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Jamie knew and knows this, which is why when he was asked to do this show, he brought Adam on.

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Atheist here. It's not that a nativity scene is offensive. It's that our supposedly secular government is showing a clear preference to a religion.

It's not that we're angry about people believing in a god. It's that we're tired of being marginalized and ignored because we do not share a belief in a god or gods.

Here's a personal example for myself. I had to go to small claims court. We are given the option of swearing our oath on a bible or simply affirming. No problem, right? I can just affirm and everything is fair? No. The magistrate assumed I would swear on the bible and directed me to do so. Now I could've said I would rather affirm, but if she is a Christian and offended by my lack of belief, that could bias her against me. So, I swore on a Bible--passively endorsing such a thing even though I wholeheartedly disagree with such a practice.

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No. Half the reason people even give soylent any thought is the provocative name.

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Yup. That's the Wil Wheaton we know and love.

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You really need to get some big stupid artist to do a remix for you. "The Dust on My Desk Looks Like an Epic Movie (Instrumental) (DJ Tiesto Remix) (Extended Version)"