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Old ass is actually a category,

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I still say “shave her head!” To my wife when ever she tells me our children have done something wrong that I really don’t care about.

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Hi-jacking if I may. If you ever find your self working with the homeless, you’ll find they are incredibly generous with one another. If they have two cigarettes left, they would likely share one with a stranger. Being homeless makes you know how much you need others to get by, and in turn find your self giving more when you had it.

Reggies possible thinking * Hey rad $5000? Well I was good yesterday with out it, and Ill be good tomorrow with out it, but my painting subject is out here on the streets, older, and needs it more*

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Awe. We do family movie night on the ipad. I asked my daughter if she would like to watch a movie on the big tv at Papa’s shop? (I have a 1984 RCA console tv in my wood shop) she looked at me like I didn’t know what family movie night was. Family movie night is us on the carpet, by the wood-burning stove watching a movie on the ipad. Waiting forever to let it load because we are streaming from one of our phones. Im really enjoying your ama and instagram now.

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Yeah... Kat is sketchy is fuck. What with the transparency and all.