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AskMeAboutMyTie41 karma

How did you guys get Felicia Day? She’s one of my favs! I’m going to check out your movie just because of her!

Also what camera did you use and how long did it take to shoot?

Congrats on completing your film!!!!

AskMeAboutMyTie7 karma

Is this based on a real urban legend like Blair Witch or is it completely made up?

I was about to go to bed but I’m starting it now :)

AskMeAboutMyTie3 karma

Very cool! There various points in the film where I could of sworn a single frame of one of the crazies would pop on screen for a slit second. Is my mind playing tricks on me or was it edited that way?

AskMeAboutMyTie3 karma

Just finished watching it! I loved it! The ending was so brutal.


So is the ending implying that the towns people were cannibals or something? Or that their just murderers that chop people up only on June 9th?

AskMeAboutMyTie1 karma

Was this the mockumentart? Lol