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You met with the FBI without a lawyer?! Jesus.

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What milk costs per gallon has almost nothing to do with what dairy farmers are paid for the milk. Ten years ago, before she died, my grandmother (who was a dairy farmer) told me they were getting less for milk than they'd been paid since the 1960's, not counting for inflation.

I don't know the exact numbers for milk, but I've heard that if wheat farmers were paid double for their wheat, it would increase the price of a loaf of bread by about nine cents; I imagine it's similar for milk.

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Plus, you have to sort out your benefits and everything!

HAHAHA!! What kind of jobs do you think most people have, man?!

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How have you gone this far in composition while still paying people to play your music? I'd think you should 1. find people who want to play your music, and 2. write pieces for those people.

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The story I remember reading in some magazine from an interview many years ago was that he was supposed to steal a guitar, didn't know the difference between electric guitar and electric bass, so stole a bass by mistake. This response of his makes me think that was definitely just an entertaining yarn.