Hey Dylan here. Actor. I am a Canadian, living in London, who seems to work almost never in either of those two places. I have had the fortune to work with incredible actors, and big stars, all of whom were humble, down to earth and very hard working! Check out my latest show I Am The Night by Patty Jenkins, starting Chris Pine.


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chonas661 karma

How much of an influence would you say Sean Bean has on you?

dylaniscurly575 karma

Ran into him the other day here in London and I realised he is just a dude, trained, talented, and heavyweight.

Sickwidit93328 karma

Have a fight to the death with him.

Pretty much a paradox.

dylaniscurly255 karma

A talent contest, I sing, He acts, lets see who makes a bigger tit of himself.

dylaniscurly231 karma

Sorry thought this was in response to a different comment about another singer named Dylan Smith online.

ernie0938 karma

Haha, I was like "what has Sean Bean ever done to you?"

dylaniscurly32 karma

Well he never killed me for starters!

superbabe696 karma


dylaniscurly9 karma

It’s on!

prettyy_vacant49 karma

I mean it kinda works here too hahaha.

dylaniscurly52 karma

True. But he does also have the voice.

jetsdude270 karma

how jacked were you in 300? and what was your training regimen like?

dylaniscurly305 karma

I was doing working out on my own. I was most jacked on The Immortals which was cross fit, pure weights and a lot of martial arts.

jetsdude86 karma

what'd your schedule look like? how do you sustain that while having busy shoot days? Must be up super early for cross fit/martial arts then heavy weights before bed?

dylaniscurly158 karma

We had a full warehouse hanger as a gym, weight room, training quarters, and whenever we weren't shooting we were told to go there and run drills or hit the weights. I was always eating to try and stay energised. It was with an amazing stunt team in Montreal Canada.

SomeToastyBagels171 karma

What is one of the most physically demanding shoots that you've done?

dylaniscurly314 karma

Spectral. An actor almost got killed. I got a hernia and two bouts of gastroenteritis (sp?) there were knee operations, busted elbows....it was mad crazy

ThreeStripesForever114 karma

more about this actor who almost got killed pls

dylaniscurly364 karma

Clayne Crawford. During an action sequence he went through a glass door, got a shard in his armpit about 2 mm from a main artery. taken to a military hospital, had the operation, flew back to the US the next day and then had something like 3 operations to try and fix all the nerve damage.

jlialp190 karma

This is one of the most interesting actor/ama I've ever read.

dylaniscurly194 karma

Just learned about these myself. I could speak on acting and the business forever. I also grew up in film, which I often take for granted.

jlialp63 karma

What was it like growing up in film?

dylaniscurly227 karma

Amazing, except all I wanted to do was get on the outdoor rink and play hockey. But my parents John N Smith and Cynthia Scott were amazing filmmakers who worked for The National Film Board of Canada. There films were highly political and very beautiful and challenging. They started in news, then documentaries, then docu dramas and then full fiction features. My mom and dad were nominated for Academy awards, my mum won an Oscar for a short Doc called Flamenco at 5:15, and won an award at the Venice film festival for the company of strangers, My dad won huge awards for a 2 part tv drama The Boys of St. Vincent, and he did Dangerous Minds, and my brother is a huge screen writer in Canada and my uncle was a Oscar nominated producer of animation....but if you had dinner with us, you would have no idea. We dont talk about it.

dylaniscurly249 karma

Sounds like I was bragging but in fact all that to say I was proud and inspired by my parents work. Even if home life wasn't always perfect.

jlialp28 karma

Not everyone can be winners, sept us.

dylaniscurly67 karma

SEPP us......


Spectral as in the Netflix film about the weird ghost things and they build a gun to destroy them that sends its shooters flying when they overcharge it at the end and have to wear special suits just to wield it? Or a different Spectral?

dylaniscurly16 karma

Yup, that's the doozer.


That was a cool film. I loved it.

dylaniscurly8 karma

Nice one. It was a lot better than I thought it would be.

Andaeros12 karma

That movie was pretty cool btw, had no idea the stunts were so intense but the action was great. Sucks someone almost died to make it though :(

dylaniscurly29 karma

Yeah it was horrific, and very scary for his whole family who were set to arrive to visit in Budapest the next day. It made me question what I am willing to do on films and challenged my courage to speak up if I feel things are unsafe.

CptnTightPants156 karma

What is the general atmosphere like on big ticket Hollywood sets? Do you ever feel resentful/malicious towards an actor that might get more screen time than you, or do you get paid well enough to where it doesn't matter? (If you are not comfortable discussing your pay, feel free to omit the last part)

dylaniscurly223 karma

Never really feel resentful to other actors, unless they are terrible or on the film because they have huge social media following (more and more the case) Generally they pay great, except when they shoot in Britain.

restinghermit6 karma

Why is Britain's pay scale differently? I don't really know anything about pay scale for films. Is this why the Star Wars movies used a lot of British talent, so they could pay them less?

dylaniscurly12 karma

The Equity Union in Brittain is non-binding, productions need to use an equity contract but not equity actors, so there is no collective bargaining for the actors in the UK. In the US you have SAG which is an incredibly powerful union. Yes, one of the many reasons Hollywood shoots here is you get incredible actors on the cheap.

Night_Not_Day140 karma

How many times have you "died" and which one was the most memorable so far?

dylaniscurly203 karma

I think I am at 12 or something. Arrow through the neck falling off a horse, or being shot in the head by the actor who was Willow.

btcraig163 karma

Wait... Warwick Davis or Alyson Hannigan?

dylaniscurly206 karma

Warwick! We were Al Capone's heavies. I had a scene in Al's Lad's where I am complaining about my wife cheating on me, he pretends to care and then he blows my head off, from under my chin....obviously.

pandem0nium28 karma

There’s your answer!

dylaniscurly11 karma


dwiskus111 karma

Do you ever worry that your eventual real death will be difficult to prove empirically?

dylaniscurly230 karma

Won't care.

Rogueantics107 karma

Have you met your Hollywood heroes and how did it feel if so?

dylaniscurly207 karma

Brian Cranston, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci. All just so powerful, accessible and FUNNY!

nikcou107 karma

What made you decide to do an AMA ?

dylaniscurly235 karma

My publicist, my first one, got me here, and to be honest I am loving this.

KKCooper82 karma

What's your all time favorite film and what draws you to it? Also when you watch other peoples movies do you take notes? I've always wondered that.

dylaniscurly120 karma

I painfully cannot watch something without an ongoing critique in my head which absolutely sucks because I love to be emmersed in a film, and when it is really good it really does do that and shuts my head up.

dylaniscurly98 karma

Favorite films, most of Gene Hackman, PT Anderson, Christian Munjiu, Wes Anderson, French and Italian auteurs, Haneke.....the list goes on.

MezzanineMan24 karma

I hate that I had to work so late and missed this... I wonder what your opinion on Inherent Vice would be

dylaniscurly46 karma

Ah man I got a new born and haven’t seen it. Waiting till kiddo sleeps through the night!

Smellytoosh32 karma

And this is what AMAs are supposed to be about. Genuine interaction. Answers with typos. It's okay. We are talking to you - not your publicist. I am always late to the show and don't ever bother to comment, however you deserve a thank you for your candid responses. You have a new fan.

dylaniscurly24 karma

Guess I am lucky not to be too tainted by this, but can’t see how this is what it is all about. The viewer is the other half, all actors best be fans of the general public or your work will be limited and the job must get pretty stale. Thanks for chimming in!

-Dargs9 karma

A lot of AMAs wind up being the publicist or social media person responding on their behalf, often without any words from the person of interest, often avoiding most questions and only answering those that help promote whatever material they're currently working on.

That said, I remembered you from a few movies and reading through these Q and A's was entertaining. Thanks

dylaniscurly6 karma

I will always try to answer myself if I get invited to do one again. But I can see how that is possible. I got forwarded one with Benedict Cumberbatch who seemed to do it himself and gave some killer answers.

Vivi879 karma

This guy is a true MVP. Still answering questions way into the night. Kudos to you sir! And congrats on the new born, sounds like you'll be a great father.

dylaniscurly16 karma

Oh man, trying. Daily motivational speeches to self that I am not completely messing him up, very necessary.

Fishydeals7 karma

I read somewhere on reddit that if you're questioning if you're doing things right with your kids you are doing better than most other parents.

It'll be alright fam.

dylaniscurly6 karma

Yeah got to keep trying to learn from the little man.

KKCooper47 karma

I am a graphic designer and have the same issues with critiquing people's work as I walk around town and always wondered if others employed in the.... arts... field that similar habits. Thanks for doing this, these are always fun.

dylaniscurly45 karma

Thanks for the good question...yeah loving this.

illusum72 karma

I just watched Spectral last night! Pretty cool movie, man. What was it like shooting that? There seemed to be a lot of practical effects and locations.

dylaniscurly100 karma

It was absolutley nuts physically. A long long shoot, full of action and real danger every day. But the cast were just the best and I have stayed friends with many of them. Budapest is a magnificent city to spend the summer.

staypuftmichelinman36 karma

You and i remember budapest very differently.

  • actor who nearly died on set, probably.

dylaniscurly22 karma

For the actor who nearly died I am sure it’s a terrible memory. The city was wonderful and the people in it.

superbeastbjj68 karma

Do you believe you can catch up to Sean Bean as far as deaths go ?

dylaniscurly97 karma

I promise to try.

theguydudehim66 karma

Tried googling you to remember what I’ve seen you in are you aware there’s some American singer with your name that comes up instead? How do you feel about that and what would you like reddit to do about it?

dylaniscurly122 karma

Well if Reddit can respectfully ask that singer to let me do some singing for a bit, then I would probably buy his album.

nugdude62 karma

I've never been early to an AMA before.

How is your day going?

dylaniscurly153 karma

Not bad, got a new baby, so....well...exhaustion is a new state of reality.

Lucaskid10156 karma

How does it feel when you read the script, and no where it mentions you being killed?

dylaniscurly102 karma

Unfortunately it always does. Doesn't always say how though, which is the fun part.

NetflixAndZzzzzz12 karma

Is there anything in particular that makes a script stand out for you (e.g. personal preferences or thing YOU like to see)?

Are there any common threads in scripts that don’t work for you?

dylaniscurly10 karma

Sometimes they just jump off the page, and different scripts in different ways. Read a pilot called Sweet Tooth, produced by Robert Downey Jr and his wife with Hulu and it made me cry, it was so clear and the emotional through line so human. Other scripts I just couldn't put down. When a script is self conscious or has too many threads of plot or relies on exposition, you know its not for you (not that I am in the position to turn anything down really). Film is best for me as a visual storytelling medium.

CletusVanDamnit53 karma

I've never seen a single movie or TV show that you have been in, except for 300.

Where would you tell me to start in your filmography if you wanted me to become the world's biggest Dylan Scott Smith fan?

dylaniscurly84 karma

Eddie The Sleep Walking Cannibal.....I don't die.

CletusVanDamnit37 karma

Eddie The Sleep Walking Cannibal

This looks to be right up my alley. I will check it out!

dylaniscurly50 karma

Its a spoof but a lot of fun to make...especially running around basically naked in -25 degrees celcius.

Gorillagodzilla50 karma

If you weren’t an actor, what would you want to do?

dylaniscurly143 karma

Build beautiful design led energy efficient houses, which I have done. Be a contemporary dancer, which I have tried. Do more charity work in wild spaces where you are on your toes. I feel much more free around difference than I do the same.

tacolikesweed11 karma

LEED certified buildings! I'm studying architecture to do that exact thing! Such an interesting concept.

dylaniscurly18 karma

Yes!! I was trying to go for LEED certified Gold. We got there but never applied for the certification. I think 'green' can determine absolutely beautiful design from light, to quality of heating. We used ICF which made the heating incredible. No hot air just a warm atmosphere.

Mmizzy40 karma

Is the “red shirt guy” the type of actor you want to be remembered as or are you hoping for an iconic role.

The kind that will stick with you forever and is hard to shake or are you much happier playing different roles and just die every movie?

dylaniscurly62 karma

No, I am starting to work with more and more auteurs like Kelly Reichardt and they make the experience of acting incredible. I would love to do a TV show for a long time to explore the many facets and reactions a character has to continuous obstacles, but I would also like to play some key weird and messed up characters for great filmmakers.

Shirleythepirate7 karma

messed up characters

Well Sepp checks that one off well enough I would think! Just watched the 4th episode of your new show and love it. Hope to see more of you!

dylaniscurly3 karma

Thanks! Haven't seen more than the first episode since the premiere. Waiting for my wife to see it do we can move on to the rest. Still hasnt aired in the UK yet and I am not sure whats happening with that.

stuck_atwork39 karma

What was your favorite death in one of your movies?

dylaniscurly53 karma

Got kelled by an arrow through the neck in The Englishman's Boy, and had to fall off a horse.

TheHypeIsReal8138 karma

Would you rather have penises for fingers or vaginas for ears?

dylaniscurly294 karma

Some days I would like to have my ass where my mouth is so I could fart in response to peoples stupid comments.

bluemitersaw52 karma

You claim you are new to Reddit, but this response makes me suspicious...

dylaniscurly20 karma

No I really am, but I am just loving being able to banter with anybody. This shit rocks.

bluemitersaw6 karma

Well my friend, you seem to be a natural and fit in very well around here. I think that's a compliment but take it as you like.

Since you are new to Reddit, I'll give you one piece of advice. Reddit like all social media can get you in trouble if you say something that can be taken the wrong way, out of context, or maybe was just in poor taste. What makes Reddit different from all the other is the option to be anonymous. It's something that is kinda coveted around here (hence all the silly/weird usernames). Sooo if you really like this warped little place I suggest you create a different username (something like /u/MouthAssFarts99) that can't be traced back to you. Keep this current account for your official publicity stuff, clean and free of potentially harmful comments. Another account for all the normal day to day fucking around we all do on the internet. We'd all hate to see you get caught up in some stupid crap just because you're famous.

Anyways, cheers and welcome to the cesspool!

dylaniscurly8 karma

Dude, hugely generous to explain it to me, cause I had no idea...frickin dinosaur. And that's a great secret name, although I guess we now know who that would be. I will get on that. Muchos Gracias.

jomosexual27 karma

I work g&e in the us. What's the difference like on set between us and the us? Do you ever befriend any of the crew?

dylaniscurly79 karma

I only hang with the crew, if I can. Both on and off the set. This business sets actors up in a way that is deeply unhelpful to their actual craft. Hanging with crew makes me feel like i am at home hanging with my neighbours and friends. I fell comfortable and do my best work.

shartnado325 karma

Do you think they should change the month of September to Sepptember? Dumb questions aside, what games do you play on your phone?

dylaniscurly33 karma

That is frickin brilliant, and my new favourite month. I don't play games, on my phone or otherwise and feel I am missing out, suggestions please?

shartnado311 karma

You are welcome to use that in the future, just reference your boy Shartnado3! haha. I don't really play too many games on my phone, some stupid 8 ball pool game I get mad at, and some solitaire tri tower card game that I also get mad it. I just love the insights on the celeb world, and knowing the things you all do that we do! Viva Sepptember!!

dylaniscurly17 karma

I will just look both ways throughout the month, in case I suffer the same end as dear poor misunderstood Sepp.

Chtorrr24 karma

What is the very best cheese?

dylaniscurly30 karma


bluemitersaw3 karma

Mont d'Or or Fribourgeois?

dylaniscurly4 karma

Only ever tried Mont D'Or.

ChuckEye23 karma

Couldn’t tell from the lighting, but what was the weapon that killed Sepp? A wrench with the handle sharpened?

dylaniscurly29 karma

It was called a Spud wrench, I think its for cranking things that are bolted tight.

PornoPaul22 karma

Are there any projects youve heard of that you want to work, that we may not have heard of yet?

dylaniscurly72 karma

No the one I am after is Dune. I adore Denis V. And my parents were filmakers and know him form Montreal so hoping I might get his attention.

Shirleythepirate21 karma

I think a fair amount of people die in Dune so you’ve got a shot!

dylaniscurly6 karma

Exactly!!! Practically everyone dies. Can Reddit get word toe Denis that there is literally an actor who will die (fake die) for him?

PornoPaul17 karma

Good luck!!

dylaniscurly21 karma


Jojotheboy_21 karma

Unicorns or centaurs?

dylaniscurly41 karma

I am emerging from Unicorn to Centaurs.

Bigdogsbignuts19 karma

Do you prefer blue or black suits?

dylaniscurly40 karma

Dark Blue with black trim.

slowgonomo15 karma

Have you filmed in Georgia yet? I live near Pine Wood and it’s turning in to Bubbawood.

dylaniscurly22 karma

Georgia the country? No. Just turned down a Marvel job shooting at Pinewood.

slothdawgmillionaire14 karma

What was the moment you realized you wanted to work in this industry, and what would you say to someone wanting to start?

dylaniscurly33 karma

I first wanted to act. I played high level ice hockey, was very physical, then saw the incredible Robert Lepage do a one man show which was very physical, everything about it called out to me and then I trained, University theatre school, British theatre school, and lots of other training in physical theatre, method acting, classical acting, voice....etc. If you love it take some classes, and see if it genuinely feels like it is the thing that makes you feel more like you than you do normally.

Mirorcurious6 karma

Have you seen Lepage’s 887? I saw it two weeks ago and it was wonderful!

dylaniscurly3 karma

I haven't, only Needles and Opium which inspired me to be an actor. Seven Streams, and many others. But not 887, what's it about?

LabiaMassage12 karma

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

dylaniscurly36 karma

Javier Bardem. Kate Blanchett. Timothee Chalamet...so many.

kindnesscary9 karma

What are your best tips to memorizing scripts? I love your work and I’m watching I Am The Night every week, it’s amazing.

dylaniscurly27 karma

I do what my wife who is a theatre director told me which is I had a gesture, ridiculous or not to every word. I also just work out what I want form the person, and what words I am using to get it. Then the script becomes absolutely essential, you remember the words because they are attached to a purpose.

Expertly7 karma

Hi Dylan! I’ve heard great things about a lot of the movies you’ve been in. That being said, I haven’t seen a single one of them... For somebody who doesn’t watch a lot of films, which of the ones you’ve played a role in is your personal recommendation for my s/o and I to watch tonight?

dylaniscurly21 karma

If your looking for fun, Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal, Action - Spectral or Total Recal, if your looking for serious - Lemonade.

Meshakhad7 karma

Where is the best place to eat in London?

dylaniscurly19 karma

Chiltern Firehouse, or your local pub if it hasn't been too gentrified.

Gorillagodzilla7 karma

What’s your favorite holiday?

dylaniscurly41 karma

I'm an actor, my favorite holiday is a job!

Markymarc886 karma

Hi, who is the nicest big name actor you worked with and who was the rudest? Thanks

dylaniscurly9 karma

Nicest was Alfred Molina. Most rude....I'd be rude for saying so. Tom Cruise was pretty straight up and very generous. Not as many rude actors as I thought there would be whne I was getting into the business.

LeicaM6guy3 karma

I think there are a lot less rude actors out there than people think. With one notable exception, all the ones I’ve interacted with have been unfailingly nice and polite.

dylaniscurly7 karma

My experience also.

dylaniscurly6 karma

Cheers! Good to know Reddit is a forum of down to earth people!

dylaniscurly4 karma

Sepp is that classic someone desperately unsure of himself and so places all his worth in the respect and love he gets from George Hodell. He may be a frustrated artist if only because he isn’t using art to help him understand himself better, but as an agent of self aggrandizement. He is desperate to be noticed. The Surrealists took misogyny to to the next level and Sepp wanted to take it further.

Chris P was so into a scene once he collapsed on a couch and cut his head. He is a genuine movie star by the way, humble, instinctual, totally professional and really smart.

SpaceElevatorOrBust4 karma

Did Harvey Weinstein ever make you do things you didn't want to do?

Who was your favorite actor to work with?

What are your thoughts on space elevators?

dylaniscurly21 karma

No, never met the bastard. Bruce Greenwood and Walton Goggins. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

SpaceElevatorOrBust4 karma

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I'm listening...

dylaniscurly18 karma

You know the space elevator that takes him into outer space? I want one of those if it gets much worse in the world.

dylaniscurly3 karma

Played in Montreal at high school, then got a scholarship to play at Choate Rosemary Hall, then a pro scouting tournament in Montreal called Great North or something. But had to give it up/ 10 dislocations 2 operations later.

choosetango3 karma

Your skinny, what do you eat?

dylaniscurly10 karma

Pasta, TONS of veg, pasta, meat if are into it, and lots of that. Do a Deniro on Raging Bull.

itsdatoneguy3 karma

Since you don’t currently reside in the states, what is your perception on the current political climate of the U.S. as an outside observer?

dylaniscurly20 karma

Don't get me started. But feel for my friends there and what it must be like to live in the polarisation of the different opinions. Mind you the UK is heading that way.

dylaniscurly3 karma

Totally eh!

NASArocketman2 karma

Did you stay friends with some actors after filming wrapped?

dylaniscurly11 karma

Stayed very good friends with Sam Sheridan the creator, but I was the only one who lives in London so dont get to cross paths with them much. India and Chris P were top class people both though.

jabroni20021 karma

Do you have a grail method that you’d love to see one of your characters die in a film?

dylaniscurly2 karma

Grail method?

dissenter_the_dragon-2 karma

Do u smoke kush?

dylaniscurly4 karma

That's the 'good stuff'?

DoppelFrog-3 karma


dylaniscurly5 karma