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I have a lot of questions but I'll limit myself to two lol

What advice do you have for an aspiring data scientist? And what projects would provide proof to an employer that I can do the job? Thanks

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What was the hardest part of the music production process for you?

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Thank you! Currently I've been working with Python actively for three months and on and off before then I'm a self study as college isn't financially an option right now, working two jobs

If you're willing to answer one more question, what languages or technologies do you recommend? (I know you mentioned Python and Java, but SQL and Azure are some I've been considering) Thanks again!

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Okay, I haven't looked too much into web development yet but that's definitely on my agenda now.

I study every day in order to better myself in hopes of getting a job without attending college, do you recommend internships?

And all these job descriptions for entry level expect a bachelor's degree and experience in a variety of technologies, often not even correlating!

Do you think all the recommended projects, languages and resources like Kaggle could land an entry level job or do you think a degree or certification is necessary?

Once again I appreciate your time and responsiveness!