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Are you going to answer any of these questions?

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I’ll take it

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What are your thoughts on the authoritarianism of the Chinese Government and freedom for Hong Kong and Taiwan?

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I'm literally only here responding to you at this point, bud. And frankly, it is about me since we are talking about a member of Congress and I'm an American. If it was for the seat of Governor, I wouldn't be here. It's important what this guy thinks since his vote can affect my life. If you can't appreciate or understand that then you're probably from Kentucky.

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I couldn't care less what you think buddy. This guy isn't going to win the seat. When someone as spineless as this guy that can't even answer a simple question with any guts tries to take down the Republican party leader, then the campaign was a waste. I don't even live in Kentucky, but I hope to God that one of the other democrats can do a better job than this idiot.