take to make the movie?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

It took about a year and a half to shoot and a year of editing. We didn't have the budget to pay anyone to work exclusively on the movie, so our editor worked nights and weekends.-Shelley

gassmano2 karma

Why should I see this movie?

dingleberriesXL0 karma

It's a raunchy comedy, not for everyone- Shelley

theryanlaf2 karma

Any funny stories stick out during the shoot?

dingleberriesXL7 karma

We couldn't afford to have a closed set at the pawn shop location. We ended up having to shoot around an old lady looking at jewelry for two hours. She didn't buy a thing. - Josh

DannyFromChicago2 karma

Congratulations on the film! I personally have discovered that getting funding for a feature sucks, any tips?

dingleberriesXL3 karma

tell me about it! We had investors fall through, so we just started shooting. It took us a long time but it was all worth it.- Shelley

lycanthro1555552 karma

Any plans for future projects at the moment?

dingleberriesXL3 karma

Yes I have another script I wrote, that we are packaging. It's also a raw edgy comedy.- Shelley

lycanthro1555552 karma

Awesome! So is comedy going to be your speciality or do you think you’ll branch into other genres as well?

dingleberriesXL3 karma

Right now it's comedy. I also work with kids with Autism, so I definitely want to do more to promote awareness and tolerance. -Shelley

cscrignaro2 karma

Who did the post sound?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

We had one person we hired in Cleveland. To do the final mix, we were very fortunate. My childhood friend does post for a major studio. He did the final 5.1 mix. - Shelley

Zackarony1 karma

What is it like to peruse directing?

dingleberriesXL8 karma

I'm not sure of the question?..peruse like the directing subreddit?..does that even exist?

Zackarony5 karma

Pursue* sorry

dingleberriesXL7 karma

It's a grind man, just like anything else. But if you dedicate yourself good things can happen!

TheCuriousThistle1 karma

What was your inspiration for the story? How long did it take to get from out of your head onto paper?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

The idea of something paranormal because Josh had brought back this ceremonial teapot with an interesting folklore. We really didn't want to do a horror movie, so we came up with a comedic twist, paranormal con artists. Then it took me about a month to write the script. - Shelley

SoulExecution1 karma

First off, awesome! I just worked as a first time casting director for a directors first feature, so I can relate to the hype surrounding your first release!

My question is how much did you end up getting Kurt Angle for per day? We were considering going out to a wrestler for a role in our film, but figured our budget probably wasn't big enough for anyone too recognizable (ULB of around 200-220,000).

dingleberriesXL2 karma

The key for us was that Kurt actually read the script and loved it. He definitely did not do it for the money. Also time. We were so concise with shooting we had him wrapped in a couple days. If Kurt didn't fall in love with the material, he wouldn't have done it. Definitely try. Agents will say no because they want more money, but the actor wants to work on projects that they can feel proud of. - Shelley

geetarzrkool1 karma

You had me at Kurt Angle and Felicia Day. What a delightfully odd combo. How did you think of the two of them?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Totally random. Felicia is a comedy friend and Kurt was a cold call. We needed a big tough bad guy, so we started looking at wrestlers. Thankfully Kurt liked the script. When he told me it was hilarious, I almost started crying tears of joy but I kept my composure.- Shelley

kingfish1011 karma

Congrats on the film! Any fun moments you guys had while filming?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

We had a shoe string budget. So we literally had to stop shooting when someone was gardening outside. It wasn't funny then but now looking back it was insane. - Shelley

UmbralApocrypha1 karma

I'll watch anything with Felicia Day! What's she like in person?

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Amazing! She was totally down with the crazy situation we put her character in. - Josh

money65431 karma

My friends and I have been making our own improv skits and are very keen to go beyond our improv ideas and work on something dedicated, with a script. Some trouble we run into is where to get the funding, or even how to get the ideas on paper correctly.

Is there any advice you may have for someone who wants to get into writing scripts and producing their film or show?

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Get final draft of you haven't yet for formatting. Josh and I both had alot of experience before we started making a feature. Hope that helps- Shelley

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Using a screen writing software like finaldraft is a necessity, it will help that process for sure...and get your ideas on paper

And it sounds cheesy, but just start making stuff.... you'll be miles ahead of the people still talking about making stuff.

luthorhuss1 karma

How’d you get Jamie from Progressive?!

dingleberriesXL1 karma

He is a comedy friend. We used to improvise together at the Groundlings. We always work really well together. I love Jim, so talented and so professional. - Shelley

ducky6511 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a true American hero is kurt angle in person?

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Off the scales! 10++++++ it's true!!

ducky6511 karma

Seems like a legit cool guy

dingleberriesXL2 karma

He really is so genuine. I loved working with him.- Shelley

goodty11 karma

How did you get into writing and what was the process of getting funding from producers?

dingleberriesXL2 karma

When Josh and I had the story, I wrote the script and we started picking off what we could afford. Then we raised money to pull off the bigger shoot days with Kurt, Felicia and Jim. 80 percent of the movie was just me and Josh or one other character, me and Josh- Shelley

laytonoid1 karma

Who are you? Never heard of you

dingleberriesXL2 karma

Who me? I'm Shelley Pack, Google is very useful. I highly recommend it. - Shelley

Feral_Taylor_Fury1 karma

Why is it called 'Chasing Molly'?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Hehehe double message. My character is Molly, that's one reason :)- Shelley

thisisforspam1 karma

Felicia Day is amazing and wrote and amazing book, I wish I had a question? I just really admire her and wanted to comment...

dingleberriesXL1 karma

Me too! - Shelley

ryuut0 karma

Is it a sequel to chasing amy?

dingleberriesXL1 karma

sadly no.

SlowLoudEasy-11 karma

Was this filmed on an i-phone or samsung?

dingleberriesXL4 karma


dingleberriesXL1 karma

Red Cam- 4k- Shelley

Herdnerfer-24 karma

Any nude scenes with Felicia Day?

dingleberriesXL14 karma

Keep dreaming buddy - Josh