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I'm betting it's going to be when Harry "spit" on the baby. You could see JGL start to crack up.

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Tech support


There goes the entire service industry, construction and engineering.

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Lot of people around here arent going to like that response...

Most fools do hate facts.

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The biggest thing we need to do is shut down criminal access via the internet

So you plan to make internet sales illegal even though gun sales across state line already go through a background check.

More bullshit fear mongering, lying, or just plain ignorance on your part.

I also note even though this is the most popular question you cower from offering specifics. Lies of omission are still lies. You seem to be behaving exactly like the "insiders" you claim to be different from. Dodging questions and obfuscating.

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Why don't you stop murdering innocents?