Here's the link to watch the full episode:

For my new show “Band Together with Logic,” Bobby Tarantino himself joined the community on HITRECORD and made a song online w/ strangers. Everyone worked together to create something special.

Whenever we make things like this, my hope is always that it'll start a conversation. Could be about what it’s like working w/ Logic, could be about the song, or what I had for breakfast this morning. Anyway, ask me anything…

Oh — and here's proof that it's really me:

Thank you, thank you folks for all the questions. Until next time... <3

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Appliers3540 karma

If you had to make an album with the cast of a movie you've been in, which movie's cast would you pick?

And what would the album be titled?

hitrecordjoe_6725 karma

This is why I like doing AMAs, this is a more creative question than any journalist or host has asked me maybe ever. Bravo. Hmm, now I have to think of a good answer. I would say MANIC, little known movie from 2000. First time Zooey Deschanel and I met. She’s one of my favorite singers. Also Don Cheadle was in it, and he makes everything he touches cool. Also Michael Bacall was in it (writer of Scott Pilgrim and more) and he would kill it on lyrics. Album could be titled, um, MANIC PANIC.

Speedy_Spider1871 karma

Can you do a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal?

hitrecordjoe_2496 karma

Night crawler was awesome

beardynolando1492 karma

What were your exact thoughts when you saw Michael Myers coming at you with that hockey skate?

hitrecordjoe_2072 karma

"I wish I was Josh Hartnett"

iamjeffdimarco1317 karma

Do you put tape over your computer's video lens?

hitrecordjoe_2112 karma

yes, although these days I have a nifty little contraption that slides over the lens and then can slide off again

man_with_a_hex1277 karma

will there ever be a 3rd rock reunion episode?...joined reddit just to ask you that haha

hitrecordjoe_1077 karma

that would be fun

SomeoneFistMe1154 karma

Have you ever teared up or got immensely emotional watching any of your own performances?

Still 500 Days of Summer for me.

hitrecordjoe_1376 karma

That’s awesome. I’m always happy to hear when a movie makes someone feel something, that’s the whole point. Thank you. I’m actually not lying, BAND TOGETHER, watching it at sxsw, I cried.

4stell8535294944 karma

Who has better weed - Seth Rogen or Snoop Dog?

remusblackus750 karma

Once upon a time, you were Robin (and a great one, too!). You could have been the next batman! Did you ever seriously consider picking up a superhero franchise?

hitrecordjoe_1435 karma

I was working on a script for SANDMAN with David Goyer and Jack Thorne. (I wouldn’t personally call Morpheus a “superhero”, but that’s probably the genre it’d be placed in.) Neil Gaiman was on as exec producer and said he liked our script better than any Sandman adaptation he’d ever read. Unfortunately it didn’t work out with WB/DC politics. I was incredibly honored to work for Mr. Nolan, I love all of his movies. And I do like some superhero movies. Coogler’s Black Panther would have been my pick for Best Picture. I also loved Spider Man Into The Spiderverse.

obin_gam702 karma

What is the moment from the production of "3rd Rock From The Sun" you remember the most?

Wyatt-Oil661 karma

I'm betting it's going to be when Harry "spit" on the baby. You could see JGL start to crack up.

hitrecordjoe_948 karma

That’s up there for sure

PointMan528491603 karma

Well... what did you have for breakfast this morning?

hitrecordjoe_1074 karma

Eggs. Sunny side up. Chalula. Avocado. Toast. Olive oil.

achenqi1256 karma


Ive always wanted to spelling Nazi a celebrity.

hitrecordjoe_1280 karma

nice thanks

MuffsButtshole401 karma


I've always wanted to spelling Nazi a spelling Nazi.

hitrecordjoe_38 karma


BarneyRubble22601 karma

hey joe, how did that performance w/ logic at madison square garden happen? did you pick the song? did he?

hitrecordjoe_2030 karma

He was touring, so I asked if we could announce the BAND TOGETHER project on stage at one of his shows. He said he wanted to do it at Madison Square Garden. I was like, "Wait dude, that's a big night for you, are you sure you want to do that? We could do any other show on the tour." And he was like, "No! New York City!" I was like, "Okay." And he was like, "And you're gonna rap." I was like "..." And he was like, "What song should you do?" And I was like "..." And he was like "I'm gonna think about it, and I'll text you what song." And I was like "Okeh." And then later, he texted me, "Do you know my song Killing Spree?" And I was like, "...ASS TITTIES PUSSY MONEY WEED"

hitrecordjoe_941 karma

Proof — here's a recording from the crowd at MSG:

acphipps121537 karma

Which gave you more artistic freedom? Angels in the Outfield, Or Band Together? I’m assuming Angels in the Outfield, but I’ll hang up and listen...

hitrecordjoe_1290 karma

The character of Roger in Angels In The Outfield was originally intended to be a wealthy kid from the Upper East Side of Manhattan kid with aspirations to join the Alvin Ailey Dance Company and whose dead mom helps him in Angel form. However, I suggested that instead, he should be an orphan living in Anaheim who just wants his favorite baseball team to win the Pennant. William Dear, the director, was really collaborative.

neverenoughsin516 karma

Would you ever consider a movie with Keanu Reeves?

hitrecordjoe_748 karma


missinggoat502 karma

If you had to pick someone (either dead or alive) to collaborate with on hitRECORD, who would it be and why?

hitrecordjoe_1193 karma

Jesus of Nazareth. I don't believe that any human is more divine than any other. But I do genuinely think it'd be fascinating to see what that man would do if he could lead a collaborative creative process with anyone/everyone in the world.. (btw I have nothing but respect for anybody's religious beliefs, even if I don't agree, as long as they're not hurting anybody)

DrLoveCherry442 karma

You ever thought of growing your hair again, like the old 3rd rock days?

hitrecordjoe_1054 karma

Yes. Often. And then I cry into my pillow as I fall asleep.

LongEZE376 karma

Are you going to answer any of these questions?

hitrecordjoe_754 karma


ginap19500373 karma

which scene in (500) Days of Summer was your favorite to shoot? and which was your least favorite?

also, if you could give your character Tom Hansen one piece of advice, what would you tell him?

hitrecordjoe_1499 karma

I've touched on this before. But the piece of advice I would give to Tom Hansen is to LISTEN. The trick to watching that movie is to understand that it's very much subjective. It's from Tom's point of view. Not from Summer's. It's tricky because there's this narrator who sounds omniscient. And that's intentional, because that's how life feels, we think we see the truth. But really we all only see our subjective understanding. Tom thinks he's understanding what's going on with Summer. The Narrator is explaining it. But Tom is biased. So Tom's view of reality is what he wants it to be. Rather than what it really is. Summer tells Tom the reality, but he doesn't want to hear it. He doesn't LISTEN. That's not Summer's fault. That's Tom's fault.

fairlylocal2312 karma

What’s the best part about working with bobby?

hitrecordjoe_541 karma

his biceps

justquietlyhere254 karma

What song reminds you of your childhood? :D

hitrecordjoe_325 karma

“Simple Pleasures” by Bobby McFerrin

SpadingMinerMan227 karma

Based on the discussion that came up a while ago about Tom Hanson's actions being not morally great; of all the characters you've played, how many do you think are genuinely morally right, or personally agree with?

hitrecordjoe_552 karma

Cool question. If a character is too morally right, they’re often not that interesting to play or to watch. I believe Snowden did the right thing, was honored to play him.

malestorm19210 karma

how long did it take Logic to come up with that initial verse? is that his usual process for starting to write his songs?

hitrecordjoe_406 karma

What you see in the episode is pretty much what happened. He works super quick, it was incredible to see. We edited down probably about 30 minutes of footage from his studio bus into roughly a 5ish minute scene in the show. And yeah, he said that's how he always does it, listening to a looping beat, using his phone for notes, and basically just letting it flow out of him. He said he hadn't had anyone record his process like that before, so I was honored.

cmcsalmon203 karma

I loved HitRecord on TV! I always wanted to get involved with HitRecord, but whenever I log in it feels really intimidating, and I don't know where to begin. What should I do to overcome that and and jump in?

hitrecordjoe_318 karma

Some of the stuff our community does are big projects. Some are just fun creative challenges. Maybe try the Weekly Writing Challenge. No stakes, just fun writing prompts. Or if you like photography or voice acting or drawing or music, there’s lots of little challenges to do just for fun. Work your way up. Then maybe look into getting involved in a more ambitious project.

mondojay181 karma

Where would you suggest someone start if they're brand new to Hitrecord?

hitrecordjoe_434 karma

Start by finding somebody else's project that interests you and contributing. If you're brand new, you haven't done anything in the community yet, and you try to start your own thing, it'll be hard to get people on board. Start by helping other people realize their vision. Then you'll have made some relationships, and people will help you realize yours.

GP_3157 karma

Huge fan--Write with HITRECORD all the time and even got paid by you guys for content a few times! Really made me trust myself more as a writer when I can see people enjoy my writing. Awesome idea.

My questions:

What was the one character or part that you really wanted or would like to play in the future?

In a world of over saturated remakes/reboots, what show/movie do you actually think really deserves one if done right?

hitrecordjoe_411 karma

I thought it’d be cool to somehow adapt the Disney animated musical Robin Hood from the 70s. “Not In Nottingham” is a brilliant song. Sung, in that movie, by a freewheelin rooster.

4_0_4error145 karma

Yours and if you can Logic's fav movie?

hitrecordjoe_310 karma

I stole my favorite movie from Noah Segan, which is Cock Fighter starring Warren Oates. Bobby's favorite movie is The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman.

boi_45132 karma

What has been the most challenging role to play for you?

hitrecordjoe_239 karma

I just did this movie called 7500, not exaggerating, probably hardest job ever. Before that, probably The Lookout.

AdministrativeUnion968 karma

Joseph, you are amazing! I just listened to the music video you did with logic and the “mystery van”. How was it having to pay for the gas?

hitrecordjoe_147 karma

I drive a Nissan Leaf, so it was nostalgic

Scurvy8258 karma

Did your computer just crash?

hitrecordjoe_99 karma