Hey, it's Paddys day again. So here I am. We are a small independent bar operating on Thomas Street in the Liberties area of Dublin City. The Thomas House bar has been under our management for 8 years now. I suppose this reddit thing has become a tradition at this stage. I'm here to answer your questions so hit me with your best shot!

Gar. The Thomas house pub.

**Answers are short because in in work. But keep them coming. Interesting questions get interesting answers.

*** I'm now drinking. Answers may increase in abuse/weirdness. Instagram thomashousebar village.elder

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Stupid_Shade_Of_Blue3037 karma

What is best kind of customer you can hope for on a day like today?

bombidol6967 karma

A quiet rich one

KevinAkey1766 karma

What was last year like?

bombidol2940 karma

Not as busy as the year before. Paddys day is for tourists now.

_Stripes_1540 karma

How do you feel about Teeling whiskey reviving the distilling in Dublin?

bombidol1240 karma

It's great. More and more opening now.

PraiseMelora1069 karma

How does the celebration on St Patrick's day compare to Arthur Guinness day?

bombidol757 karma

It's close

the_black_minister1031 karma

What's the ratio of people drinking to have fun and drinking to black out?

bombidol2264 karma

They all start out having fun..

CrankItMan1949 karma

Do you look forward to St. Patrick's day every year or panic as it starts to come closer?

bombidol2125 karma

I hate it so much

Something22884279 karma

Don't you make a lot of money from it though? Or do you already make so much that you don't care or need it?

bombidol601 karma

Hardly. It's just a mentally and physically taxing day.

DanielSanCarter853 karma

Man I miss Dublin. Want to hire an American with zero skills and potential? :p

bombidol1185 karma

Yeah sure

ThatUKCook779 karma

How many pints of Guiness will you sell today? And why is Smithwicks an underrated gem?

Edit: this is now a Smithwicks appreciation comment chain!

bombidol715 karma

Smithwicks isn't as underrated as MacArdles!

kdot_10708 karma

How many kegs will you go through?

bombidol984 karma

I'll tell you at the end of the night

_notpennysboat707 karma

What places do you recommend near your bar?? I’ll be in Dublin for the first time in two weeks and definitely want to stop by as I love these AMAs every year.

bombidol1391 karma

Drop in here and we will point you in the right direction

egwene17570 karma

Oh my god I thought I just read wrong.

My best friend and I have been to your bar last November/December and came in 15 mins before you closed down, we actually stayed for another 2 hours and chilled with your employees. By that time we we‘re quite drunk and could not bear to come back the next day because it was just too embarrassing. I talked to I think your door guy Connor about the UFC fighter Connor McGregor and he told me that Connor McGregor was not a nice person which lead me to ask in the UFC subreddit about it. Turned out that was true. But this night really made our weekend and I will always look back and just laugh. It’s a great bar with really cool people!

Whoops I didn’t ask a question and my comment got removed:

So how is Connor doing? And could you please let your team know that they are awesome? Thanks

bombidol317 karma

I'll let him know!

Innovativename466 karma

Do you prefer busy nights like tonight or more chill nights?

bombidol853 karma

Somewhere in the middle where everyone including the staff are enjoying themselves

Bassmingo417 karma

Why don't you let Jay handle the AMA for once? Everyone knows he's the best barman the Thommo has....

bombidol898 karma

He's not even the best keg lifter we have. Let alone barman.

Eoin_McLove406 karma

How many Americans will you have served by the end of today?

bombidol1181 karma

All of them

bedarje1991350 karma

Which tourists are your favourite?

bombidol1638 karma


EliteReaver268 karma

How do you understand someone from Donegal?

bombidol1165 karma

By dividing the accent by Northern Irish and multiplying by aquaman

Portarossa257 karma

I'm here to answer your questions so hit me with your best shot!

I see what you did there.

What's a drink that you personally think is underrated -- a sort of hidden gem that doesn't get the love it deserves? If you had to impress someone with something that they'd never tried before, what would you put in front of them?

(Best of luck for the rest of the day, and thanks for answering questions!)

bombidol385 karma

Powers gold label whiskey. All day.

futdashuckup213 karma

Do people really care whether you choose to order Bushmills or Jameson?

bombidol514 karma

Not really. They are both wrong

Vetrolic195 karma

Have any bar staff gotten so drunk on Paddy's day that they've had to be sent home?

bombidol270 karma

Never ever

hotmetalslugs188 karma

The first time I went to a Dublin pub, years ago, I didn’t know that one apparently doesn’t leave tips at the bar.

I was pointed at and laughed at by the bartender. “Look at the Yank, lads!” and so forth.

Why was getting free money given in good faith taken as such a personal affront, and is it still that way?

bombidol217 karma

Tips are appreciated but not required.

Cakes2015177 karma

I live in Boston and the drinking crowds are completely insane/obnoxious. Everyone thinks they’re Irish. On a weekend like this bars make the whole weekend a green celebration. What’s it like in Ireland on this day? Are there a lot of shenanigans or are people typically over the hype?

bombidol247 karma

It's just international Irish day. Tourists everywhere

kelctex165 karma

I’m American and my birthday is today, so I’ve always embraced the kitschiness of the US celebrations. But now that I’m older, I need to buckle down and focus on the more important things in life... so what’s your recommendation for the best whiskey (whisky?) for beginners?

bombidol194 karma

Powers gold label

backdoortender163 karma

In the US St Pats is one of those amateur night events, meaning you get all the people who rarely drink come out and get shit-faced. Is it the same way over there?

bombidol221 karma

Exactly the same

RedEveningHope160 karma

What’s your funniest memory of St. Patrick’s day?

bombidol554 karma

Them fucking snakes

silvio_burlesqueconi149 karma

Murphy's or Guinness? Lyon's or Barry's?

bombidol257 karma

Guinness and Barry's

crank1off146 karma

I'm watching the live stream of Temple Bar, when does the public BJ's and barfing usually start?

bombidol224 karma

Around six

prex10127 karma

Best beer you got on tap?

bombidol228 karma

St Bernados

Saru2013111 karma

Do you remember having a lock in, after a Dropkick Murphys gig in Vicar St 5 or 6 years ago? I was there, was an awesome night

bombidol405 karma

Lock ins are illegal so I have no idea what you are talking about...

mklipka102 karma

Do you get more foreigners or Irish on average? And does that change in St. Patrick’s day?

bombidol175 karma

Way more tourists this time of year

DDawn19102 karma

How do you feel about Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale? Had it while I was in Dublin last month and it’s now my favorite beer of all time.

bombidol128 karma

We sell it!

Ungiphted102 karma

How much Guinness do you order before hand?

bombidol165 karma

About triple a normal order

OyeYouDer95 karma

Good luck to you, friend! Upstate NY, here, and I've no desire to leave my couch this day. How's the weather?

bombidol108 karma

Sunny and windy

barafundlebumbler81 karma

Why is the Guinness not so much cheaper in Dublin? I'm outside Belfast and if I paid those prices in Belfast for a pint, I'd freak out haha

bombidol113 karma

Excise taxes

AcidicPaper74 karma

What’s your worst customer story?

bombidol175 karma

There's a few. A guy attacked me one night while I was djing. That was no fun.

pjfrank65 karma

What do you think about Guinness's new Baltimore production facility?

bombidol70 karma

Great news

_bobby_tables_60 karma

A snooty Irish-American told me that Irish in Ireland do not go out getting shit-faced on green beer, but treat the day as the religious holiday that it is. Are there more Irish in church today, at the pub, or both?

bombidol122 karma

Very few Irish people go out today

mrshredwards56 karma

Does anyone over there actually eat corned beef and cabbage?

bombidol83 karma

Yep. Not a lot though

dametime6956 karma

Gday, In your experience where are the most troublesome/annoying tourists from? - also where are the friendliest/best tourists from? Good luck and thanks for the AMA!

bombidol147 karma

English stag/bachelor parties

Haight_Is_Love22 karma

Is this the answer to both questions?

bombidol51 karma


EinsteinNeverWoreSox54 karma

Hi, man with really nice beard. What's your least favorite drink (both to serve and drink?)

bombidol119 karma

Any sort of shitty shot like baby Guinness or car bomb. Most of the time I just say we don't do em

Strawberry_Chores53 karma

I had a quick visit back to Dublin last Christmas after emigrating a few years ago, and thought it was crazy that they had like a cupcake shop on Thomas St. Would not have expected that at all.

Do you think the place is being gentrified? For better or for worse?

bombidol111 karma

100% it's on the up. I feel like it's more being brought into line with the rest of the city more than gentrification

ImMechakucha43 karma

Do you find tourists respectful enough on St. Patrick's day ?

bombidol63 karma

Most of them are fine

NotFromThe78043 karma

Is green beer acceptable or frowned upon in Ireland?

bombidol254 karma

Fuck Green beer

Test-Sickles37 karma

I was told when in Dublin to go to the Brazen Bull pub. Why is that place such a big deal?

bombidol93 karma

The brazen head. It's a really old pub. Mostly for tourists

bro-en_-eyboard33 karma

What kind of music do the tourists want to hear?

bombidol162 karma

I'm djing later so I don't give a shit. They'll take what I give em!

Dick_Doucheman28 karma

How does it feel knowing no matter how good your whiskey is, it will never be Scotch?

bombidol245 karma

It feels good knowing I'll never have to drink diluted smoke juice. Fuck scotch.

jerkwad_15226 karma

Mayonnaise or mustard?

bombidol48 karma


tyrael9826 karma

What do you Mainly serve? Guinness?what snacks are typically served during St Patrick’s day?

bombidol31 karma

Stout, lager and cider mostly today

st_owly25 karma

Favourite Irish beer I should look for next time I'm over? I prefer pale ales to stouts.

bombidol45 karma

Anything by Yellow belly

KyleReese3522 karma

Craziest thing to happen in your bar on SPD?

bombidol40 karma

Mostly people passing out or sleeping to be honest

thicc-ass20 karma

What's your favourite drink and why?

bombidol38 karma

Powers John's Lane whiskey

GS_24620 karma

How do you handle people that ask for an Irish Carbomb?

(Because I know people are stupid and I want to be the first to ask this question today.)

bombidol93 karma

Make it and sell it

sadmoon66617 karma

I’m across the road in Kennedy’s. Should I pop over?

bombidol29 karma

If you want. Doors are open!

P0LM0DSCEN50R16 karma

What do you think about the possibility of a hard border between the republic and northern Ireland?

Here in the states we are hearing that the troubles could start again. Do you get the same feeling there?

bombidol39 karma

Fingers crossed for no hard border.

peoplearecool13 karma

Appreciate the AMA but why do it if you are just going to give stilted responses? Some people are asking open ended questions qnd you just say one word or o e quick line.

bombidol10 karma

Only to the repeated questions

joanimacaroni13 karma

I appreciate your AMA every year. It’s become a tradition for me. I’d love to visit someday but I don’t drink brown liquor. Would it be frowned upon to drink vodka there???

bombidol18 karma

Absolutely not. We are big fans of vodka too

pinniped19 karma

How much does the rugby add to the festivities? Is it just dialed up another notch or is it just biz as usual?

bombidol12 karma

No idea. I pay no attention to it.

RufMixa5558 karma

What are the 3 things that an American tourist in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day should NOT do.

For example, I was visiting a bar in the UK and I ordered an "Irish Car Bomb" (which is a drink in the States, not at all thinking about the words that I was using and the history behind them) I got an extremely frosty response from the bartender and he refused to wait on me for the rest of the night. Can't blame him, it was ignorant of me. Are there other things that tourists have a tendency to do without thinking that they should avoid?

bombidol17 karma

Rules are the same the world over. Be respectful to the staff and the customers around you. You arent to know about local culture until you have experienced it.

ErikLabroo8 karma

You uh... alright? But actually, got any crazy stories?

bombidol25 karma

Dude ate a dead lizard once

burweedoman8 karma

What’s the scene like? Rowdy? Crowded? Music?

bombidol22 karma

We haven't even opened yet

SubjectiveHat8 karma

Can I get a jack and coke?

bombidol13 karma


BullKitty8 karma

Is losing to Wales in the 6 Nations impacting today's celebration?

bombidol8 karma

No idea

mjdunlop87 karma

Do people generally prefer EPL or League of Ireland? What teams are most popular?

bombidol15 karma

I know nothing about football. LoI is very popular though

Sasquatch_krunch6 karma

Would a liqored up Sasquatch be able to fight 10 drunk leprechauns?

bombidol26 karma

Easily. Squatches for life.

BavarianE346 karma

Do you drink on the job? Ever had an employee get a little too wasted during their shift?

bombidol24 karma

Not usually. Sometimes near the end of a shift you might pull a pint to sip on

SeveredOblivion5 karma

Does this St Paddys day feel any different with the looming fallout of Brexit fast approaching?

bombidol7 karma


cateml4 karma

Do you get annoyed about how a billion $/£/€ brewing company co-opted not only a festival but also basically branded itself all over an entire city? (I know that has always really frustrated about Dublin, I don't really know why, but it does.)

bombidol21 karma

If it makes money for the the pub. I'm in. As bad as that sounds. Staff need wages, bills need paying.

BoOGer_onMyBOob4 karma

Is it rainy today? What makes a typical Irish day? Did i tell u i loove wishkey wkishey wiskey whiskey?

bombidol10 karma

We all love whisky


Jameson, Powers, Teelings, Tulamore, Bushmills?

bombidol15 karma

All the above. But mostly Powers.

Nori_AnQ4 karma

How many beers does your avarage costumer consume?

bombidol21 karma


MeddlinQ3 karma

I always toy with the though of going to Dublin on Paddys day (Czech guy here). If I do next year, will I encounter only drunk people or is that day as atmospheric as I imagine it to be?

bombidol15 karma

Just drunk people

famousaj3 karma

How fucking cold is it?

bombidol12 karma


YoBuckStopsHere3 karma

St. Patrick's Day used to be more of a religious holiday in Ireland. When did the country really embrace the party aspect of the day?

bombidol8 karma

It's been a tourist day for as long as I remember to be honest

bigfatpup2 karma

What do you think of Conor McGregors Proper 12 whiskey?

bombidol9 karma

I haven't had it yet. I assume it's piss.

RuffledFeathers4112 karma

How do you react when someone orders a “car bomb”?

bombidol5 karma

Make it and sell it

meditative_elf1 karma

Do you serve green Guinness ?

bombidol1 karma

Absolutely not.

Howamidriving271 karma

Why is "Patty's Day" such a faux pas? How does St. Patrick's day get shortened to "Paddy's" and not "Patty's"?

bombidol2 karma

Cause paddy is short for Patrick here usually

Greeio1 karma

Have you always worked in bars or had different jobs as well? If the latter, what was the best?

bombidol2 karma

This was the first bar I'd ever worked in. I was a promoter and DJ for years before. Still am I suppose.

shnigybrendo1 karma

Will you get a lot (or any) tips today?

bombidol1 karma


KieRanaRan1 karma

Do you get many Glaswegians coming over?

bombidol3 karma

I don't speak Martian so it's hard to tell where they are from..

_Zev1 karma

Have you seen anyone cosplaying as a leprechaun?

bombidol5 karma

There are thousands of them here today

Skulltcarretilla1 karma

What will you do when it’s time to clean?

bombidol4 karma


Ajfergy1 karma

People drink a ton in America for St Paddy's day, how is it over there and what's the profit like?.

bombidol1 karma

It's busy here.

xabialonsoo1 karma


bombidol2 karma


constagram1 karma

Did anyone ever order a "Car bomb"?

bombidol2 karma


ShankKunt421 karma

How many Irish car bombs have you served today?

bombidol1 karma

Zero. Not really an Irish thing

WakeupDp1 karma

Do you guys actually get mad that us Americans call it patty’s?

bombidol1 karma

A little.

EYazz1 karma

Drinking, violence, destruction of property. Are these the things we think of when we think of the Irish?

bombidol1 karma


JimmyTwoTimesFour1 karma

How many drunk English people have you wanted to punch during your shift?

bombidol7 karma


Testicular_Wisdom1 karma

Is "Green Beer" a thing around there??

bombidol2 karma


OzTm0 karma

What happened to Messrs McGuires, The Waxy Dargle and The Quill? I leave the place for 5 minutes and you guys close down all the good places.

Admittedly the Waxy was a bit of a shit hole - but we fucking loved the Quill. Such a tragedy.

bombidol2 karma

Quill is still sitting there rotting

marekPTA0 karma

Why do the best Irish punk bands come from America?

bombidol5 karma

Cause you haven't heard the Irish ones

pradeepkanchan0 karma

Whats the nuacht these days? Are there Garda everywhere?

bombidol3 karma

Just in town

beatmetodeath-1 karma

Shouldn't you be, you know... working?

bombidol3 karma

I'm the boss. But yeah I'll do a bit later