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I wouldn't want myself to be elected simply because I didn't have it easy. Having a bit of a struggle doesn't qualify me, and it doesn't qualify you...

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Their model works because their user base is small as hell. If they did explode in users it's cover the cost of the payout. But it's unlikely to ever happen, because who the hell pays for content on the internet anyway?

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As someone without a degree in AI, I could have told you that as well. :)

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That's hilarious. I'm having trouble picturing it because the planes I've been on haven't had a gap large enough for that to happen. I wouldn't even hesitate to fling his/her leg back over

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A lot of AMAs wind up being the publicist or social media person responding on their behalf, often without any words from the person of interest, often avoiding most questions and only answering those that help promote whatever material they're currently working on.

That said, I remembered you from a few movies and reading through these Q and A's was entertaining. Thanks