My short bio: hello, this has been a crazy event for me and my family, they even gave me a verified artist account on spotify but before last week I had no inclination to make music.

My wife made fun of me for wasting my evening taking a photo of the dust on my desk just because it looked like outer space.

So to prove her wrong I turned it into an album cover, recorded a song about it and released it on every possible platform worldwide. Sites like imgur and 9gag blew it up and things have snowballed from there.

I guess this falls under the category of "A truly interesting and unique event."

My Proof: hello see pinned tweet :)

Edit: Little Cecil is not my real name, it’s what we call the cat because he looks like an english gentleman. I know it’s a really uncool name to choose and if I had known things would have gone so far I would have probably chosen “L’il” just to fit in. /s

edit: it’s also on if you don’t have spotify, or apple/itunes

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ChokaTot870 karma

Well, don't leave us hanging. Did you successfully annoy your wife?

takingboredomfurther1879 karma

man she is livid. she’s actually being a very good sport about it and has finally agreed that maybe yes, the dust on the desk does look like an epic space movie. She’s also my best friend and we tend to have an ongoing battle to see who can take a joke the furthest. At the moment I think I’m winning but that just makes me nervous what her next move will be.

Chilloa82 karma

It really doesn't sound like she thinks it does look like an epic space movie. Have you considered turning it into an epic space trilogy? That might convince her.

takingboredomfurther59 karma

I think it should be an epic ten part series on netflix, that would get the point across

pseudoart445 karma

The lyrics go "The dust on my desk IS like an epic movie!", while the title everywhere say "LOOKS".

Does this bother you just as much as it does me?

takingboredomfurther465 karma

This was a very drunken mistake. It was also 2am at this stage and I was way too excited about my ridiculous plan

KickAssMiles335 karma

What's cooler than being cool?

takingboredomfurther512 karma

0 degrees Kelvin, or being cool before it was cool to be cool

gorcorps266 karma

Why did you think it was okay to mention your cat looks like an english gentleman and NOT post a picture? I demand satisfaction

takingboredomfurther134 karma

Let me get home and I'll upload a snap :)

JavaShipped257 karma

This is dumb. This is my kind of dumb. I like it.

What does your wife think of you now?

takingboredomfurther277 karma

she sees the funny side but cringes every time I play it to her. she HATES the autotune stuff which is exactly why it’s in there

BTCAlex97 karma

Would she prefer a lo-fi punk version, because I'm pretty sure I could make that happen in a few hours.

EDIT: Just waiting on our drummer to get home from work. We'll get a couple shitty recordings done.

takingboredomfurther83 karma

I’m working on a few remixes ;)

oyog222 karma

Obligatory "How high were you?"

takingboredomfurther305 karma

a couple beers in.

altasobscura114 karma

Why don’t you consider yourself a “real musician”?

takingboredomfurther189 karma

I don’t read music. I only know what sounds good or what I like to hear. I only last week discovered that I rather enjoy experimenting with things like garage band and adobe audition and my iphone microphone.

LinoleumFulcrum15 karma

Just because you can't write doesn't mean that you can't speak. ;)

Seriously, I'd argue that the majority of folks that play music have little to no comprehension of how to read musical notation.

Nice job on doing it just to get at your SO. I used to "serenade" my old GF with a hot lil ditty comprised of staccato diminished fifths and the refrain of "Beef Jer-ky", so I can share in your glee.


Supercoolgreatguy13 karma


takingboredomfurther18 karma

want to be my friend? :) (edit: sorry, I was trying to ask in a clumsy way if you’d be able to offer any advice? a quick pm would be great if you think of anything! thanks)

postingstuff76 karma

Is it on YouTube?

takingboredomfurther84 karma

Yes, I’ll update the post with that now :) edit: here it is

VeronicaKell57 karma

Are you going to release an instrumental version? I could actually listen to an album of music like that if there wasn't the annoying robot voice over it. The instruments were good. Voice bad.

takingboredomfurther56 karma

sure I can do that. I’ll be working on some new stuff this weekend

deusnefum47 karma

You really need to get some big stupid artist to do a remix for you. "The Dust on My Desk Looks Like an Epic Movie (Instrumental) (DJ Tiesto Remix) (Extended Version)"

takingboredomfurther19 karma

If you could just reach out to David Guetta for me that would be great

benrocks929152 karma

How do you feel knowing you made a modern masterpiece?

takingboredomfurther66 karma

I can’t wait until it’s christmas number one. heh.

Carotti44 karma

Have you managed to make any money out of your masterpiece yet?

Any plans for future work?

takingboredomfurther116 karma

No nothing really. I just hope I make back the $25 I spent creating an artist profile with a distributor otheriwse my wife really will be cross. But seriously yes, I love the process and have been consuming all kinds of inspiration and tutorials in the hope that I can improve my work, even just as a hobby. :)

maybedick23 karma

Looks like you already made that 25 dollars from Spotify. Well 24.492 at the least. Apparently Spotify pays at least 0.006$ per stream and the song is now at 4082. That's a w!

takingboredomfurther24 karma

maybe dick

goat_reaper32 karma

What was the hardest part of the music production process for you?

takingboredomfurther114 karma

Doing it quietly without waking my wife and child because it was after bed time and I was sneaking the hell out of the project :)

bioteker28 karma

Did you purposely make the album cover “looks like” and record “is like” just to further annoy your wife? Because if she’s OCD like me, that’s just brilliant.

takingboredomfurther32 karma

It actually says both. Almost as if the female vocal says it incorrectly and the male corrects her ;). but yes that was a foolish error on my drunken part

alienkreeper24 karma

Are all spouses as aggressively annoying as you?

takingboredomfurther63 karma

she started it

9g917 karma

Really milking this for all it's worth, huh?

takingboredomfurther28 karma

read my username. I have a mission to complete. It’s not over until she has to listen to the song playing in the frozen yoghurt section of the grocery store

bwwatr14 karma

How exactly does one get 'officially registered and eligible to be in the billboard charts'? And for that matter, get onto platforms like Spotify or Apple.

Also, your desk totally looks like outer space. Good eye. And the whole thing is hilarious, so a job well done all around.

takingboredomfurther15 karma

I had to register it with Nielsen soundscan in the US and Millward Brown in the UK. They need the song’s EAN or UPC (barcode number, track, artist and other details.) It’s a straightforward process (UK needs applying for a tornado account first) or a distributor can do it for you for a reasonable price, sometimes also included in their more expensive packages.

Spotify, apple and every other platform submission, is currently available only through a distributor. CDBaby, Distrokid or Dittomusic all offer different angles.

KropotkinLeGuin14 karma

Are you okay?

takingboredomfurther16 karma

Mostly. Thanks :)

galaxybeans8314 karma

I'm suddenly very glad my guy hasn't got a shred of artistic anything, because this is definitely something I could see him pulling lol. This is just all sorts of awesome.

When you decided to just put it out there, realistically speaking, what did you really expect from it? Just the annoyed-wife-total-win result? Or were you hoping it would spread a bit and become amusing to others? Any plans for more annoy the wife musical hits?

takingboredomfurther36 karma

I hoped I could kick up a bit of fuss on imgur about it and for her to see it as she browsed in bed. this is way cooler and yet I'm now constantly nervous of her releasing a diss track in retaliation

thisiscotty9 karma

I would love to see it animated, any plans for that?

takingboredomfurther14 karma

Not at the moment. Although I did also turn it into a fully playable asteroids game on a whim (see

iamtheundefined6 karma

Sorry I'm late! What was your wives reaction when she woke up and found out you've released a song worldwide when she was asleep?

By the way, I'm really digging the instrumental up in this b. It's so groovy, I might unironically listen to it lol

takingboredomfurther9 karma

It’s not how late you are but what you do when you get there that defines you. She just generally tuts and tries not to show how funny she thinks I am. She’s doing a great job of hiding it, but she’ll crack any moment now I can feel it. And hey, thanks!

Sexymcsexalot6 karma

Can you tell me why most alligators are abnormally aggressive?

takingboredomfurther30 karma

Everybody’s always leaving them when all they want is some company. Everyone tells them they don’t have time right now and promise instead to see them later.

SmilingFallacy6 karma

Was the lil rocket already there, or did you draw it for the sake of the photo/cover art?

takingboredomfurther14 karma

I hand drew this with my expert rocket drawing hand :) and placed it in the panoramic scene before taking the snapshot

JaCoBaLlEn5 karma

You like soup Cecil? Got a favorite kind?

takingboredomfurther6 karma

Literally just eaten cauliflower soup. I liked it.

OmahaVike4 karma

All possible platforms? Where do I find the 8-track cassette version?

takingboredomfurther2 karma

let me set up that kickstarter ;)

Von_Kissenburg3 karma

Wow. That's a truly terrible song. You really weren't kidding about not being a musician, were you?

takingboredomfurther12 karma

I aim low and almost make it

Spinymad2 karma

What is your favorite Dinosaur?

takingboredomfurther2 karma

The doyouthinkhesaurus

tealeaf012 karma

Who did the Kung Fu and space rock remixes?

takingboredomfurther4 karma

also me

OSRSgamerkid2 karma

Yeah one thing.

What's the song called?

takingboredomfurther2 karma

“The dust on my desk looks like an epic movie”

SatanicWereWolf2 karma

So essentially you are a real life Andy Dwyer. Do you watch Parks and Rec? Do you book children's birthday parties?

takingboredomfurther1 karma

Parks and Rec is on my to-do list. Just as soon as I finish writing this broadway show

its_annalise2 karma

I'm really digging the kung fu version. Why does it exist?

takingboredomfurther1 karma

simply because my wife hates my kung fu movie collection so there HAD to be one

a_shootin_star1 karma

Cool vocoding at the end there. What kind of set up do you have?

takingboredomfurther30 karma

for voice recording I literally just have my phone microphone and I did that way at the other side of the house behind a towel so that she wouldn’t wake up and wonder what the hell I was doing