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Well that wasn’t the answer I think anyone was hoping for, lol. So the geriatric condominium then. Guess it makes sense - there are an equal amount of very rich old people!

“So there are a bunch of famous people just ripping lines of blow off the breasts of 10’s and once a week there’s a call from someone with bloodshot eyes who accidentally took their amateur smut film too far and now you have to deal with it?!”

“Nah. Guy needed his Arnold Palmer refreshed and by the time I got there he had a heart attack and shit himself”


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It’s interesting that with no social contact the one thing you leave the house for is a haircut.

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Absolutely. I would say the chances of you running into someone that could eventually get you a position in a career oriented field if you are there long enough is extraordinarily high.

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And how did the girlfriend finding out go? Ya know, in movies she always flips shit for being lied to for so long.

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You stop washing your hands if you are wearing gloves. So if you contaminate the gloves it lives there till you take them off.