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XboxCorion59 karma

What is the first country you want to visit?

cresentcube151 karma

Hmm, America or Italy! Italy bc my father studied there when he was young and has a passion for the place, and he told many stories of the wonderful food there. America bc I really want to see how wide and diverse the country is. Did you know that Yellowstone is like twice the size of our country??? I really want to travel around and experience as much as I can!

DianeCoffee44 karma

With the current political tensions between japan and Korea how is it viewed by Korean youth?

Older Koreans and Japanese seem to have some grudge towards the other, but i typically see younger generations really embrace the other.

cresentcube122 karma

We dont have any grudge against each other! We have ULTIMATE MEME targeted to Shinzo abe, and if you lose against Japan in a sports match you are quite literally gonna get cussed out, but nothing bad.

...we just want them to apologize for their sex slaves and war crimes.

tinosim38 karma

Do you hope for reunification of north and south korea? Like east and west germany. If so, After the reunification would you like to visit there? What do you think of Malaysia and the Malaysian that you ever met.

cresentcube78 karma

My grandparents are from North Korea.

Dad was born in the south, and my grandad died when my dad was 10 so I never really heard about their story, but I know that my grandmother misses her home dearly after all these years. I really want to see north and south united, bring granny back to her home village, and free the suffering people of the north.

(Also north food are not spicy at the slightest so I have literally no tolerance to spicy food thanks to dad genes. In a land of spicy food, it's a torture. Save me. I can't eat out with friends.)

I really never met a Malaysian person, and only heard of the country in a brief social studies class. I'm really sorry I can't answer you on that.

tinosim6 karma

Sorry to hear that. I wish your grandma can visit north soon once the border that separate people is no longer there. FYI Samyang Ramen is very popular here in Malaysia. Korea is popular among Malaysian thanks to K pop. What should we expect when I visit korea this year? I’m interested in seeing nature and experience local culture, or popular festivals that I should not miss. Sorry to ask about this if it sound rude or ignorant, are all korean food spicy and also very expensive?

cresentcube2 karma

A lot of them are spicy but there are many non spicy ones! Also, no, not expensive at all. No worries!

TJ_Fox37 karma

There was a big push by the Korean government to fund taekwondo as a sort of cultural outreach during the 1960s, '70s and '80s. Is taekwondo still a "big thing" in modern Korean society?

cresentcube72 karma

KFJSKDJ YEA Many kids learn taekwondo before school, tho its like an soccer club; make friends, have some exercise, let moms take a break. It's not jawbreakingly huge, per say, but it's definately one of the largly recognized sports activity.

maxomai2 karma

Feedback: "per say" is a common mistake English speakers make, but it's actually a Latin phrase, "per se."

Thanks for giving us a lens into your world, CC!

cresentcube3 karma

Hey thank you for the knowledge!

whoisapoop22 karma

What is the country’s sentiment towards the North Korean state? Is it as negative as the rest of the worlds opinions seem to be?

cresentcube102 karma

Negative is an understatement, honestly. We have a military system that forces every male to attend army for at least 2 years in their life, and it's all thanks to north Korea: the money wasted in military skyrockets every year and we loathe Kim Jung Un for his horrid crimes to his people.

We do not hate the people, however. We have a system that accepts all north Korean people who ran away from their awful system, and we know that all the suffering is caused by Kim family themselves only.

We never fear them, though. We usually just make memes out of Kim's hairstyle (seriously who thought it was a good idea). I think we got numb over multiple threats. We usually just go "oh, again?" over their nuke threats. Happened too much for us.

Edit bc I misspelled un into in

halfbakedhiking17 karma

What is the overall attitude in regards to American culture?

cresentcube78 karma

We like America a lot! I think it's like a mutual friendship. American gov and our gov are in good terms, and we think they're cool.

We have racists here, too, who thinks that 'asian nationality is superior, bla bla, american guntoting bastards', but you can ignore them- it's usually a really small amount of weird people.

We call people who eat a lot of food "You eat like an American" as a joke, tho. (We don't eat greasy foods a lot.)

Our view about trump is neutral with a tint of disapproval, since he kinda talks about us likes he's bossing us around, but otherwise we really don't care that much.

Ask me more if you have more questions!

killuin12316 karma

What is your favorite American food? Also, what American food would you like to try?

cresentcube44 karma

We have a (jokeish) religion that serves fried chicken as a God. Nuff said.

Also, I would really love to have pumpkin pie. Really, never had them but there are bunch of books that describe pumpkin pie as heavenly and I would really love to try it!

Jar_of_Farts15 karma

When did christmas and Halloween start becoming a thing in korea? I'm a gyopo and I know it's not part of Korean tradition but have seen Korean shows acknowledging these holidays.

cresentcube21 karma

I have literally no idea. Sorry, but I think it was in the 90s.

And hey, free candy and presents are the best even if you don't know about their origins.

Boneco_De_Neve12 karma

Have you ever gone to Korean Demilitarized Zone?

Is the air pollution that bad?

What do you have to say about Han River? I've seen some pictures and is so beautiful that area, it seems a nice place to hang out.

cresentcube35 karma

DMZ? Man, if I go near there I will be shot down in a millisecond. You need heavy, I mean "I work in the high branches of UN" heavy authority. It's like a think zone of "we're gonna stay as far as we can from yall, north!" zone.

Air pollution... Kinda. Was not that bad, even few years ago, but from some point sand and dust and chemicals started to blow over from China and our air becomes shit in the span of some weeks. But most days it's good!

Also, Han river! Really pretty! We have cruise ships that go along them, best date place. There are pools that open in summer. The entire Seoul tap water comes from it and is completely drinkable. (The tap water, not the Han water.) We usually hang out at parks near them and watch it flow. I love that river.

thebreaksmith6 karma

I visited SK as a Canadian tourist in 2009 and went to the DMZ for a tour. Even got to go inside the infiltration tunnels, er um, “coal mines” lol.

cresentcube13 karma

KNFKSDJDJ COAL MINES yea if you like pitch for a tour I think you can go in, but it's really strict for us, I think? Dunno, maybe they are scared of us being spys.

MaGNUs_14 karma

I think he means the Joint Security Area(Panmunjom) that a lot of tourists go to

cresentcube3 karma

Ooooooh. Well, in that case... Also no. I really have to travel around, huh.

MaGNUs_111 karma

What is in your opinion the best thing about South Korea? Maybe do a top 3 if there are lots of things.

cresentcube29 karma


seriously! They are beautiful!! Like you can just stare at a Josun dynasty palace for hours and you won't get bored.

2.Everyone is kind here, and its really safe.

Really. Really really. I have hard time explain this but how kind and safe?

You can fall asleep in a middle of the road and nothing will happen to you. No robbery, no murder. You'll get some stares, that's it. I am honestly scared reading America gang murders.


...Good food. Really. You want healthy and tasty food? Come along! We have naturally vegan foods and serve bigger servings than Japan!

TheSessionMan10 karma

Is fan-death still taken seriously there?

cresentcube22 karma

Kfjsjjrffj to some idiots. Mostly, no.

I have no idea why people thought it was real.

(Was it...the illuminati??) x files theme

badgers19879 karma

In another answer you wrote about Italy. How is Italy and Italian culture view in Korea? How many Italians are there? Tourists or workers?

cresentcube19 karma

I have never, in my entire life, seen an Italian. Not so common. I heard there are some tourists, but even when I live near where the 1988 Seoul olympic happened (really big concert hall, concert nearly every weekend, can't sleep for God's sake) I never saw them. But we have positive views of italy! It's like a land of culture and good food and history! I think our government is in good terms with them too!

DoctorNeuro9 karma

I recently became obsessed with BTS. How big is it actually in korea? Who's your bias?

cresentcube28 karma


kfjsfjdk sorry. I'm not into idol groups. Can not tell people apart. But their dance is awesome! How do they do that??

Also BTS had a concert near our house. Couldn't sleep bc the excited crowd screaming.

Purplociraptor1 karma

Are you literally saying you can't tell people apart or just that all the music sounds the same?

cresentcube1 karma

I remember people by their voices. I have a hard time remembering faces of peeps.

MrMangoDude7 karma

what’s your opinion on a lot of non Korean speaking western countries having huge kpop fan bases? also, what’s your fave kpop group

cresentcube25 karma

I cant differentiate people for shit so no kpop groups for me.

Honestly, I'm both proud and surprised. Thank you for loving our music! Don't...do weird stuff to the poor peeps, okay, fans?

Tarzi17 karma

How common is it for the average korean to speak fluent english? And how many would be able to just answer simple tourist questions? How tourist friendly would you say your country is?

cresentcube7 karma

Really tourist friendly!! We're really nice to everyone!

But fluent speakers like me are rare. I was told I was a literary genius when I was young. Still is. Korean language system is so different from English that its hard for us to be 100% fluent.

But a lot will be able to answer tourist questions! We agressively teach English in schools, so no problem for simple ones.

Jack_Chieftain_Shang6 karma

What are some popular korean drinks? (I hope it’s not Ttongsul ~ pardon the joke)

cresentcube9 karma


joking joking. Well, 식혜? Rice drink. No idea how its made but sweet.

Aaand 밀키스.milk soda. Ill tell you if I remember more.

ChildLikEsper4 karma

Are there weebs in Korea? Are they like into japanese culture?

cresentcube6 karma


They are same as American weebs.

The only difference is that we are closer to Japan.

Dusk_v7314 karma

Have you done your mandatory service yet? Because of your English skills, were you able tl become a KATUSA? I served a rotation in Korea, we had KATUSAs attached to us. They were good guys, enjoyed seeing the country with them.

cresentcube4 karma

KFJSKDJ I'm a girl! My gran was a soldier tho! Really strict but brave and strong. Million respect to the army and thank you for your service.

curious_bee12124 karma

Can you explain why Mukbang is popular?

As a follow-up question, as a foreigner who doesn’t speak Korean, could I have some success posting videos of me eating things?

cresentcube3 karma

Honestly no damn idea.

....if you had korean subtitles, maybe. ...probably not.

But follow your dreams!!!! I'm not the decider of your future, man!

Roxiesdancingnutria3 karma

How is idol culture viewed in Korea? Idols are becoming really popular in the west. Are idols viewed at the same level as singers, actors etc.?

cresentcube7 karma

Idols are honestly a big thing. Their songs are not really, uh, memorable, but their dances and their general lives are the entertainment to people, I think. I dunno. I really dont know a thing about idols. Sorry. But the Fandom are scary big. Like. I live near a concert hall. Ive seen people sleep under bridges with a single blanket to buy a ticket.

the_nonagon3 karma

You are awesome.

What's the favorite weird thing about your country that most foreigners wouldn't know about?

cresentcube8 karma



also, really strict education system!

SkySarwer2 karma

Hey thanks for doing this AMA! :) This is a kind of vague question, but do you ever try looking at your country from the eyes of a visitor? Like how the landscape and culture which is normal and everyday for you might effect someone visiting it as new and exciting?

This is something I think about a lot and just curious to hear thoughts of someone from another part of the world :) Especially since there's a lot from South Korea that I think has captured the imaginations of westerners! Certainly me at least, like how nostalgic some of the streets look at night, or on rainy days. Hahaha

cresentcube6 karma

I love our traditional houses. If you take the metro from where I live you can go straight to the palaces area.


Simply breathtaking.

I have seen it years and years, but it is still so new and beautiful and Grand.

I think everyone who sees them first would be awestruck.

I always try to see them in the eyes of a visitor.

And it's wonderful in every weather.

adhsayal2 karma

How's the population diversity in South Korea? Do you see people from all around the world? How much is the Japanese anime popular there? Haha I can go on and on. But that's it for now.

cresentcube3 karma

Our country is very... uh, korean packed? I really don't see much people from other countries.

Also as the country that is closest to the Anime land, I can proudly say anime is popular.


AidsAcrossAmerica2 karma

Hows the pizza in S.Korea?

cresentcube2 karma

Costco pizza ftw.

I honestly dont eat anything eat pure cheese pizza. Bell peppers make me puke.

xenogeneral2 karma

How is your english so good for someone that has never left south korea? I see you use slang and reference a lot of western culture.

cresentcube1 karma

I am a genius! Kidding. Ah, bout that. I learned English by media. So I don't know what a adjective is but you bet your sweet bippy I'm gonna shred meme talk.

Bhaktipad2 karma

Do you care to give an opinion on the book"Aquariums of Pyongyang"?

cresentcube1 karma

...never read it, sorry.

portajohnjackoff2 karma

Do high school students really study as much as the internet claims?

cresentcube2 karma


It is terrible. Absolutely horrifying. Caffeine is your only friend.

I had depression.

I hope that helps.

momomemo1 karma

Hello, Korean living in the US right now. It’s been almost a whole decade since I’ve been back at my home country, but I like dropping by portal sites like Naver and Daum. My question is whether sites like WoMAD or Ilbe is really that notorious in the korean public like it is in Korean netscape?

cresentcube1 karma

Ugh, yeah. They're like 4chan mixed in shit. Really, just don't go there. Only the most toxic wastes go there and bully innocent people for fun.

scales4841 karma

Do you play LoL?

cresentcube5 karma

Nope. Played it for 30 secs, got eyesore, quit.

dulcetContagion1 karma

Hey! I really enjoy reading this AMA, thanks!

I'm currently living in China (I'm American) and have discovered that some Chinese have unfavorable views of Koreans. What does Korea think of China?

cresentcube2 karma


hmm. To be honest, not that positive. No idea why but... As always, we young generations do not care and love all people and hold no grudge!

altum1 karma

do you like mukbang?

cresentcube1 karma

Nope, I really don't feel comfortable watching that.

SaintPoost1 karma

Is MapleStory still a huge game over on the KMS side? All of my South Korean friends introduced me to the game probably 11 years ago.

cresentcube1 karma

Its more like a small chunk of childhood. Like, hm, let's say.... a copy of kirby's dreamland.

CadenPines1 karma

Why did you delete the description?

cresentcube1 karma

....mods.... They didnt like me putting in location

starbuckroad1 karma

Do the double barber poles really mean there is a hooker inside?

cresentcube2 karma

80 percent chance, I think. May be a myth. No idea. Never used a hooker service fhsjdjf

detourne1 karma

Your English is really good! What's your TOEIC score? Just kidding! Enjoy your Solnal, and winter break before school in March.

cresentcube1 karma


and thank you! Never took toeic, but my teacher always said I had to go into the field of literature instead of science.

Maybe she was right dufjsjdjdj

ClydeCessna1 karma

So you're like the anti-dos-equis guy then?

cresentcube1 karma

What's that?

blazecoolman1 karma

Your English is really good! My question is how do get to practice it? Is speaking English a thing in schools? Are study materials in English? How common is Western media (music, movies and books) in South Korea?

cresentcube2 karma

I have a high IQ.

Jfkskfjdj just kidding. I used to have a obsession in doctor who. Watched it until I memorized every word. And read fuck ton of English books. Tada. Kids used to hate me bc I always was top of the school in English with no effort.

Study materials are in half English and half korean.

And western media is really common! We have a big marvel Fandom, and much much more.

I took charge of the school library in high school.

I came this close to burning our copies of the twilight series.

mcnedley1 karma

What are positive attributes of North Korea that are held by South Koreans? Are these beliefs factual or due to North Korean propaganda?

cresentcube1 karma

Propaganda. They teach that south Korea is teeming with beggars that sell eyes for a living.

Like, what batshit is that?

mcnedley1 karma

I don’t doubt that North Korea has a serious propaganda campaign about the South, but my question is different. Has there been any successful propaganda by North Korea that has made communism/socialism more attractive to South Koreans? Or is the North universally reviled?

cresentcube2 karma

North is universally reviled. Nothing ever worked.

We just use them for the source of memes tbh.

Stalin_ze_Doge1 karma

What are the most popular sports in south korea and what is your opinion on germany?

cresentcube1 karma

Baseball and soccer, definately.

Also, Germany is awesome!!! My dad showed pictures of Germany and it was so cool!!!!

Quiero_TacoBell1 karma

I have heard about the housing situation in South Korea. Either you rent or you can pay a deposit of like 80% of the value of the apartment / house. Then you live rent free (edit: for like two years), only paying utilities etc.

Can you elaborate on this system?

cresentcube2 karma

Oh the former is called 월세 and the latter 전세. I'm bad at economy so I don't know much. I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Quiero_TacoBell1 karma

Thank you!



How are they pronounced?

cresentcube2 karma

Wolsae, junsae!

disco_P1 karma

How good are you at Starcraft?

cresentcube3 karma

Never played, but my friend is jawdroppingly good at it.

Honestly generally all Koreans are good at games somewhere or another.

introus1 karma

What really seems more attractive to Korean girls? Foreigner speaking fluent Korean, or foreigner speaking English and only a little bit of Korean (which apparently is perceived as adorable)?

Asking for a friend..

cresentcube4 karma

....No idea.

Sorry. But like. I am the most romantically deprived person you will ever meet in your entire life.

Honestly, being attractive covers all.