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takingboredomfurther1879 karma

man she is livid. she’s actually being a very good sport about it and has finally agreed that maybe yes, the dust on the desk does look like an epic space movie. She’s also my best friend and we tend to have an ongoing battle to see who can take a joke the furthest. At the moment I think I’m winning but that just makes me nervous what her next move will be.

takingboredomfurther512 karma

0 degrees Kelvin, or being cool before it was cool to be cool

takingboredomfurther465 karma

This was a very drunken mistake. It was also 2am at this stage and I was way too excited about my ridiculous plan

takingboredomfurther305 karma

a couple beers in.

takingboredomfurther277 karma

she sees the funny side but cringes every time I play it to her. she HATES the autotune stuff which is exactly why it’s in there