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Was there ever a point when you just sat back and asked yourself why you were putting this much time and effort in?

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I absolutely love that outlook of collectively changing the world and the way we think about knowledge. That idea alone is enough to inspire a dream in someone else, and that's a wonderful thing.

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I'm suddenly very glad my guy hasn't got a shred of artistic anything, because this is definitely something I could see him pulling lol. This is just all sorts of awesome.

When you decided to just put it out there, realistically speaking, what did you really expect from it? Just the annoyed-wife-total-win result? Or were you hoping it would spread a bit and become amusing to others? Any plans for more annoy the wife musical hits?

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I think you guys just became legit relationship goals lol. I love the humor you have in your relationship. That's a great thing. Seriously though, if she does, we totally need an update lol!