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The best way to say “I don’t like him from my Labor days, but he does a decent job”.

Thanks for answering!

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Thoughts on Bill Shorten? I like him, and even though I'm not putting Labor first (still way ahead of the Libs), I'm fine with him being the next PM.

But so many people despise him, apparently purely because the media tells us to hate him. I've never heard a legitimate criticism of the man, it's always just "he's a union affiliated thug" or "his forehead looks funny".

So what do you think of Shorten as a Leader and potential PM?

Preferably not a "this will help Labor win" answer if I may ask for that!

P.S. Thanks for everything you did as PM.

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Oh my lord, an answer nearly 24 hours after the AMA started? You’re a champ.

Can I just say, I loved you in Battlefront 2? Your role as Voice Talent was one of your finest.

For real though, I can’t find who you played in that game?

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From the side. As in, the sausage is in the bread, folded over, and he eats from the tip of the sausage down (that’s what she said)? Is that not normal?