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Huge fan--Write with HITRECORD all the time and even got paid by you guys for content a few times! Really made me trust myself more as a writer when I can see people enjoy my writing. Awesome idea.

My questions:

What was the one character or part that you really wanted or would like to play in the future?

In a world of over saturated remakes/reboots, what show/movie do you actually think really deserves one if done right?

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Whistle Stop is a fantastic song as well. I am sure Disney is all over this since they just redid Lion King, Jungle Book ect. Give me a Deschanel Maid Marian, Gordon-Levitt Robin Hood Duo all day.

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Incredibly interesting job. Got a few questions. Feel free to answer any or none of them. Thanks for doing this AMA!

  1. What is the positive or cheerful moment you have taken out of this experience(personal or just overall)?
  2. Have any opinions or views changed since first traveling to the DRC?
  3. Any truly frightening or exciting moments stick out?
  4. Do most people know Nat Geo and what you do? Are you generally excepted when taking portrait type pictures? Do you explain what the pictures are for?
  5. Anything that makes you feel hopeful for the future in the Congo?


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That was what I meant. More about the will of people but wanted to leave it open ended.

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Who is someone you wish you could collab with that you haven't yet?